4 New Gboard Features Coming to You Soon

Google’s Gboard, one of a handiest mobile keyboards available, is removing a new beta version. As is a box with many of a beta chronicle of applications, this means that Gboard will be removing some cold new features. Here’s a list of 5 new features that are now accessible for a beta chronicle of Gboard 6.1.

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1. Google Translate integration

The initial vital underline that has been implemented to Gboards is Google Translate integration. In sequence to entrance this feature, all we need to do is tap on a Google symbol and demeanour for a “Google Translate” icon.

select languageselect language

From there, set your source denunciation and a denunciation we wish a content to be translated to. Once that’s done, form your sentence/message/note into a supposing content box. The content that is entered into a content box would afterwards be translated and extrinsic into a comparison content field.

While a underline is handy, do note that a Gboard chronicle of Google Translate does not have support for all languages only nonetheless (Japanese and Korean languages are blank as of a time of writing). In addition, as this underline uses Google Translate, do keep in mind that a translations might not be a many accurate.

translate languagetranslate language

2. Expanded thesis selector

Gboard’s Theme underline has also been stretched upon. With a Beta, Google has introduced a code new thesis selector that separates several categories into opposite rows.

In further to a new thesis selector, Google has also introduced something called “Landscapes” to Gboard. These Landscapes are radically skins that we can request on your Gboard. There are now 10 Landscapes accessible by default, but some-more might be combined as time goes on.

theme selectiontheme selection

3. Emoji prediction

Remember that Emoji Search ability that Google implemented in Gboard a few chronicle ago? Well, expanding on that sold feature, Google has now given Gboard the ability to envision emojis. Now, whenever we form out a word that has a analogous emoji, Google may give we a choice to insert a emoji directly from a suggestions box.

emoji predictionemoji prediction

4. Suggestions can now be downloaded

Unlike a other facilities mentioned above, this is a underline that is implemented “behind-the-scenes” so to speak. With a Beta update, Gboards will now download a tiny library of suggestions to your device. Now, whenever we daub on a Google button, Gboard will automatically give we some hunt suggestions that we can use.

If you’re meddlesome in perplexing out a Gboard 6.1 for yourself, we can select to opt into a Beta around this link.

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