40 Firefox Add-ons For Better Productivity

Anyone who uses a Internet spends a lot of time on browsing a web. However, people always conclude if they can save time during their borwsing experience. So if Firefox is your go-to browser and wish to save time while regulating it, afterwards we have access to a engorgement of add-ons to customize your browsing experience.

10 Firefox Plugins For A Safer Browsing Experience

10 Firefox Plugins For A Safer Browsing Experience

Mozilla’s Firefox browser is a user-friendly and feature-rich browser, with around 35% of all web users regulating it…Read more

In this post, we am going to share with we more than 35 useful Firefox add-ons that’ll assistance we save time one approach or another.

Session Manager – Sessions Manager helps we save a stream state of a non-stop tabs in a Firefox window and redeem it when needed. It can even redeem tabs state after a crash.

Session ManagerSession Manager

Tab Preview – Simply shows a preview of a other non-stop tabs when we float your rodent cursor over them. Very accessible if we always have dozens of tabs non-stop and wish to strech a right appendage quickly.

Tile Tabs – Tile Tabs helps we organize your tabs in rarely customizable tiles. You can emanate vertical, horizontal, or grid character tiles and simply perspective and conduct tabs.

Tile TabsTile Tabs

ColorfulTabs – ColorfulTabs randomly gives a tone to your non-stop tabs to make it easier to heed between mixed tabs. A contingency have prolongation to save time while operative on dozens of tabs.


Tab Mix Plus – It’s a rarely customizable appendage manager for Firefox that gives full control over your tabs. You can manage what any appendage should do when it is opened/closed or is in session. There are also choice to conduct links, events, rodent shortcuts, appendage arrangement and many more.

ShareThis – ShareThis creates it easy to quickly share any web page or web page calm over your favorite amicable network website. It has support for over 45 amicable media networks.


I don’t caring about cookies – Due to EU regulations about cookies, many websites are firm to uncover an irritating cocktail adult to endorse that a website is regulating cookies. This prolongation simply gets absolved of that pop-up and saves we that one additional click.

Gif Block – GIFs can eat adult bandwidth and delayed down page loading speed, and many websites use GIFs today. If we don’t wish GIFs to bucket though your permission, afterwards implement Gif Block. It will automatically retard GIFs.

URL Fixer – URL Fixer solves one of a biggest browsing problems, URL typos. It will automatically repair many common URL typos and let we entrance a right website. You can supplement your possess typo corrections and even configure it to ask before regulating a URL.

AutoCopy – As a name suggests, AutoCopy automatically copies anything we highlight in Firefox to a clipboard. You can afterwards use a center rodent click to pulp it. A unequivocally accessible prolongation if we need to copy/paste often.


Better Gmail 2 – This appendage adds few useful facilities to Gmail to make it easier and faster to conduct your Gmail account. Some of a facilities include, unread messages count in appendage favicon, connection icon, hierarchical labels, and censor spam and chat, etc.

Grammarly – Grammarly automatically finds typos and abbreviation mistakes and lets we fast repair them. It works on many of a websites, including email services and social media websites.


Lazarus – Lazarus simply saves all form entries we make and lets we revive it in box it gets deleted due to internet problem, crash, or a server timeout. It can redeem form entries, comments, and any WYSIWYG editor content. It competence not sound unequivocally useful, though it’s usually given we haven’t faced a form pile-up yet. Just implement it, we can appreciate me later.

iMacros for Firefox – This is fundamentally an automation tool for repeated tasks. You usually need to record any charge that we need to repeat mostly and iMacros will let we finish it with a singular click whenever we need. The possibilities are limitless, though some of a things we can do include, involuntary form filling, download/uploading content, updating websites, and many more.

Amazon Assistant for Firefox – If we emporium on Amazon, afterwards this will certainly assistance save time and shop smartly. It will assistance we access daily deals, examination prices, lane orders, emanate a concept wishlist, and many more.

Amazon Assistant for FirefoxAmazon Assistant for Firefox

Gmail Manager-community – The prolongation helps we manage mixed Gmail accounts in a singular tab and perspective and control other accounts though relocating divided from a stream account. Really accessible for people with mixed Gmail accounts.

Reddit Enhancement Suite – A contingency have appendage for Reddit fanatics. Reddit Enhancement Suite adds facilities like unlimited scrolling, picture preview, keyboard shortcuts, easy switching between dual accounts, and many some-more to make it easy to use Reddit.

