50+ WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts for Better Productivity

Knowing your computer’s keyboard shortcuts can raise capability manifolds. Similarly, your efficiency of operative on WordPress can also get an present boost if we know how useful certain keyboard shortcuts can be. Especially for a people who don’t like to switch between keyboard and mouse continuously, these keyboard shortcuts can infer zero reduction than a blessing.

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There are dozens of shortcuts for editing content, holding certain actions or usually navigating around WordPress. So, let’s check out a extensive list of almost all a WordPress keyboard shortcuts that I’ve prepared for users who wish to get things finished efficiently.

Basic navigation

Moving around WordPress and a options is same as navigating any other website.

You usually need a Tab, Arrow, Enter and a Backspace keys for that purpose. Below is an reason of how to use any of these keys for navigation.


When you’ll press Tab it’ll move we to a subsequent clickable link/option on a page starting from a top. You can press it mixed times to move from one choice to another. In box we wish to pierce back, reason Shift and press Tab.

Arrow keys

, , and will let we scroll by a post content.


When we wish to confirm a dialog box or entrance an option, simply press Enter.


Backspace moves we behind to a prior page. You can reason Shift and press backspace to pierce brazen a page.

Post Editing

This where a fun begins. Learning all a post editor shortcuts will assistance we edit and format your calm quickly. Below are all a calm management, modifying and formatting shortcuts you’ll need to emanate calm on WordPress.

Content management

Content formatting


WordPress also has dedicated shortcuts for criticism mediation section to make it easy to conduct comments. However, you’ll initial have to enable a keyboard shortcuts for a criticism moderation territory before regulating them. Here’s how to do it:

Go to your WordPress user form and capacitate a choice “Enable keyboard shortcuts for criticism moderation”. This will activate all a shortcuts that we have listed below. Do keep in mind that any user form contingency manually capacitate these shortcuts before regulating them.

enable commentsenable comments

Comment navigations

J and K keys are a usually keys you’ll need to navigate a comments.

Pressing J will pierce we down in a comments, If no comments are selected, afterwards a initial one will be selected, K will move we up in a comments.

Also, if we strech a bottom, J will move we to a subsequent page. And afterwards K will move we back to a prior page.

Comment actions

Below are some single pivotal shortcuts that will work when a criticism or mixed comments are highlighted:

Apply actions in bulk

There are some shortcuts we can use to request bulk actions to conduct a comments section. You can find these in a following:

Ending thoughts

These keyboard shortcuts will really assistance we be productive while handling your website by WordPress. we frequency use a rodent while modifying a content, and apart from a little check in highlighting a content; we never had any problem.

If we know other useful WordPress keyboard shortcuts or WordPress tips and tricks, share with us in a comments.

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