5 New & Unusual Ways to Earn Extra Money

Most people would like a event to acquire some additional cash. As it stands, a whopping 63% of Americans do not have adequate savings to compensate for a $500 puncture though resorting to unwavering cost-cutting measures or borrowing income – from friends and family if they’re lucky, from credit cards or payday loans if they’re not.

To be fair, there are large articles, books, and other resources out there that can assistance we acquire additional cash. Many personal financial experts advise methods like freelance writing (or designing, coding, and other digital-based offering), Uber-ing, Air-BnB-ing, and offered food, clothes, humanities and crafts.

These are all good advice, though would we like to hear about some less-known money-making opportunities?

1. Flipping

Essentially, flipping is a art of buying low, adding value and offered high. Usually used as a real estate term (ie. “I flipped that inexpensive fixer-upper on 10th St for double a price!”), flipping can be practical to literally any object that has any direct from a market.

The beauty of flipping is that we can easily incorporate your passion in a process. If we like cars and have a knack for identifying gangling parts, we can demeanour for and sell them online. If we like clothes, some people make a murdering selling pieces bought from preservation stores. You can flip many things, even websites!

You can list your equipment on Amazon, Ebay, Craigslist, or even emanate your possess e-commerce site. To be a successful seller, do take a time to safeguard your website have these 10 essential things.

Tips You Need:

  1. Pick a niche.
  2. Actively investigate for specific demands in a niche that we can fulfil.
  3. Make certain we spend a few weeks to monitor common cost operation and competitors.
  4. Then, look for suppliers and do a cost analysis. If we can sell your equipment for a distinction after fees (packaging, inventory and shipping fees are 3 vital costs in flipping), we have a intensity winner!

An easy approach to start flipping is to simply demeanour around your residence for things we no longer need that can be sold. You can also start frequenting garage sales. To assistance we get started, here are some equipment that tend to flip well.

2. Create Sell Designs

How would we like to emanate a pattern once, and sell them hundreds or thousands of times? Selling your pattern regularly is a good pacifist income era devise – digitally-stored designs costs zero to store and replicate (here are a few places we can sell your work online).

Yes, it does sound great. However, there is a catch: we contingency be means to emanate designs that a assembly can't get for giveaway online. If you’ve spent any time online, you’d know this is harder than it sounds.

This means in sequence for we to get adequate distinction to beget income out of it, we are singular to extremely little niches. Some examples include:

PixieFaire – emanate and sell patterns for doll outfits.


Tiny House Designs – we can find and buy little residence pattern plans, and building plans.

Tiny House Designs

MOCPlans – find, buy and sell instructions for tradition LEGO builds.

Tiny House Designs

This income era thought works best for people who have intensely niche hobbies in a initial place. The law of supply and direct predicts aloft chances of your designs offered if there are not many competitors out there.

Tips You Need

  1. To go down this route, we contingency not desert your product marketing. High discoverability of your products is a must, as good as inventory and selling in as many renouned platforms as possible.
  2. You contingency also not slight patron use and village involvement.
  3. The easier people can find your designs and a improved knowledge we can provide, a some-more designs and patterns we can sell.

3. Be a Local Guide

If we suffer display off a internal sights, we competence cruise apropos a internal guide. The pretence to apropos good guides is to sell experiences, not itineraries. The intensity is unequivocally big, regardless of location. For example, we competence have listened about Walking Tours and Cycling Tours, that are organized in many cities around a world.

walking tours
IMAGE: WalkingTours.ie

These move tourists to interesting locations and landmarks, finish with an explanation or a backstory. There are also some-more niche tours that can be organized independently, such as Food tours, Temple tours, Wine Tours, Graffiti/Street Art tours, Supernatural tours, and even Yoga tours.

Tips You Need

  1. You can start flattering most straightaway, by revelation your network about your services. For best results, make packages for both locals and tourists – ask your friends and crop transport forums to find out what people are looking for in your city. (Friends and family will have out-of-state guest during some point, and if we are famous to suffer giving people a good time, they competence dump your name as a recommendation.)
  2. Create a landing page to prominence what we can offer.
  3. Get yourself reviewed on TripAdvisor and Yelp. Alternatively, here are some websites that we can use to enroll yourself (and get reviewed).

4. Host meal-Sharing Events

This would be a dream side-income for we moving hosts and hostesses out there! Yes, we can offer your home-cooked dishes as good as your desirable association to locals and tourists around meal-sharing websites. Your guest will ask and compensate for a mark during your dining table, and we can make a dishes as elaborate or as elementary as we wish.

Some important websites include:

Meal Sharing



vizeat meal-sharing


feastly meal-sharing

You can also do this sans websites and simply post it on your amicable media.

Tips You Need

  1. Design a dish plan, prepare it, and take pleasing cinema of it. The some-more your food demeanour interesting to your aim audience, a faster we can fill adult your table.
  2. Too many requests? Make reservations and collect payments in advance. The good thing about meal-sharing is that we get to, essentially, work from home. Here’s a reporter’s writeup on her experience.

5. Rent Something Out to Peers

The peer-to-peer renting attention is comparatively small, though has a lot of potentials. Not everybody can means to buy everything, though infrequently they unequivocally do need that object for specific reasons or usually for a brief while. Hey, we don’t emanate a demand, a marketplace did.

I can’t repudiate that renting out your possess equipments and equipment is unsure business – there’s always a possibility of not removing it back, or receiving it in bad condition. However, we can mitigate that risk rather by going by startups. Here are a few examples:

Kitsplit – a peer-to-peer let for camera equipment


GetAround – if we wish to lease out your car. An choice is Turo.

getaround lease cars

Curtsy – lets we lease out your dresses

curtsy – lease dresses

How to Start

The let business has a high start-up cost, though if we only wish to drop your toes in a pity economy with a slightest risk, your best gamble is by one of a startups above.


Yup, there are copiousness of new and surprising ways to acquire additional cash, and chances are they will shortly turn reduction surprising and some-more commonplace. There are no excuses for an robust particular with internet entrance to not beget a side income. we hatred to be cliche, though a sky is truly a extent when it comes to maximising intensity income.

Editor’s note: This is created for Hongkiat.com by Suraya Zainudin. Suraya specializes in personal finance, bitcoin, FinTech and nonprofits. She writes about how she spends, saves, earns and invests income in a personal blog. Follow her on Twitter.

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