5 Ways to Improve Google Rankings by Optimizing Content

Content is one of a primary ranking factors in Google’s hunt algorithm that has some-more than 200 factors altogether. If we wish to boost your hunt traffic, posting high peculiarity content should be one of your categorical focus. Whether we pronounce about Google or Bing, hunt formula are dynamic by 3 things: topical relevance, calm quality, and context.

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How Guest Posts May Derail Your Google Ranking

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Webmasters know how essential it is to have peculiarity content on a website to beget some-more trade and grasp improved conversions. In this article, I’ll uncover we 5 easy ways to optimize your content, that can assistance we urge your hunt engine rankings.

1. Leverage Authority, Utility and Presentation

When scheming calm for publication, it is essential to know a three pillars of calm quality, namely: Authority, Utility and Presentation.

Three Pillars of Content Quality
IMAGE: Bing Blogs

Let’s demeanour during them, one by one.


Trust is a banking of a web, and to have good rankings, we need to gain a trust of hunt engines first. If they start to trust your website, it will arrange it higher.

Authority means either users can trust your calm or not. There are many things we can do to increase a management of your content.

Always yield accurate and newsworthy information, and cite a sources. Add original research, reviews and testimonials to your content. Each square of your transcribe needs to have clear information about a author, and it’s a best if each author provides their amicable media profiles and is a subject-matter expert.

Get as many amicable shares as we can. The some-more we have, a improved your assembly and a hunt engines will trust in your site. Use secure HTTPS protocol, as it also adds a teenager ranking boost. If your site contains medical information, it should be created by a approved alloy or a health caring professionals.

Below we can see an instance for a page with low peculiarity content. It’s full of ads, created by an unclear author, and has treacherous maritime elements:


Search engine algorithms try to envision either your calm is unequivocally about a theme it addresses. They wish to know either a altogether calm provides sufficient ancillary information to a given subject.

To boost a application of your content, ready it for no one else though your aim audience. For instance, if your aim assembly consists of kids afterwards a denunciation should be simple, and accompanied by images and videos for easier understanding.

It’s also essential to provide singular content instead of recycling articles or web transcribe from other sources.

Users want all a information during one place, so supply all they might be meddlesome in on a same page, and keep it elementary and understandable.

Content contingency be well-edited and detailed as well. Try to yield ancillary multimedia and links to closely associated articles if it’s possible.


Your website calm needs to be well designed and visually appealing as well. Good presentation will improved explain and teach your assembly about your products and services. Websites with suitable information and superb layouts are customarily preferred.

To urge your calm presentation, we need to reduce distractions on your site. Get absolved of popup ads, in-text ads, top-of-the-content ads, etc.

The thought is to make it easier for users to find a primary content. Also make certain we don’t have any calm dark behind ads.

Navigational elements also must be user-friendly and logical. Always double-check either your calm is easy to scan. Using correct subheadings and applicable images can assistance we urge scannability.

2. Add Fresh Content Regularly

Google measures all papers for freshness, gripping your website updated and frequently edition new calm formula in improved hunt rankings.

QDF stands for Query Deserves Freshness, and it’s a member of Google’s ranking algorithm. QDF queries are associated to prohibited topics that suddenly swell in Google Trends.

Use Google Trends to brand these topics, and write about them. This might assistance we fast arrange for these QDF queries.

To keep your calm fresh, focus on tangible topics, such as a new domestic debate or a renouned sports event.

Publish new calm often, as this approach we can arrange for new keywords, though also keep updating your comparison content to forestall it from apropos stale.

Add a applicable timestamp whenever we refurbish your content, e.g. “this page was final updated on mm-dd-yyyy”.

Apart from edition uninformed content, also have calm focusing on frequently repeated events, such as a Dancing with a Stars TV array or a NFL scores.

It can also be a good thought to demeanour adult topics trending on amicable media and write about them.

3. Prepare Panda-Friendly Content

Google Panda was initial expelled in Feb 2011. It was a vital algorithm refurbish that affected around 12% of hunt results. It targeted low-quality websites that had spun or transcribe content, and vast calm farms that generated identical calm on long-tail keywords adding small to no value to users.

There were several updates in a Panda algorithm until Jan 2016 when it was integrated with Google’s categorical ranking algorithm.

Google Panda: 5 Tips You Should Know


Google Panda: 5 Tips You Should Know

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You can urge your hunt rankings by impressing Google Panda. To do so:

  • Get absolved of boilerplate content and don’t overuse keywords.
  • Always make certain we have a clear site hierarchy and valid and semantic HTML. (Higher rebound rates shows to Google that your site is not user-friendly, so cruise how we can reduce it.)
  • Don’t use deceiving tactics, such as cloaking and pathway pages.
  • Ensure your site doesn’t have any damaged links and faulty redirects.
  • Have proper authorized tags in sequence to get absolved of intensity duplicates.
  • Try to increase a peculiarity of your backlinks as people tend to couple behind to peculiarity content, and hunt engines use this cause in their algorithms.
  • Avoid regulating scraped or automatically generated content as well. Your calm should teach your readers by heading them from a problem to a solution.
  • Also create FAQ pages that yield applicable answers to accurate questions.

4. Use Schema.org Markup

Schema.org is an extensibe wording that creates it probable to describe structured data on a web. Structured information creates it easier for hunt engines to understand your content. Adding Schema.org markup to your site will concede your calm to be displayed among Google’s rich results that can lead to higher click-through rates, and improved hunt engine rankings.

If we wish to urge your rankings, deliver schema.org markup on your website, if we haven’t finished it yet.

The simplest approach is to use Google’s Structured Data Markup Helper.

Log in, and name a form of information we wish to symbol up, afterwards pulp a belonging URL, and click a Start Tagging button.
The structued information markup apparatus will be loaded, and you’ll be supposing with a workspace to tab a information equipment (author, announcement date, URL, etc.) on your web page.

Tagging in Google’s Structured Data Markup Helper

Once you’ve finished, click a Create HTML button. On a following screen, we will see a HTML of your page with a applicable structured data.

Use Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool to find out how your page will demeanour like.

5. Be Displayed In Rich Answers

Rich answers are Google’s try to answer user queries right on a hunt page. In abounding answers, Google displays direct answers from applicable and devoted websites. Having your calm in a abounding answer box is a good approach to boost organic hunt trade to your site.

Here’s how a elementary abounding answer looks like:

Simple Rich Answer
simple Rich Answer

To get your calm indexed as a abounding answer, create a list of a many common questions people ask in your industry. Make certain we don’t use attention lingo as many people don’t use them in queries.

When you’re finished with your list, emanate calm that privately answers these questions. One doubt per page. Wherever we can, use a step-by-step answer format, such as this step-by-step instruction next about how to boil an egg:

Step by Step Answer Format
Step-by-Step Answer Format in Featured Rich Snippets

Use keywords in your answers, and mark adult a doubt with a h1 HTML tag.

Here’s a screenshot of a HTML formula that creates a web page for a abounding answer for a query why is a sky blue. Notice a h1 tab in a code.

Final Words

Utilizing these methods can assistance we make your calm mount out among a hunt results. Patience is a pivotal here.

Don’t try to change a calm of all your web pages overnight. Instead, adopt a slower nonetheless some-more effective approach to reinstate your existent calm with some-more actionable, improved structured, and fresher calm to grasp improved hunt rankings.

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