5 Myths About Career That Need To Be Busted

Are we a wide-eyed uninformed graduate looking to turn a prolific member of society? Or maybe we are someone who done a wrong career choice and now wants to start off anew? It’s going to be a tough float given we are usually limited to your degree, skills, and turn of experience, right?

Wrong! There were times when such a thought could have been true, though not anymore. We are in a age of violation walls down and building them anew, a time where your degree, skills, experience, and plcae no longer matters.

The usually extent is yourself, and we are about to break down these concepts that many people still reason about a veteran career – concepts that were once true, though not anymore.

Lets start.

1. Career and income will always start from a bottom

Everyone has to start and be calm with receiving smallest pay, right? This is a customary for everybody who is starting their career in any industry. It doesn’t matter if we have years of knowledge in a opposite field, if we enter a new margin a difference “Pay is depending on experience” is always on a excellent print.


Note that in this context, knowledge is a confused multiple of years spent operative in that margin and tangible operative skills. And of march that’s true, carrying several years of knowledge in a given margin means we are some-more skilled. Or is it? At slightest some decades ago this was true.

Not anymore. Nowadays we can spend anywhere from a month to half a year polishing your skills in web or mobile app development from blemish though tangible work knowledge and still land a pursuit that pays double or triple of what we are awaiting to get. This means you no longer have to start from a bottom.


Starting from a bottom and climbing your approach adult a ladder is an aged concept, it no longer relates – during slightest in a non-corporate setting. With today’s bustling startup scene, we don’t have to start in an entrance turn position or take in a lowest profitable pursuit in your profession. Status doesn’t matter, usually skills. No bureaucracy, no bureau politics.

The series of years no longer count, though what depends many is your skills. Head over to RemoteOK and see for yourself if a jobs posted there fit your skills – usually a compensate starts anywhere from $20,000 per year to $100,000 depending on a level. But we get a thought – it’s all about what skills we can offer, not years.

2. Big companies meant improved opportunities

It was my dream to arise adult in a morning, wear my fit and tie, and work in a dilemma bureau during a tip building of a vast company. Today I’m essay this essay in my pyjamas and I’m a happiest male alive. But we digress.

Working for big companies meant there is a lot of space for growth, many opportunities to discover, right? Logically vocalization that is how it should be, given vast companies have a resources to do that. But that is approach too distant from a truth.

big company
Scott Webb

When we work for a vast corporation, a multi-billion multi-national company, there is really tiny room for growth. Every position is filled and we can’t wish to get a graduation in usually a year or dual or three, simply given a people who are in those positions that we might covet, have been there for several years to a integrate of decades themselves.

But of march I’m not observant that there isn’t any chances of growing, we usually meant to contend that it is significantly slower, by a lot.

Now cruise this, if we work for a startup with a fast exponential growth, and if we are one of a initial employees, wouldn’t that usually meant that you’ll be propelled with them to a tip as we assistance them grow?

On that note, because not aim to be a chairman who is estimable to be a co-founder of a startup?

3. Best jobs can usually be found within your niche

Fresh graduates aren’t a usually ones who tumble into this myth, even people with years of knowledge somehow turn down this meditative that they should usually work within their niche, attention or degree.

I, for one, know 3 purebred nurses who work in web pattern and development. we complicated information record and nonetheless here we am essay articles for blogs and on a side operative as a selling consultant.

dream job

Many people would contend that it’s a rubbish to work on a opposite margin given they spent years study something else, hence they spend several months to years looking for their “dream job”.

The thought that we should work formed on a things we complicated during college, or formed on your work experience, will usually besiege we to a really tiny universe that we know. As we pronounced above, what matters is your skillset and your eagerness to learn, not what your grade or tangible knowledge is in opposite industries.

4. Being a jack of all trades is bad, we should be a master of one


Mastering usually one trade will be your funeral. The observant “jack of all trades, master of none” implies that a chairman is useful in many areas, though usually on a simple level. This also implies that there is tiny room for expansion as compared to those who are experts in a sold margin or skill.

And it is true. Being a best in one thing means businesses will wish we on their side. Say, for example, programming. Many program companies would wish we in their team, and that is positively alright.

However, who’s observant we can’t be a master of several trades? If we are meditative that it is impossible, afterwards we have already cursed yourself to not turn one.

In today’s fast-paced environment, those who are liquid adequate in their skills are valued aloft as against to those who usually know one thing. If we know web pattern and development, marketing, sales, and a rest of a bundle, what’s interlude a web startup from reaching out to we – we who knows how everything works?

5. Going over and over is good

When we work for a association and dedicate yourself to it, even spending several hours a week operative over normal hours, holding work to your home, and spending your rest days and holidays, it creates we into a group actor who loves your company, right? And that’s true, during slightest to you.

energepic.com from Pexels

The law is, we are usually spiteful yourself. Some months ago we wrote an essay patrician Why You Should Avoid Being Overworked that outlines because this is so. In outline of it:

  • No one is going to die if we stop operative today. And it’s true. You can always continue operative tomorrow. Clock out when it’s time, go accommodate with friends, call your parents, travel your dog, watch a movie, relax. It’s your life anyway.
  • The association we work for is a business. It’s not your family, really not your friend. All it cares about is income no matter how most they tell we that they caring for you. In a end, if they don’t make income from you, you’ll be casted aside.
  • You are, eventually, an unessential resource. There are literally millions of people looking for work and your association won’t consider twice to reinstate we or lay we off if it means they can save income from doing so.

The Japanese are quite bad during this culture of overworking. This is an impassioned form of it, of course, though we get a idea. You work for yourself, not for a company. Remember that.

To end

The universe is fast changing and the approach operative works does too. What was loyal years ago is no longer quite germane today. You don’t have to follow a “rules” of a diversion anymore, we can skip a lines, build something for yourself, experiment, and usually do what we wish to do. The usually extent is yourself.

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