50 VSCO Cam Filter Settings for Better Instagram Photos

Instagram is one of a many renouned amicable networks with over 300 million users on it. In it, we float among becloud selfies, oversaturated clouds, cleared out organisation photos and some-more cinema that get post-processed with Instagram’s local filters. Instgram works well with copiousness of third celebration apps.

One app that is crazy renouned now is VSCO Cam, a reward app for taking, modifying and pity images. The app is accessible in App Store and Google Play. VSCO Cam has minimalistic design, a set of filters (which they call ‘presets’) and some easy modifying tools.

Using one of a filters we can simply embrace several kinds of film effects on your photos e.g. a C3 preset imitates modern disastrous Fuji film stocks (with dirty immature tones and contrast) while LV filters imitate classical slip film with a healthy comfortable light. You can play around with VSCO Cam’s modifying settings and create your possess set of presets.

50 VSCO Cam Filter Settings

In this post, we have collected 50 such filter settings we can try on your photos. Don’t be fearful to experiment, afterwards let us know what we love.


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