50+ Nice Clean CSS Tab-Based Navigation Scripts

One of a many critical tasks of a user knowledge designer is to make certain that a website’s navigation is elementary and user-friendly. And what other approach to make this probable than by navigation tabs.

Well-designed navigation tabs not usually assistance users know where to go, they are critical to expostulate trade to a inner pages of your website or blog as well.

So, for my web engineer friends, here is a prolonged list of good and purify CSS tab-based navigation scripts. Each choice has a live demo along with a download source. So go on and take a demeanour for yourself.

bootstrap-tabs-x – An extended tabs plugin built on a tip of Bootstrap Tabs. It can align tabs, stagger titles, bucket calm around AJAX, and countless some-more features. [Demo]


Pure CSS Tabs with Indicator – A complicated nonetheless candid tabs library built though JavaScript. That means, it is fast and beautiful as good – as pleasing as we see on many renouned websites. [Demo]


Tabby – Tabby lets we emanate elementary toggle tabs, that can uncover any calm including videos. It offers several advanced options and supports NPM and Bower too. [Demo]


Responsive Tabbed Navigation – A modern, permitted tabbed navigation corroborated by JS and CSS, that is built with mobile-first in mind and supports plane as good as straight positioning styles. [Demo]

Responsive Tabbed NavigationResponsive Tabbed Navigation

Toggler – Toggler is a pristine JavaScript plugin for formulating toggle-able elements including accordions and tabs. Also, we can show/hide only any object on a page. [Demo]


Pure CSS Tabs – A simple tabs dash combined regulating CSS and JS. Though a instance formula uncover plain tabs nonetheless we can bedeck a tabs by changing their styling regulating CSS. [Demo]


Tabsy CSS – A CSS-only library for formulating elementary toggle components like tabs. This library, distinct few of above ones, needs no dependencies – not even any JS code. [Demo]

Tabsy CSSTabsy CSS

Tabbis.js – Tabbis is a elementary nonetheless modernized plugin. Using a modernized pattern options, we can create nested tabs and conclude callbacks too. [Demo]


Responsive Pure CSS Tabs [Demo]


CSS Tabs [Demo]


Tabs regulating Pitaya – Tabs regulating Pitaya helps we emanate animated transition tabs easily. However, we contingency embody Pitaya, that is a library in itself and increases a bucket time. [Demo]

Tabs regulating PitayaTabs regulating Pitaya

jTabs – jTabs is a tabs library built regulating pristine JavaScript. That means it is built with no outmost dependencies like jQuery and supports few pattern options too. [Demo]


Responsive Flexbox Tabs [Demo]

Responsive Flexbox TabsResponsive Flexbox Tabs

Tabs Accordion [Demo]


tabs.js – tabs.js is a pristine JavaScript tabs library desirous by Accordion/Tabs of Bourbon Refills. It is manageable such that tabs change to accordions on tiny screens. [Demo]


WellTabber – WellTabber is another elementary JavaScript plugin like Tabby. Like a latter, it supports several options to configure a tabs. Also, we can uncover navigation arrows. [Demo]


3D Cube Tabbed Interface [Demo]

3D Cube Tabbed Interface3D Cube Tabbed Interface

Tabs Module for ES6 [Demo]

Tabs Module for ES6Tabs Module for ES6

Variable Heights with CSS Tabs [Demo]

Variable Heights with CSS TabsVariable Heights with CSS Tabs

Material Design Tabs – A element pattern desirous tabs dash built regulating Vanilla JavaScript. It is simple to use and customizable as well. However, it does not underline modernized options. [Demo]

Material Design TabsMaterial Design Tabs

Animated CSS Tabs – Animated CSS Tabs is a CSS-only tabs complement that lets we emanate simple, light tabs. Unlike Tabby or WellTabber, it does not offer any modernized configuration. [Demo]

Animated CSS TabsAnimated CSS Tabs

pureTabs [Demo]


Vanilla JavaScript Accessible Tabs [Demo]

Vanilla JavaScript Accessible TabsVanilla JavaScript Accessible Tabs

Scifi-style Animated Tabs [Demo]


