5 Ways Customer Service Can Yield Better Search Results

Nowadays hunt engine optimization is some-more focused towards search knowledge optimization – also famous as “the other SEO” – and customer service is an constituent partial of it.

Great patron service depends on your ability to identify patron needs by examining what information they competence demeanour for, how they competence wish to contact you, and what problems they competence have. Giving a right answers to these questions are during a core of any effective patron use program.

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Search Experience Optimization creates it easy for users to take action by providing them with good information, product suggestions, and deals or discounts for your many constant customers. Your plan contingency be driven by information that your SEO group accumulates from customer use analysis.

Here’s how we can use patron use to urge your hunt engine results.

1. Use Customer Feedback to Optimize Landing Pages

Customer feedback provides we with first-hand user knowledge reviews. Some of your products competence attract a lot of users to your website, while other products competence have copiousness of intensity nonetheless aren’t means to beget vital attention.

A extensive customer feedback audit can assistance we cruise your e-commerce choices, and emanate high-converting alighting pages.

Include your many renouned products into your alighting pages. Prepare a list of questions customers frequently ask, and optimize your alighting pages for these long tail keywords.

Also cruise examining all product comparisons intensity business competence perform before their squeeze decision, and emanate comparison-oriented alighting pages.

CRO Landing PageCRO Landing Page

IMAGE: UserVoice

2. Leverage Critical Touch Points (Micro-Moments)

Online business are going by a engorgement of emotions and motivations until they squeeze a product. Google’s “Micro-Moments” concept defines 4 forms of moments when people competence wish to reach out to a brand:

  1. I-Want-to-Know moments
  2. I-Want-to-Go moments
  3. I-Want-to-Do moments
  4. I-Want-to-Buy moments
Four Types of Micro-MomentsFour Types of Micro-Moments

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You can use a following beliefs to capitalize on micro-moments:

  • Be there: When a user searches for a product, we have to be discoverable, so we can marketplace your solution.
  • Be useful: Make certain your services meet a requirements of your customers.
  • Be quick: Mobile users don’t wait for too long. The foe is fierce, and we contingency be quick in giving people reasons to do business with you.

The courtesy camber of online business is increasingly short, so we need to be there for them at a accurate moment in that they are looking for a product, or usually flitting time scrolling by content.

Here are some tools we can use to monitor your customers’ vicious hold points:


Bontact allows we to rivet visitors that land on your site with a custom nod message a multichannel live chat with many options of that they can simply select from. Bontact now supports discussions around online chat, Skype, SMS, Facebook Messenger, phone and email, and some-more channels are in a works.



Thunderhead’s “ONE Engagement Hub” height monitors patron interactions responses, and provides we with sufficient information about their behaviour. You can even lane your unknown visitors when they return. You can fast understand your customers’ shopping journey, as Thunderhead marks any apportionment of their hold points (micro-moments).


When we are means to rivet your business effectively during their micro-moments, we accommodate their particular needs, and can tighten some-more sales.

3. Use Social Engagement

Social channels give marketers a possibility to rivet with their aim assembly on a personal level. This is a good proceed to make people feel a participation of your brand. Marketers who use amicable media usually for distributing content, or for replying to patron complaints are blank out.

Starbucks, for one, creates a participation felt on many amicable networks.

Using a @MyStarbucksIdea comment on Twitter, for example, it keeps business engaged, and encourages them to discuss or contention suggestions. This form of conversational engagement impresses your existent business and paves a proceed for appropriation new ones.

Aligning your code with a well-chosen and applicable cause can assistance as well. Make certain we do so with authenticity, since people can see by treasonable posturing, that will usually harm your strategy. A forthright approach can do some-more than good.

Social entrepreneurs ideally reflect how fruitful means affiliation can be. It is a honesty of amicable entrepreneurs that drives people to follow them.

There are copiousness of advantages of co-marketing with a amicable entrepreneur for e-commerce knowledge optimization. The volume of instant followers we can acquire exceeds any plan that we can exercise on your own. It gives your debate a moral advantage over others. Co-marketing with a amicable businessman can assistance any new code settle their participation on amicable platforms.

Business vs. Social EntrepreneursBusiness vs. Social Entrepreneurs

IMAGE: Cisco IBSG on Slideshare

Aligning your SEO plan around amicable entrepreneurship can assistance we float a wave. It can usually be finished with an honest proceed that shows we indeed trust in a cause.

4. Hound Customer Reviews

Online shoppers use many filters in sequence to search for peculiarity products. Make certain that your product pages are optimized for these applicable keywords, and that customer reviews also appear among hunt engine results, so when a user searches for a product regulating these keywords they can simply find your site.

Online reviews can be a good proceed to yield an authentic and ominous product description for intensity customers. They can assistance a code establish credibility in a eyes of shoppers. When we ask your business to examination your products, they will mostly be some-more than happy to broach your request.

The pursuit for SEO professionals doesn’t finish with appropriation online reviews. Make use of amicable media channels, and upload a reviews to your profiles.

5. Optimize Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

It’s most harder to strech out and pitch to a new patron who doesn’t know you than to someone who already trusts you. You can severely urge your chances of offered products to your unchanging business with a judgment of Customer Lifetime Value.

To aim for limit CLV, you’ll need to cavalcade down low into a spending patterns of your patron base, so we can unearth a biggest online sales opportunities for upselling, cranky selling, charity reorders at a right moments, and re-engaging those who have left on you.

Personalize and foster products that are in sync with a spending patterns of your audience so that any time they land on your site they are destined to something that appeals to them.

The improved we are during maintaining business and earning revenues from them over time, the aloft your CLV will go, which, in turn, will clear investing some-more in appropriation new customers.

Let’s see dual personalization tactics we can use in sequence to boost your Customer Lifetime Value.

Personalized Emails

Consider either a summary we are scheming is meant for a first-time buyer, or for someone already constant to you. Highlight that in a theme line, and personalize a e-mail to make any patron feel special.

Segment your list, and make use of automated messaging. When your business are wakeful that you value them, it will be utterly formidable for them to disremember a discounts and deals we send them.

Suggest Products

Track a spending patterns of your unchanging customers. Next time they land on your site, foster services and products they earlier searched for though did not purchase. You can also impute them products that competence be identical to or compared with their progressing purchases.

You business wish to feel special. They do not wish to be compared with some e-commerce business that usually fulfills orders.

Once in a while, warn them with loyalty reward or rewards and honour them for being good customers. In return, they will gladly spread a word among their peers, and assistance we acquire new customers.

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