50 Most-Wanted Facebook Tips and Tricks for 2018

For many of us, Facebook is a cold amicable media platform that allows we to bond with friends all opposite a world. However, as a user, Facebook is many some-more enchanting and helpful. But, usually if we know how to grasp that.

To assistance we get a many out of all a fun things and useful Facebook features, I’m compiling a extensive list of many wanted Facebook tips, tricks and hacks. Do check them and try out if we find any interesting.

1. Find out all photos we crony Liked

The pretension speaks for itself. This nifty pretence lets we learn all photos your crony has formerly Liked on Facebook.

find out all photos we crony favourite beforefind out all photos we crony favourite before
2. Turn Facebook denunciation into Pirate English

Getting wearied of saying a common Facebook language? Try out this small pretence to make your profile a pirate’s page nonetheless any modding or downloading.

turn form into bandit pageturn form into bandit page
3. Download all Facebook photos of your friends

If we are fond of someone’s photos nonetheless don’t wish them to know we are examination their pics, afterwards because not download them by regulating this tip?

download friends' all photosdownload friends' all photos
4. Schedule your Facebook updates

Were we looking for this feature? Yes, we can report your updates nonetheless it. However, it is not an central underline of Facebook. Just try this trick.

schedule facebook updatesschedule facebook updates
5. Choose who can see we online on Facebook

What if we don’t wish anyone to know if we are online? Your ex or maybe your parents, during exams? This pretence will assistance we do that.

hide online standing partiallyhide online standing partially
6. Fake Facebook Wall updates

If we are looking for some fun, afterwards because not use this pretence to post a feign refurbish on your wall? It will warn any of your friends.

post feign wall updatespost feign wall updates
7. Post to Multiple Facebook groups

Do we go to countless Facebook Groups? If yes, we contingency be finding it tough to be active in all of these groups, nonetheless now we can with this trick.

multi post to fb groupsmulti post to fb groups
8. Post a vacant standing on your wall

Using this trick, we can surprise everybody by essay a vacant wall post. Yes, people will blemish their conduct perplexing to find your post.

post vacant statuspost vacant status
9. Auto-‘Like’ a friend’s posts – all of them!

If we do not know, a some-more we rivet with your friends’ profiles, a some-more we get their attention, and making likes is a easiest approach to engage.

like post automaticallylike post automatically
10. Activate auto-commenting on posts

Though one can't auto-post comments to each post on Facebook as it looks like spam nonetheless you will find this pretence useful in several situations.

11. Stop Facebook videos from personification automatically

If we also find a auto-playing videos to be a bother and a information thief, like me, afterwards we can simply spin them off regulating this elementary tip.

12. Bulk accept all Friend Requests

This tip is going to be super useful if we get lots of crony requests or have a prolonged list of tentative crony requests in your account.

accept all crony requestsaccept all crony requests
13. Fake Facebook review with anyone

Do we wish to antic your friends with a feign conversation? Using this tip, we can have a review with anyone – even Mark Zuckerberg.

14. Invite all Friends to a page

If we are operative on a brand new page that we wish to foster among your friends, afterwards this pretence will assistance we do that instantly.

invite all friends to a pageinvite all friends to a page
15. Download any Facebook video

Did we find a video enchanting adequate to have a place in your offline storage? Luckily, we can download any video from Facebook regulating this tip.

16. Fake Your Mobile Device

If we like to antic your friends, afterwards this elementary antic will locate their attention. Using this tip, we can post from any phone. Even iPhone X.

fake your mobile devicefake your mobile device
17. See who visited your Facebook form

Though not consecrated by Facebook itself, there is a simple pretence to locate your form visitors – people who are gripping tabs on you.

18. Delete all Facebook Messages

If we are sensitive about your messages afterwards deleting them on a unchanging basement is a intelligent idea, and this tip can assistance we do only that.

19. Opt for Two-Factor Authentication

I trust everybody should take his or her remoteness into their possess hands, and opting for two-factor can be a initial step towards safeguarding your account.

20. Use Facebook as a Windows app

If we do not know, Facebook offers a central app for Windows 8.1 and above. That means we can keep in hold simply regulating this neat app.

21. Track final login plcae

One of a confidence practices includes keeping a check on your account, generally logins. If we find a login from an opposite location, we know it was not you.

22. Change your Facebook from tedious blue to a opposite thesis

Are we wearied of a default blue thesis of Facebook? You can use this pretence to bring some colors to your networking knowledge while regulating Facebook.

change facebook themechange facebook theme
23. Block neglected invites

If we get raw during removing countless notifications from apps and games played by your friends, afterwards we can use this tip to retard them.

