6 Hashtag Campaign Tracking Tools for Social Media Marketers – Best Of

Hashtags are an critical aspect of social media strategy. They assistance classify conversations around a topic, emanate large discernment for marketers to know what drives shares and likes from users, and can turn a push for enabling code influence.

Hashtags are also a approach to connect several campaigns together, even those managed offline (there are hashtags in many TV commercials as well). It all creates it apparent because every kind of business needs to yield them seriously.

However, it’s not always easy for businesses to lane opening of hashtags. There’s no genuine information or information to be means to answer critical questions like:

  • Which hashtag to use for a campaign?
  • Who else is regulating a same hashtag?
  • Which user segments will be captivated to this hashtag?
  • How does it perform compared to a competing hashtag for a identical campaign?

This is where we representation in. we will tell we what are some of a best-rated tracking and analytics tools, privately matched for tracking all your hashtag campaigns. So let’s get started.


Brand24 gives we real-time entrance to all mentions of your hashtag opposite opposite amicable media platforms. You can code high intensity influencers, get sentiment analyses for discerning bargain of contextualized (negative, positive, or neutral) mentions, and respond and conflict to patron messages instantly.

It also allows we to distribute work opposite collaborators and enables organisation of formula around specific keywords, topics, and word clouds.

The height is easy and discerning to use, discerning (you get formula within 5 minutes), entirely automated, and comes with an permitted demo. It also differentiates itself by vouchsafing we representation approach sales messages to people acid for your code with information searched or squeeze intent.

  • Affordable (price ranges between $49 and $399)
  • Responsive patron service.
  • Unique analytics (advanced searches queries, estimated amicable reach, interactivity analytics, etc.)
  • Available as both iOS and Android apps.
  • Integrated with Slack.
  • Pay-as-you-go service.
  • Comes with keyword share limits.
  • Photo and video focused amicable media sources are lumped together, origination it unwieldy to get a consummate bargain of a data.
  • Archives usually a year’s data, that competence be a regard for brands that control amicable media campaigns widespread over longer durations.
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Mention is an end-to-end amicable media monitoring and tracking suite that marks hashtags in genuine time. You can possibly control online searches or can get daily alerts with many-sided information of hashtag mentions from a prior day.

Apart from providing simple information around strech and share, we can also get insights on influencer identification, magnitude and volume of hashtag used, and several other critical aspects. The Mention dashboard becomes your one-stop end to control all about your hashtag campaigns.

By charity task assignment and work pity features, Mention enables collaborative operations for your selling team. You also get customized stating and influencer scores for sold hashtag campaigns.

  • Find associated stories regarding to your hashtags.
  • Android, iOS, and Windows app.
  • Segregate certain and disastrous mentions by Sentiment Analysis.
  • 14-day giveaway trial.
  • ‘Priority Inbox’ algorithm flags some insignificant mentions that competence means wastage of time and resources.
  • The user reviews of Mention mobile app are only average.
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Social Studio

Powered by SalesForce, Social Studio is a amicable media monitoring and analytics apartment that works utterly good for hashtag tracking.

Create a tracking campaign, and we will get insights from all amicable media accounts to get an thought of how audiences are enchanting with a hashtag opposite platforms.

You can create uninformed topics and trends regulating Social Studio’s customizable dashboard. You can also cavalcade down and see post calm and review each criticism that mentions your hashtag.

With machine learning-powered picture and perspective research tool, Social Studio helps we simply know a context in that assembly discusses your hashtag. Plus, audience posts can be automatically prioritized and routed to your group members for follow adult actions.

  • Fully integrated in SalesForce’s Marketing Cloud Product.
  • Unified height to classify several amicable media and hashtag campaigns.
  • Easy to classify and discharge work among group mates
  • Review stats, reposts, overview, and patron or post turn responses, right from a dashboard.
  • The UX is not a many available or considerable among identical amicable media listening tools.
  • There are too many dark functionalities that make it difficult to use.
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Brandwatch helps we track amicable media mentions, from ubiquitous comments on posts to specific conversations such as complaints. You can simply set adult a dashboard for tracking a hashtag debate in a Campaign Tracking Wizard. 

It lets we use queries and operators to control hashtag tracking campaigns as specific as we want. The Brandwatch Dashboard and Query Wizards let we yield sum of a campaign, such as hashtags, debate website, specific alighting pages, and couple to sold content.

Once ready, a Dashboard shows we a campaign results from final 24 hours, along with spikes and dips. You can simply use this perspective to understand a context of hashtag mentions and can code influencers that competence assistance greaten a approval of a hashtags.

  • Easy to use Campaign Tracking Wizard.
  • Livestream Tab provides real-time mentions of hashtag campaign.
  • Insight associated to pivotal themes and calm that expostulate engagement.
  • Brandwatch Audiences helps code intensity influencers not tapped yet.
  • Price is partially aloft as compared to other reward collection like Brand24, for a identical package of functionalities.
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Sysomos helps we search for hashtags, emanate visually judicious analytics, and enables real-time listening of assembly conversations around your hashtags.

Engage in conversations, tell content, and discharge work among group friends – all regulating this tool. Sysomos’ ‘Heartbeat’ apparatus monitors adult to 2 years of information and real-time conversations in 190+ languages. It checks all amicable media platforms, renouned blogs, and news sources to curate a information.

You can simply tab opposite conversations and review them opposite one another to identify opportunities for engagement.

  • Advanced debate monitoring and tracking.
  • Analyze competing hashtags.
  • Identify influencers.
  • Real-time alerts to control crises situations.
  • Workflow management, in-app reporting, calm creation, and village analyses.
  • Data visualizations tend to take a bit longer.
  • The prices tend to mountain fast as we scale adult a features.
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Talkwalker tracks hashtags used opposite amicable media platforms, online news portals, blogs, and forums. It covers 150 million websites, dozens of languages, offline as good as online channels, including TV and radio broadcasts.

Its proprietary picture approval technology, glorious analytics, and programmed reports make it a good hashtag tracking and analytics tool.

  • Single dashboard to uncover all hashtag debate metrics.
  • Benchmarking and aspirant analysis.
  • Insights on tip behaving channels, strech and engagement, and influencer identification.
  • Sentiment research and stating capabilities are not utterly absolute as compared to other collection in this list.
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Concluding thoughts

Though there are dozens of manly amicable media analytics tools, not all of them broach good formula when it comes to tracing and examining hashtags.

However, a tools discussed in this beam have proven effective in assisting marketers fast control mixed hashtag campaigns and get good formula powered by a discernment these collection can produce. In my experiments with all these tools, Brand24 was a easiest and also a many empowering to work with.

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