5 Must-Know Facebook Timeline Tips/Tricks

Facebook Timeline’s new design was substantially a biggest ascent in Facebook’s history. The new pattern has many cold features and ensures we put a best sense on your profile. If we like a Facebook Timeline, afterwards we can assistance we get some-more out of it with some accessible Facebook Timeline tips and tricks.

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There are certain Facebook tips and tricks that will assistance we take advantage of a Timeline in ways we might have never imagined.

1. Manage your posts in bulk

The posts on your Timeline can be seen by anyone with a right access. If we are looking to delete, censor or distinct posts in bulk, afterwards we will have to manually open any post and perform a right action; that can take utterly some time might even leave a headache. Thankfully, there is a accessible Chrome extension that can automatically do all this for you while we lay and relax.

F___book Post Manager uses your Facebook’s Activity Log to demeanour for posts and automatically perform a right movement formed on time and calm filters. To use a extension, open your Facebook form and click on a “View Activity log” button.

view activity logview activity log

Once in a “Activity Log”, click on a “F___book Post Manager” prolongation symbol and we will see government collection in a interface. Here we can name a time generation from that we would like to conduct a posts, and also mention keywords that a posts might enclose or might not contain. After environment up, click on a Delete , Hide / Unhide or Unlike symbol to start a process.

bulk conduct postsbulk conduct posts

The process can take several hours to complete as a prolongation also scans and manually manages a posts. Additionally, if a prolongation is blank some posts in a process, try dwindling a indicate speed from a categorical settings and see if it helps.

2. You can still poke people

Facebook’s scandalous poking trend met a dirt with a new Timeline pattern when it was deliberately private from a common sight. However, this doesn’t meant we can’t use a poke underline anymore. If we are still interested in poking people to have some fun, afterwards we can simply do so.

All we need to do is visit your friend’s form and click on a dump down menu subsequent to a “Message” button. Here name “Poke” and your poke will be sent.

poke friendspoke friends

3. Check for abbreviation mistakes

Whether we have a Facebook comment for business or only wish to make certain we don’t demeanour dumb, regulating ideal abbreviation will unequivocally put a good impression. Grammarly has a accessible extension for both Chrome and Firefox that will assistance we repair many of a common abbreviation errors. It will yield suggestions to repair vicious abbreviation errors for free. However, we will have to ascent to a paid version if we wish some-more insight.

check grammarcheck grammar

Just implement a prolongation and we will start saying a suggestions as we form in Facebook.

4. Create engaging form and cover photos

Your profile and cover print are one of a categorical attractions of your Facebook Timeline. You should have a cool form and cover photo to seductiveness other users. For formulating interesting Facebook form and cover photos, TrickedOutTimeline is a good tool.

It allows we to emanate cover photos that directly correlate with your form photo. You can combine your form and cover print to make it demeanour like a singular photo, emanate Jigsaw puzzles, tear a print and give zooming outcome to your cover photo. All we need to do is upload your form and cover print and a rest will be rubbed by TrickedOutTimeline.

create cover photoscreate cover photos

5. Use a video as Facebook form picture

A still design form design is good, though a video offers a whole new turn of creativity. You’ll be happy to know that Facebook also allows we to upload a video as form picture as prolonged as we are uploading from a smartphone app on Android or iOS.

To set a video as a form picture, daub on your form print and we will see a options to upload a design or video. Here we can possibly name to create a new form video or name one from your phone gallery. Just name a preferred choice and you’ll be means to set a video as a Facebook form picture.

video form picturesvideo form pictures

The maximum video time authorised is 7 seconds. So we need to make certain that your video is not longer than this duration. Thankfully, Facebook offers accessible modifying collection to trim and customize video to your liking. The video will start looping when someone will open your Facebook profile, identical to a GIF.

I also unequivocally adore how we can even enable sound in a video to unequivocally warn your form visitors.

Rounding up

So these were few of a tricks we can use to jazz adult your Facebook Timeline and get some-more out of it. we privately adore how we can upload a form video to make your form mount out. Which one of these Facebook Timeline tricks do we like? Share with us in a comments.

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