24. Get your Facebook Page accurate

Have we got a Facebook page? You can use this tip to get it accurate Facebook account (i.e., get a blue parasite badge) and attract some-more people to like your page.

25. Unfollow a Friend we dislike nonetheless losing hit

If we wish to get absolved of one’s updates and posts, nonetheless we still wish to explain your friendship to them, afterwards simply unfollow them in your account.

unfollow not remove accessunfollow not remove access
26. Customize and urge a News Feed

You might have beheld a news feed to turn some-more irritating than enchanting over a time. This simple tip will assistance to get your news feed behind on track.

27. Stop Facebook from notifying Friends’ B’days

Though Facebook’s reminders on your friends’ birthdays are useful nonetheless it might not fit we if we have thousands of friends. If it is, use this tip.

28. Download all your Facebook story

If we are done with your Facebook comment or only wish to store your past information locally, afterwards this discerning tip can assistance we download all your data.

29. Get login alerts

If we are critical about your account’s security, afterwards we contingency keep an warning on your logins, and this tip will assistance we with only that.

30. Nominate your Facebook successor

As we do with countless financial and other supportive things, we can nominate a chairman to entrance your account after we pass away.

31. Use Facebook’s tip Emojis

If we wish to surprise your friends or we are looking for some fun, afterwards we can write tip emojis that many people do not know of.

write tip emojiswrite tip emojis
32. Create prolonged post

Do we like to write nonetheless don’t have your blog? You can write supersized posts with images on Facebook, interjection to a “Note” feature.

33. Check your attribute story with any Friend

If we consider Facebook does not caring about we and your improved half, we will be astounded to see a story between we and whomever we have “relationship with”.

34. Save posts to review after

You do not need to use Pocket or Instapaper to save posts to review after on Facebook. You can simply use this pretence to save posts and review them later.

35. Stop Facebook from Tracking we on a web

If we do not know, Facebook, like Google, does lane your mobile and web browsing to uncover targeted ads, nonetheless we can opt out regulating this trick.

36. Embed Facebook Content on your website

Do we know we can hide calm from Facebook on your blog or site? If not, only use this pretence to hide open calm easily.

embed open contentembed open content
37. Mange your ad preferences

If we do not enjoy saying targeted ads on Facebook or wish to urge your privacy, afterwards regulating this tip, we can configure ad settings.

38. Send income around Facebook

As with countless other services, Facebook also supports sending income between a members, i.e., we can send income to friends.

send income around fbsend income around fb
39. Upload 360 images videos

You contingency have listened about scenery and photosphere, and maybe have watched them on Facebook. You can also emanate and upload them.

40. Access live video streaming opposite a creation

You contingency have listened about Facebook Live. However, do we also know Facebook shows a live feed of accessible live events? Just use this trick.

see what's happeningsee what's happening
41. Create a fundraising debate

If we or your organization seeks to lift money, afterwards Facebook is an ideal choice, interjection to a vast series of users and easy campaigning.

42. Locate and hit your internal member

Facebook Town Hall is a good social-awareness underline that sum we about internal member and executives and gives easy entrance to follow them.

43. Enjoy a arcade of Facebook games

Facebook is home to endless party including countless games. Moreover, now we can also play with friends right inside a discuss window.

enjoy a arcadeenjoy a arcade
44. Auto-post Birthday wishes

If we have lots of friends on your Facebook, afterwards it is not easy to bond with everyone. That is where this tip will assistance we in wishing them.

auto post birthday wishesauto post birthday wishes
45. Recover deleted messages

Have we listened that Facebook never deletes your data? Well, we have listened it correct, and we can get to see your deleted messages regulating this trick.

recover deleted messagesrecover deleted messages
46. Make an invisible form

If we are super critical about your remoteness and wish to stay invisible on a Internet, afterwards this pretence will certainly locate your attention; doesn’t it?

47. Bulk summary all your Friends

Do we have something to share with all your friends? Maybe a promotional or invitational message? Then this pretence can assistance we hours.

48. Create a self-destructing summary

Though desirous by Snapchat and Telegram, Facebook Messenger now allows we to send messages that self-destruct after a set time.

49. Find e-mail residence of all your Friends

If we are acid for all your friends’ email addresses for any purpose, afterwards this small pretence can assistance we constraint all those email addresses.

50. Track a Friend’s plcae

Though someone might not like his plcae being tracked nonetheless his agree nonetheless if we are certain you need to know your friend’s location, this pretence can assistance you.

track friend's locationtrack friend's location
51. Check open info of a Friend

Do we wish to check out all info about a person? Maybe an aged crony or someone we are checking out? Just use this tip to get all a info.

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