40 Best Free Thumb Drive Applications (2018)

Thumb drives are one of a many critical and useful mechanism accessories you’ll ever find. These tiny inclination are not usually used to lift your data, we can use them for a lot of other functions and that includes running portable apps, and even an whole handling system.

So in this post, we am inventory down 40 free and useful ride expostulate applications. These apps operation from unstable web browsers, mechanism games, cybersecurity, and information behind adult and sync solutions detached from many others. Let’s check them out.


PortableApps.com is a height to use all your favorites apps from a unstable device or a cloud, on any computer. This height comes with an inbuilt app store to install, segregate, and refurbish a apps.

In a store, we get access to 300+ apps from a operation of categories like development, graphics, office, etc.



LiberKey is a PortableApp.com-like height that boasts of 290+ applications. These apps are unstable so that we can use them on mixed inclination as well. What we found engaging is that all apps are automatically updated and synchronized with LiberKey.

It avails three suites with opposite apps – Basic, Standard, and Ultimate.


Lupo PenSuite

Lupo PenSuite contains over 160 applications including games that are both giveaway and portable. The program is user-friendly and can be personalized as good as translated into 28 opposite languages.

Lupo PenSuite avails 3 versions – Full, Lite, and Zero, that differ in a accessibility of apps and customization features.


EaseUS Flash/Pen Drive Repair Tool

EaseUS Flash/Pen Drive Repair Tool aids we during repairing coop drives and accessible drives or memory sticks and recovers a information stored on them as well. This focus is giveaway to use, has an discerning interface, and works on both PC and Mac.


USB Flash Drive Format Tool

USB Flash Drive Format Tool helps to format inclination like coop drives and SD cards and cleans them including any antagonistic software, pop-up ads, etc.

This app differs from a unchanging formatting apparatus offering by Windows since it can also erase information securely and format those inclination as good that can't be formatted otherwise.

USB Disk Storage Format Tool

USB Disk Storage Format Tool, like a above tool, can be used to format USB storage devices – both now and efficiently. It removes all information including antagonistic software, creates volume labels, and also scans a drives for errors while formatting.

This app is giveaway to use though can be used on Windows PC only.



ClamWin is an antivirus program formed on ClamAV for Windows. It is giveaway to use and has high showing rates in annoy of being a freeware utility.

What we favourite is, it comes with a Scanner Scheduler to devise a scans and an add-in for Microsoft Outlook to detect virus-infected attachments. It is automatically updated frequently as well.


Malwarebytes is a illusory cybersecurity solution that boasts of fit showing and specialized insurance opposite ransomware. This app provides anti-malware as good as anti-spyware technology with a quick response rate.

Malwarebytes comes with a giveaway hearing offer and works on mixed platforms including Windows and macOS.


Spybot Search Destroy

Spybot Search Destroy detects and removes antagonistic calm and spyware by scanning your system. What we found engaging is, it has an ‘Immunization’ feature, that preemptively protects a web browsers as well.

It is wholly giveaway to use, distinct Malwarebytes, and can be used by anyone on Windows.



TDSSKiller is an focus that intercepts rootkits, that in spin censor a participation of malware in a system. The focus disinfects your system, after that we can use anti-malware tools. It is easy to download and can be used on Windows.



Toucan is a focus app that synchronizes, backs up, and protects your data. The interface is separate into 7 sections so that we can simply find and select a compulsory function. It is a unstable apparatus and only concordant with Windows.


Allway Sync

Allway Sync is a information synchronization app to sync information between desktops and laptops, USB drives and FTP/SFTP and WebDAV servers. Though it works on Windows, nonetheless we can also sync your data with macOS regulating a messenger app.

It also avails encryption and information focus facilities though comes with certain limitations.



GoodSync2Go is another data synchronization app that works directly on any unstable device (like peep drives) to sync information between computers. You can bond a expostulate to mixed systems to synchronize data. However, it is giveaway to use for usually 30 days.



Plug2Sync is an all-in-one focus that facilities record synchronization and backup between mixed inclination that powered by Windows. However, a giveaway chronicle permits information synchronization of usually a default Windows folders such as My Documents.

You can also use this apparatus to sync bookmarks, favorites, and Outlook.

Darik’s Boot and Nuke

Darik’s Boot and Nuke is a powerful, open-source apparatus to undo information on tough disks of desktops, laptops, or servers. It also detects viruses and spyware on Windows-powered devices. Amazingly, in annoy of being freeware, it offers 6 deletion standards.



Eraser is another information deletion focus that erases a tough hoop wholly and firmly by overwriting a expostulate mixed times regulating opposite patterns. It is giveaway to use, like Darik’s Boot and Nuke, to urge your remoteness though can be used on Windows only.



CCleaner is my favorite optimization apparatus that allows we to personalize and purify adult your complement in some clicks. It can erase browser story and proxy files, assistance configure startup applications, purify and tweak registry, uninstall apps, and more.



Recuva is a file liberation apparatus from a group behind CCleaner. It helps redeem mislaid or deleted files from your computer, song players, or a digital camera’s memory card. What we found engaging is, it can redeem buried files – even from shop-worn disks.

Moreover, it serve helps to delete files on Windows securely.