Pure CSS Bootstrap Adaptive Tabs – A Bootstrap-inspired add-on complement built regulating only CSS and no JavaScript. What singular underline it brings is tabs overfitting in a shade are changed to a dropdown list. [Demo]

Pure CSS Bootstrap Adaptive TabsPure CSS Bootstrap Adaptive Tabs

Foldable Tab Bar – A tabs widget formed on pristine CSS3 and no JavaScript, like several plugins on this list. What creates it engaging is a tabs have a nice-looking foldable transition. [Demo]

Foldable Tab BarFoldable Tab Bar

Awesome CSS Animated Tabs [Demo]

Awesome CSS Animated TabsAwesome CSS Animated Tabs

JavaScript Tabifier – An modernized add-on plugin built with only JavaScript. It lets we set a default tab, change a add-on dynamically, and add onLoad and onClick eventuality callback functions. [Demo]

JavaScript TabifierJavaScript Tabifier

Skeleton Tabs [Demo]

Skeleton TabsSkeleton Tabs

Tabtastic – Tabtastic is an easy plugin to exercise tabs regulating CSS and JS. It uses semantic markup, is permitted for shade readers, and supports nested tabs on a page. [Demo]


CSS3 jQuery Folder Tabs – This easy educational (with downloadable code) shares about creating folder tabs regulating CSS3 and jQuery. It reminds me of tabs shown in browsers like Google Chrome. [Demo]

CSS3  jQuery Folder TabsCSS3  jQuery Folder Tabs

Tabbed Content [Demo]

Tabbed ContentTabbed Content

Equal-width Navigation Tabs – A formula snippet, showcasing a use of plain CSS to build equal-width navigation tabs. You can customize a look, though it does not offer modernized options out of a box. [Demo]

Equal-width Navigation TabsEqual-width Navigation Tabs

Tabbed Content with jQuery CSS [Demo]

Tabbed Content with jQuery  CSSTabbed Content with jQuery  CSS

Twitter Bootstrap Wizard – Twitter Bootstrap Wizard is a plugin to build wizards of a tabbable structure. we beheld we could emanate only tabs by stealing or stealing a subsequent and prior buttons. [Demo]

Twitter Bootstrap WizardTwitter Bootstrap Wizard

Pure CSS Tabs [Demo]

Pure CSS TabsPure CSS Tabs

Responsive CSS Tabs [Demo]

Responsive CSS TabsResponsive CSS Tabs

Just Another CSS Tabs – A beautifully-crafted add-on structure built with only CSS, that works on complicated browsers. However, distinct few absolute plugins gave above, it has no modernized options. [Demo]

Just Another CSS TabsJust Another CSS Tabs

Responsive Accordion to Tabs – Responsive Accordion to Tabs, as a name suggests, works as accordion or tabs formed on a shade width. It shows tabs if probable else accordion if distance is small. [Demo]

Responsive Accordion to TabsResponsive Accordion to Tabs

CardTabs – CardTabs is an ultra-light tabs plugin formed on jQuery, that comes with mixed themes. You can also emanate new themes and set a active add-on dynamically. [Demo]


Aria Tabs [Demo]

Aria TabsAria Tabs

Minimal Sexy Tabs – A beautiful, new tabs dash that is available in dual tone schemes – light and dark. It is built regulating jQuery, so it is not as light as some other plugins listed above. [Demo]

Minimal  Sexy TabsMinimal  Sexy Tabs

Tabbed Widget [Demo]

Tabbed WidgetTabbed Widget

Adaptive Tabs – Adaptive Tabs is a simple, pleasing tabs snippet. Apart from a complicated design, it does not have some-more facilities like that accessible in few modernized plugins given above. [Demo]

Adaptive TabsAdaptive Tabs

Tree Style Tab [Demo]

Tree Style TabTree Style Tab

Tabulous.js [Demo]


jQuery Tabs – jQuery Tabs is a elementary plugin for formulating tabs. As a name suggests, it is built regulating jQuery, distinct some above-listed plugins that are built with pristine CSS or JavaScript. [Demo]

jQuery TabsjQuery Tabs

jQuery rTabs [Demo]

jQuery rTabsjQuery rTabs

Editor’s note: This post was creatively published in Jun 2008 and was updated in Apr 2018 on a basement of new content.

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