6 Ways to Download and Read Websites Offline

Internet competence be a blessing, yet like each other blessing, it’s not accessible to everybody or all a time. There are many places where there’s no WiFi or internet connection. But, what if we wish to access a certain website in a no-internet zone? Well, don’t tatter my friend, as there’re a lot of ways we can entrance your favorite websites offline.

Chrome for Android now lets we download and perspective websites offline

Chrome for Android now lets we download and perspective websites offline

Google releases chronicle 55 of Chrome for Android now where a underline has prolonged been requested by user…Read more

Below we have listed some ways we can download and crop web pages offline on any of your devices. Whether we wish to download a singular web page or an whole website, a following write adult will beam we yet a process. So, lets puncture right into it.

1. Download specific web pages

If we usually wish to download specific web pages for observation later, your browser can simply do it for you. It can download a whole page with all a components and let we crop it offline in a browser again.

On PCs

On Windows, Mac, and Linux, simply press Ctrl + S keys on your keyboard, while regulating any browser, to move adult a “Save page” dialog and simply save a page in your elite directory. An HTML record and a folder containing all a information will be saved. You can open a HTML record to entrance a saved web page in your browser without requiring any internet connection.

save webpage in pcsave webpage in pc
On smartphones

Reading a website offline is an choice that comes with both Chrome for Android as good as a iOS Chrome mobile app.

In a Chrome for Android, open a page that we wish to save for offline observation and tap on a categorical menu button during a top-right corner. Here daub on a “Download” idol and a page will be downloaded to your device. You can open it to perspective a web page in your default browser.

download webpage download webpage

In Chrome for iOS, a Reading List underline lets we save web pages that can be review during a after time. For that, we need to go to a Share Sheet menu and daub on a “Read Later” option. All articles that are saved can be simply accessed around a Reading List choice found in Chrome’s “Settings” Menu.

iOS users can also use Safari’s Reading List underline to save web page calm for viewing after and also sync it to other devices.

2. Enable offline mode in Chrome Firefox

Chrome and Firefox come with an Offline mode that’ll let we bucket a page from browser cache in box we don’t have internet connectivity. When we capacitate this mode, the browser will give we a choice to bucket web pages from a cache. So we can fundamentally entrance any web page offline that we have accessed before.

Note: Do not transparent internet cache if we wish to keep a cached web pages for offline use.

Enable offline mode in Chrome

In Chrome, form chrome://flags and demeanour for a dwindle named “Show Saved Copy Button”. Click on a drop-down menu subsequent it and name “Enable: Primary”. Now restart a browser to let a changes take effect.

chrome offlinechrome offline

Whenever we will visit a page offline that we have visited before, we will see “Show saved copy” button. Click on it to bucket a web page offline. we will also suggest we to bookmark a critical web pages for easy access.

Enable offline mode in Firefox

In Firefox, click on a hamburger menu during a top-right dilemma and afterwards click on a “Developer” choice here.

firefox optionsfirefox options

A list will uncover adult by that click on a “Work Offline” choice to capacitate it. Now even if we do have a internet connection, Firefox will be offline and you’ll usually be means to access a websites that are already in cache.

firefox offlinefirefox offline

3. Use HTTracks (for Windows, Linux and Android)

HTTracks is a renouned tool to download a whole information of a website and entrance it offline. It is an open-source apparatus that is accessible for Windows, Linux and Android platforms. It will download a whole website by relocating from couple to link, so it is also means to format a repository like we are browsing a website online.

Although HTTracks is rarely customizable, yet it has a elementary sorceress to let novice users simply download website data. Here’s how to use it:

Install and launch HTTracks and click on a “Next” symbol to start a wizard. You will be asked to yield name for a plan that we wish create. This name will help we brand a information when we wish to entrance it later, so make certain it’s relevant.


On a subsequent page, click on a “Add URL” symbol and enter a URL of a website that we wish to download. You can also supplement mixed websites, if we wish to download a information of some-more than one website.

There is also a“Set options” symbol where we can find some unequivocally accessible customization options. However, we should initial review HTTracks manual before messing around with a options.

Now simply click “Next” and afterwards “Finish” to start downloading a website data.

enter urlenter url

The routine could take a lot of time depending on how large a website is. It competence even take days to download a website as large as Hongkiat.com. On tip of that, this information could simply take GBs of space on your tough drive, so make certain we have adequate space. Once downloaded, we can open a plan to start browsing a website in your default browser.

download websitedownload website

Tip: HTTracks starts downloading information from a latest updates and moves backward. If we usually wish latest information and not a whole website, afterwards cancel a download routine when we are certain that a indispensable information is downloaded. Even if a download routine is cancelled, we can still entrance a information that has been already downloaded.

4. Use SiteSucker (for Mac OS X and iOS)

SiteSucker is a good alternative to HTTracks for Mac OS X and iOS users. It works identical to HTTracks and downloads websites as a whole by jumping from couple to link. You can also pause downloads in a center to perspective a downloaded web pages and resume any time we like.


5. Browser extensions to review websites offline

There are some browser extensions with that we can download website data and perspective it offline. Below are some extensions for Chrome and Firefox that we competence like:

PageArchiver (for Chrome)

PageArchiver lets we save mixed web pages and entrance them from a interface. You can download all a web pages that are now non-stop in your browser. Simply open a pages we need and download them with PageArchiver.

ScrapBook (for Firefox)

ScrapBook lets we download a singular web page or a whole website. It also organizes a downloaded calm in a interface and a accessible hunt bar creates it easy to search for a right content.

Mozilla Archive Format (for Firefox)

This appendage is fundamentally a improved chronicle of a built-in web page saving tool. It ensures a page is saved as accurately as it is and compresses a record to diminution hoop space usage. Additionally, it also downloads any audio and video files on a web pages.

6. Use Pocket to review essay offline

If we only wish to download online articles to review later, afterwards Pocket competence be a good option. It has compatible extensions for all a renouned browsers that we can use to save articles and other upheld content.

The articles will be initial decluttered from all a junk such as ads, recommendations and widgets, etc. and afterwards are saved in Pocket cloud storage.


After that, all a articles will be synced over all your devices with slot commissioned and done accessible for offline viewing.

Round Up

For saving singular web pages, a built-in save underline of a browser is some-more than enough. Although a good prolongation can really make things cleaner if we need to save web pages often.

And of course, for downloading a whole websites, HTTracks and SiteSicker are a best options. If we know any other collection to save websites for offline viewing, do share with us in a comments below.

Two New Ways to Download Websites for Offline Viewing in Chrome for Android

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