RecoveRx is a information liberation tool, like Recuva, that aids in restoring erased files from many digital devices such as players, ride drives, outmost tough drives, etc. You can also use this app to format drives, though it is concordant with usually Windows.


Disk Drill

Disk Drill is a record liberation apparatus that helps to redeem files of all formats – possibly by scanning regulating options like Quick Scan and Deep Scan or reconstructing a deleted files.

This app has a comprehensive filter system, regulating which, we can locate mislaid information around record name, size, extension, origination or alteration dates, etc.


Wise Data Recovery

Another information liberation application, Wise Data Recovery helps we to get back deleted or formatted files from internal as good as outmost drives. The apparatus supports many forms of information including documents, photos, and videos, etc. and works on Windows.



DataRecovery helps we to redeem deleted files on your Windows PC. You can redeem files from hard hoop or unstable peep expostulate and tough drive. However, this focus is not concordant with all complement configurations, like many information liberation tools.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a quick and secure web browser. It comes with built-in malware insurance and involuntary refurbish underline to yield a latest confidence fixes. Luckily, it can be used as a unstable tool, though some facilities like certificates and saved passwords are sealed to a computer, so can't be used opposite several machines.


Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is a efficient and user-friendly web browser that is built with mixed privacy-protection facilities such as pop-up blocker, modernized remoteness and tracking protection, involuntary updates, etc.

It works portable, like Google Chrome, so we can take your favorite browser along with a bookmarks and a extensions.



CintaNotes is a simple note-keeping application. The records can be highlighted and copied quickly, interjection to keyboard shortcuts. The records can also be corroborated up, divided into sections, tagged hierarchically, and protected with a cue as well.

Foxit Reader

Foxit Reader enables we to perspective PDFs on a go. You can open, view, edit, annotate, sign, and imitation a PDF file. It also protects your inclination opposite viruses with a decent confidence features. Lastly, it is an easy-to-use apparatus though works on Windows alone.



LibreOffice is a user-friendly bureau suite. It comes with Writer to emanate documents, Calc to work on spreadsheets, Impress to emanate presentations, Draw for flowcharts and matrix graphics, Math for operative on formulas, and Base for databases.


VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is a powerful and unstable media actor that supports many formats such as MPEG-1/2/4, MP3, Xvid, WMV, etc. It is also concordant with DVDs and VCDs. Its unstable chronicle is giveaway to use, though it can be used on usually Windows.


KeePass Password Safe

KeePass is a giveaway and user-friendly cue manager. This app manages and stores your passwords for opposite applications and services. The passwords are cumulative regulating a master key, that becomes a usually cue we need to remember.

The unstable chronicle of this app is concordant with Windows, like many collection on this list.


Revo Uninstaller

Revo Uninstaller works as a complete and fit program uninstaller. It allows we uninstall realistic apps, removes junk files, transparent browser history, etc. It can also mislay mixed programs in a batch. It is unstable and works on Windows alone.


Windows Sysinternals

Windows Sysinternals allows we to hoop complement utilities and technical issues by troubleshooting and diagnosing Windows including a several apps and tools. What we favourite is, it comes with a ‘Sysinternals Live’ underline that allows we to directly execute collection from a Internet but a need to manually download a same.


FileASSASSIN deletes any record in your mechanism including sealed or complement ones. Thus it helps to exterminate files put in place by a malware infection. The usually downside is, it might even undo an critical complement file, so we contingency be cautious while regulating it.



AppCrashView allows we to view information per focus crashes that start in Windows PCs. This focus is giveaway to use and reads information from files combined by a Windows Error Reporting. This focus is concordant usually with Windows.


Slax Linux

Slax Linux is a small, efficient, and portable handling system that can be used but designation directly from a peep or unstable tough hoop drive. It comes with compulsory programs, and we can serve extend it by adding some-more collection as required.


Elive Linux

Elive Linux is a fast and fast handling system, that works on even a oldest computers. It can be run directly but any designation by a coop drive. It is user-friendly, has a dynamic interface, and offers countless bland tools.


Porteus Linux

Porteus Linux boasts of being a high-speed handling complement that is optimized to run around a USB peep drive, CD, or a memory card. Porteus requires usually 300 MB of storage, supports mixed languages, and brings many essential apps and tools.


wattOS Linux

wattOS Linux is a giveaway and easy-to-use handling system. It has an fit interface that works on low-resource systems, and so brings behind life in aged machines.

It works by ride expostulate as good and facilities graphics, multimedia, and web tools.

Paragon Rescue Kit Free

Paragon Rescue Kit Free can revitalise files and backup or restore information when a complement is putrescent or mislaid to a virus or a crash. It has a elementary interface, supports Windows, and brings collection like foot inspector, network configurator, assign undeleter, etc.


Lazesoft Recovery Suite Free

Lazesoft Recovery Suite Free is a information as good as system liberation toolkit, that can be used to rescue deleted files or repair a complement after it gets crashed.

This app works for Windows and proves useful when we need to repair a complement instantly.


Gandalf’s Windows 8.1 U1 PE 1.0

Gandalf’s Windows 8.1 U1 PE 1.0 is a pre-built Windows PE that has tons of useful and focus apps such as internet browsers, media players, anti-malware tools, etc. It is a portable apparatus that can be commissioned on a peep drive or a unstable tough drive.


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