6 Ways to Access Windows 10 Boot Options Menu

Windows 10 offers a lot of interesting features, and a advanced foot options to troubleshoot many of a Windows 10 problems, is one of them. You can reset your PC, revive it to a prior state, foot to a opposite handling system, use “Startup Repair” to repair startup issues and foot Windows 10 in protected mode to troubleshoot problems.

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There are many ways to access Windows 10 foot options with any carrying a possess use case, and in this post, we will uncover we 5 opposite ways to entrance Windows 10 modernized foot options. Let’s take a demeanour during these options.

If we can entrance Desktop

If Windows is operative excellent and we can entrance a desktop, afterwards we can use a below-mentioned methods to entrance Windows 10 foot options.

we – Hold a Shift pivotal and restart

This is a easiest way to entrance Windows 10 foot options.

  • All we need to do is hold down a Shift key on your keyboard and restart a PC.
  • Open adult a Start menu and click on “Power” symbol to open energy options.
  • Now press and reason a Shift key and click on “Restart”.
  • Windows will automatically start in modernized foot options after a brief delay.

This pretence can work from anywhere, possibly we click on “Restart” from a start menu, “Shutdown” dialog or a start screen. You only need to make certain we hold a Shift key while doing so. Do keep in mind that this process doesn’t work with a practical keyboard. If your earthy keyboard isn’t working, afterwards this process will not work either.

II – Access Windows 10 foot options from Windows settings

If we can’t use a Shift + Restart option, afterwards don’t worry. You can also foot Windows 10 in advanced startup options from a settings.

  • Launch Windows 10 “Settings” from a Start menu and click on “Update Security” during a bottom of a window.
update and securityupdate and security
  • Here pierce to the “Recovery” choice and click on “Restart now” under “Advanced startup” option. Your PC will now restart into modernized foot options.
recovery restart nowrecovery restart now
III – Use Command Prompt to entrance Windows 10 foot options

If we are interested, we can also use a quick Command Prompt command to entrance a advanced foot options.

  • Right-click on a Windows 10 Start menu and name “Command Prompt (Admin)” from a menu.
  • In a Command Prompt window, form shutdown.exe /r /o and strike “Enter”.
command promptcommand prompt
shutdown exeshutdown exe

You will see a prompt observant we are being sealed out, only tighten it and Windows 10 will reboot to foot options. However, distinct a above methods where Windows restarts immediately, there will be a little check before a Windows restart.

about to be sealed outabout to be sealed out

And if can’t entrance Desktop

If we are unable to strech a desktop and a Windows keep crashing or restarting, afterwards follow a next methods to entrance Windows 10 foot options and repair a problem.

I – Force Windows to start in modernized foot options

By default, Windows is set to restart in modernized foot options, if it fails to start up. If any startup blunder is causing your Windows to crash, afterwards it might automatically launch a foot options for you. However, it is not mandatory and Windows might get stranded in a foot cycle.

In such situation, we can force Windows to pile-up and open foot options. To do so,

  • Start a Windows and as shortly as we see Windows logo; press and reason a energy symbol to force shutdown it.
  • You can also pull out a energy supply (or battery) to force shutdown it.
  • Repeat this 2-4 times and Windows will open adult foot options for you.

For me, 2 times was adequate to open adult a foot options, your mileage might vary.

II – Use Windows 10 liberation expostulate

A Windows recovery expostulate can troubleshoot many Windows problems in box Windows is not starting. If a force shutdown didn’t assistance open adult foot options, then this will really work for you.

If we haven’t combined a liberation motorist for your PC already, afterwards we can simply emanate one right now. All we need is a USB expostulate and a PC regulating Windows 10.

  • Use any Windows 10 PC, possibly your possess or friend’s; there is no chartering issue.
  • Follow a instructions supposing by Microsoft to create a liberation drive.
  • Now attach a liberation expostulate to your inadequate PC and restart it from this drive.
  • You will be asked to name a keyboard layout. Choose a suitable one (U.S in many cases) and a foot options will open up.
III – Use Windows 10 designation drive/disc

You can also use a Windows 10 Installation drive/ front to entrance foot options. If we commissioned Windows 10 regulating a USB expostulate or disc,

  • You can boot from that USB/disc and click on the “Repair” choice to entrance Windows 10 foot options.
  • This is also a good choice if we don’t have entrance to another Windows 10 PC to emanate a liberation drive.
  • You can download Windows installer regulating any other PC and use it to emanate an designation drive.

Exit Windows 10 foot options

The aforementioned options should be adequate to entrance Windows 10 foot options and let we troubleshoot whatever a problem is. When we are done, click on a “Continue” symbol to exit foot options and launch Windows 10.

If we have mixed handling systems, afterwards a default handling complement will launch. In that case, name “Launch Another Operating System” choice and afterwards name Windows 10 to launch it.

To summerize

Holding Shift pivotal and restarting a PC is really a easiest choice to entrance Windows 10 foot options. However, if Windows is behaving adult and we are incompetent to foot properly, afterwards a liberation or designation expostulate will help. If we know any other ways to entrance Windows 10 modernized foot options, let us know in a comments.

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