Reddit Enhancement SuiteReddit Enhancement Suite

Disconnect – Disconnect stops all forms of third-party tracking websites that lane and store your data. It’s not usually good for remoteness though also speeds adult browsing adult to 44% as a tracking is disabled.


Magic Actions for YouTube – This appendage adds mixed facilities to YouTube to make your knowledge faster and smoother. Some of a facilities embody AutoHD, screenshot, rating review, increase thumbnails, loop videos, censor comments/related videos, and stop autoplay.

Wikiwand – Wikiwand magically overhauls UI of Wikipedia and creates it many some-more advanced and easier on a eyes. The list of essence is on a left, and calm is many some-more transparent and easier to read.

Stylish – Stylish gives we collection to style websites a approach we want them to work. You can customize a layout, change colors, mislay content, supplement panels, and many more.

Adblock Plus – One of a best extensions to retard ads. Adblock Plus will automatically retard roughly all forms of ads we see while browsing a web, including video, audio, animation and calm ads. As ads delayed down browsing and emanate distractions, it will speed adult your browsing. Although don’t forget to whitelist websites we caring about, as ads account them to keep providing giveaway service.

Adblock PlusAdblock Plus

Similar Sites – Simply click on a Similar Sites idol in a hunt bar and this prolongation will uncover a list of websites that are identical to a one we are viewing. Talk about faster research.

Similar SitesSimilar Sites

Full Web Page Screenshots – A absolute screenshots prolongation that can take screenshots of particular tabs simultaneously and even emanate PDFs out of them. You can also revise and explain screenshots.

Morning Coffee – A unequivocally accessible prolongation to organize your favorite calm websites by days and automatically open them on a specific day. It can make it unequivocally easy to get your daily sip of web content, such as news websites or weekly columns.

Speed Dial (Lite) – Similar to Opera’s speed dial feature, this appendage offers we a speed dial UI in Firefox to save your favorite websites for quicker access. The UI is entirely customizable and we can even supplement a credentials image.

Vertical Toolbar – Simply adds a straight toolbar during a side of Firefox window where we can supplement extensions, bookmarks, and buttons for discerning access.

QuickJava – QuickJava offers by-pass buttons to fast enable/disable Javascript, cookies, images, Flash, Silverlight, Stylesheet, and proxy. If we frequently disaster with these options for confidence or bandwidth saving, afterwards this appendage will make things many faster.

LastPass – One of a best cue managers, LastPass will automatically save all your passwords and make it easier to automatically login to websites. You usually need to remember a singular master cue to conduct all your passwords.


Xmarks – A elementary prolongation to save all your bookmarks and syncs them over all your devices. If we don’t wish to rubbish time syncing and relocating bookmarks, afterwards get Xmarks and store all bookmarks in one place.


Notepad (QuickFox) – A elementary note holding appendage that focuses on holding records faster. It uses tabs blueprint to fast jot down mixed records and has facilities like spell check, automobile copy/paste, and automobile save to make note holding easy.

DownThemAll – A contingency have prolongation for any Firefox user. DownThemAll not usually helps save time by speeding adult download speed adult to 4 times though also helps stop/resume and conduct downloads in one place.

Save File to – This appendage removes a need to understanding with “Save File to” dialog. Anything we download will be directly downloaded to your predefined folder.

Save File toSave File to

ScrollAnywhere – The prolongation creates your middle rodent symbol work as a discerning squeeze and pierce symbol for a scrollbar. Just press a center rodent symbol and pierce up/down to scroll.

FireGestures – This appendage puts dozens of rodent gestures in your hand to do roughly anything in Firefox. You can pierce between tabs, pierce forward/backward, close/open tabs, re-open tabs, and a whole lot some-more usually with your mouse. You can even emanate your possess scripts if we can.


TabScope – Viewing a essence on a any appendage competence be utterly a time immoderate charge hence, this appendage creates it easier given we can preview and navigate a appendage contents by pop-up possibly in a back or brazen direction.


FlashGot – This appendage helps maximizes your download speed. It is light-weight, arguable and among a many renouned download manager.


Firebug – This appendage substantially doesn’t need any introduction. For web designers and developers, this is a must-have.


FireFTP – This is a secure, cranky height FTP apparatus for Mozilla. If you are a fan of opening too many apps, afterwards this appendage is for you.



All these Firefox add-ons will make your work easier and get things finished faster. Tab government is substantially a best approach to save time and work con free, and I’ll suggest we to check out Tab Mix Plus for this as it’s astonishingly functional.

If there are any other time-saving Firefox add-ons that we use, share with us in a comments.

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