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It’s always a good thought to keep lane of your mobile information usage so we can avoid surpassing your information use quota. Among a dual categorical mobile handling systems, Android natively provides we an interface to keep lane and guard mobile information usage; iOS on a other hand, doesn’t offer most information.

So in this post, we am going to plead some useful apps (both iOS and Android) that we can download to keep lane of mobile information usage, starting with a one I’m stream using.

My Data Manager

Download on Android | iOS

My Data Manager is available for both Android and iOS. It’s free, doesn’t come with any ads, and marks information use for mobile, WiFi and roaming.

Input your data limit, renovation duration and renovation date and you’re good to go.

my information mgr plansmy information mgr plans

Now, conduct over to a outline add-on and you’ll get an disremember of your information usage for mobile, WiFi and roaming (if any).

The app tracker add-on gives we a list of apps that are utilizing your data, mobile or WiFi. This gives we an thought how to adjust your use function in box your mobile information is reaching a limit.

my dta mgr app trackermy dta mgr app tracker

The other good thing about this app that we like is a ability to set all sorts of alarm (alerts) about my information usage.

enable alarmenable alarm

The “Set Custom Alarm” underline lets we set alarms to surprise we when your mobile information reaches a specific limit.

my information mgr tradition alarmmy information mgr tradition alarm

RadioOpt Traffic Monitor 3G/4G Speed

Download on Android | iOS

This one is fundamentally a combination of a good information use tracker and a speed and coverage contrast app. The app will assistance we keep your wireless tie fast and also lane how most we are regulating data.

You can specify your information devise duration and limits and RadioOpt will both lane your use and alarm we when we are about to cranky a limit. You’ll also not be astounded by roaming charges as it keeps a apart record of roaming information usage.

RadioOpt Traffic Monitor  3G/4G SpeedRadioOpt Traffic Monitor  3G/4G Speed

The app has a powerful speed exam apparatus built-in that will assistance we exam a speed of your WiFi or mobile information connection, including upload, download and ping speed.

It can also create a coverage map for you to see where we can get a best signals from a nearest network tower. Interestingly, all these tests can be directly compared with people in your area to see either we are removing allied speed or not.

Glasswire Data Usage Monitor

Download on Android

Glasswire, a popular network trade monitoring app for desktops also has an app for Android devices. Like a desktop version, this app also focuses on tracking network use and recording app behaviour.

It can lane that apps are regulating your mobile information and WiFi and alerts we when we are about to surpass your information devise limit. You can track information use in real-time, and even go behind in time to see that app used information on a sold day.

Glasswire Data Usage MonitorGlasswire Data Usage Monitor

Glasswire also prompts we whenever a new app uses a internet, so we might never be astounded by an putrescent app. To tip it off, if your information provider offers total information use for a sold app – Like Facebook – afterwards we can also exclude it from information monitoring.

Data Usage

Download on Android | iOS

A arguable information use tracking app that focuses on assisting we evenly use your allotted extent over a given time. Apart from unchanging information tracking and alerts, Data Usage has a cold prediction feature that shows we when you’ll strech a information extent formed on your unchanging usage. If some day we use some-more information than usual, you’ll be immediately alerted.

Data UsageData Usage

Furthermore, Data Usage has a dedicated widget that shows we your information use in real-time and your altogether daily usage. To take a matters a small further, a app is also capable of disabling your information connection if we strech your set limit.

DataMan Next

Download on iOS

A beautiful app with a minimalist design, DataMan usually offers a facilities we need and does a pursuit perfectly. Without any confusions, a app lets we guard information use by any app and your altogether information extent progress. It also has a accessible widget that keeps your information use in perspective all a time.

DataMan NextDataMan Next

It also has a prediction underline that tells either you’ll stay in your extent or surpass it formed on your stream information usage. we am certain we will unequivocally like how DataMan Next visualizes any underline with opposite colors and tradition notifications.


As I’ve mentioned above, My Data Manager is in my possess use and it’s my favorite among this list, especially since of a many facilities and a purify interface. However, if we consider any other app strikes your interest, do give it a exam run. And don’t forget to let us know about your experience

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