6 Ways to Save WebP Images as JPG and PNG

Google’s exclusive picture format WEBP is arguably better than a customary JPG or PNG format. It creates many smaller record distance than JPG and still supports clarity underline of PNG though many detriment in quality. It is being used by many websites today, including YouTube, Google Play Store, and Facebook Android app.

As ideal as it might be, it is still not upheld by many picture editors and online acquiescence forms. we privately have to understanding with WEBP images mostly in my work, and so I have found many ways to save WEBP images to JPG or PNG with any carrying a possess advantage. In this post, we am going to share my commentary with you.

#1. Edit picture URL

This is substantially a best primer routine to save WEBP images as PNG or JPG. WEBP images saved online are accessible in both WEBP and JPG/PNG formats, as some of a browsers like Firefox and Safari don’t support WEBP. So in those browsers, a JPG or PNG picture is installed instead. With a elementary URL tweak, we can bucket a JPG or PNG format instead of a WEBP. Here’s how:

  1. Right-click on a WEBP picture and name Copy picture address from a menu
  2. Copy picture addressCopy picture address
  3. Now paste this residence in a new add-on and mislay a final 3 characters from a URL. Therefore, mislay -rw during a finish of a URL. When you’ll strike enter a picture will be installed in JPG/PNG format.
  4. You can afterwards right-click on a picture and name Save picture as to save a image.
  5. Save picture asSave picture as

#2. Use “Save Image As PNG” Chrome extension

On Google Chrome, we can use a accessible prolongation called Save Image As PNG that adds an choice in a context menu to download WEBP images as PNG.

Note: Opera users can also use this prolongation by installing a Download Chrome Extension. This prolongation will concede we to install many Chrome extensions in Opera, including Save Image As PNG.

  1. Install a Save Image As PNG prolongation from Google Play Store.
  2. Right-click on a WEBP picture and name a new choice Save Image As PNG. That’s it, now we can save a picture in PNG format.
  3. Save Image As PNGSave Image As PNG

Unfortunately, this prolongation will only let we save images in PNG format. If we wish to save in JPG format, you’ll have to convert a PNG format to JPG format regulating an picture converter or use a opposite routine in this list.

#3. Use an unsupported browser

Currently, WEBP format is only upheld by Google Chrome and Opera. And as we pronounced before, on websites both a WEBP and JPG/PNG formats are uploaded for an picture to safeguard all a browsers can open it. You can simply use an unsupported browser to bucket a image and it will be installed in JPG or PNG format.

use an unsupported browseruse an unsupported browser
loaded in JPG or PNG formatloaded in JPG or PNG format

You can use any browser we like, including Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Edge. Save a picture as we routinely do and we will see it will be in JPG or PNG format.

#4. Spoof user agent

Following adult to a above method, we don’t indispensably have to switch browsers to download WEBP images in JPG/PNG format. You can simply spoof user representative of your Chrome or Opera browser so a website will consider we are browsing from an unsupported browser and bucket JPG or PNG picture instead of WEBP.

For this purpose, I’ll suggest we to use a prolongation User-Agent Switcher for Chrome as it’s discerning and easy.

  1. Install a prolongation and click on a icon in a residence bar.
  2. You’ll see a list of upheld user agents. Select any unsupported browser such as Safari or Firefox.
  3. User-Agent Switcher for ChromeUser-Agent Switcher for Chrome
  4. Now refresh a page with a WEBP image and it will bucket in JPG/PNG format. You can afterwards download it regulating a customary Save picture as option.

#5. Use an online picture converter

In box we already have WEBP images on your PC, we can modify them in JPG or PNG format as well. This will also be useful if we don’t wish to follow additional stairs in a above methods, though instead download all a WEBP images and afterwards modify in bulk.

For discerning conversions though any need of an additional software, an online converter is a good option. For that, Zamzar is a arguable picture converter that supports WEBP acclimatisation and is giveaway to use. However, we can usually modify 10 images concurrently.

  1. On Zamzar website, click on Choose Files in Step 1 and name adult to 10 WEBP images.
  2. Choose FilesChoose Files
  3. Select JPG or PNG from a drop-down menu.
  4. JPG or PNG from a drop-down menuJPG or PNG from a drop-down menu
  5. Now yield your email residence and click on Convert to finish a process.
  6. Convert imagesConvert images

The images will upload and a converted images will be sent to we around email. You can repeat a routine to modify as many images as we like. If Zamzar doesn’t seductiveness you, afterwards we can also use cloudconvert. It offers discerning on-site conversion, though it’s usually singular to 25 conversions/day for giveaway (registered users).

#6. Use a desktop picture Converter

If an online acclimatisation isn’t your thing, afterwards a desktop picture converter app would be a good solution. Although there are many, though we privately like XnConverter as it is totally giveaway and comes with a engorgement of features.

XnConverter is accessible for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, and lets we convert total images in bulk. Let’s see how we can use it to modify WEBP images to JPG or PNG:

  1. Download and implement XnConverter and launch it.
  2. In a Input tab, click on Add files and name as many images as we like.
  3. Add filesAdd files
  4. Move to Output add-on and we will see dozens of options to tweak. Although, we can tweak as we prefer, though only selecting your preferred outlay format (JPG/PNG) should be adequate as well. You can also click on Settings next a format to serve adjust outlay quality.
  5. XnConverter Convert imagesXnConverter Convert images
  6. Now click on Convert and all a images will be converted and saved in a specified location.
  7. Converted ImagesConverted Images


All of a above methods will assistance your save WEBP images in JPG or PNG format though any problem. For discerning downloads, we cite regulating Save Image As PNG Chrome prolongation in my Opera browser. Although many times we accept WEBP files as email attachments, and XnConverter does a excellent job of fast converting them to JPG.

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