35 Useful Android Apps for Power Users (2017)

Android, with all a pattern attract and palliate of use, is one of a many absolute platforms for mobile devices. However, in sequence to use your Android device to a full potential, you need a right kind of apps.

There are certain apps that assistance your Android device benefit some-more energy and speed, enable new features, and give it a customized look and feel a approach we want.

Alright, let’s check out a list of some awesome, neat, featureful apps designed privately for a energy user in we and assistance we to do more.


APKUpdater is a large tool to refurbish your apps even if your device doesn’t support Play Store or if you’ve sideloaded a apps regulating their APKs. This app checks for updates for all commissioned apps from time to time by acid mixed app stores. And so simplifies a altogether charge of updating commissioned apps for a energy users.


MacroDroid – Device Automation

MacroDroid is an automation tool that helps run macros in your device. These macros work by themselves given a situations and we get your things finished magically.

For example, your phone can speak out incoming notifications to we if a headphone is plugged in. The app offers several built-in and user-created templates to quick get your work done, and we can even revise these templates to fit your needs.

MacroDroid - Device AutomationMacroDroid - Device Automation

Resilio Sync

Resilio Sync is an awesome app for syncing data between your inclination though any Internet connection. It works identical to SHAREit though adds auto-sync underline on top. The app supports syncing files between your Android and your PC, Mac, NAS and even some server, and encrypts all transfers for best protection.

Resilio SyncResilio Sync

Viper4Android FX

Equipped with rarely modernized bass, clarity and benefit boost controls; Viper4Android FX enhances your audio knowledge like never before. Its pre-installed 10-band glow equalizer provides a organisation grasp on adjusting a outlay sound for opposite devices.

Also, a “Auditory System Protection” underline protects we from ill effects of complicated drum and high volume.

Viper4Android FXViper4Android FX

3C Toolbox

3C Toolbox is a “swiss army knife” of collection and utilities, mixing countless facilities into a complicated nonetheless easy-to-learn interface. Besides charity collection like task manager, record path-finder complement and battery manager, it monitors a Android complement including processes, battery, etc.

Moreover, it helps we to run custom scripts and switch complement components easily.

3C Toolbox3C Toolbox


Servicely is a use terminator, that we can use to name and kill nonessential tasks and services regulating in a background. It’s as elementary as to name a apps and press a symbol to cancel a tasks automatically. The app helps we to free adult resources, so improving a performance, saving a battery extract and boosting your Android experience.



Unclouded helps we explore, analyze, conduct and clean device as good as cloud storages. You can check a changes finished to a files along with storage statistics display a files and folders utilizing complicated space on your device. That’s not all, this app supports several cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box and MEGA.


NOVA Launcher

As a name suggests, it’s fundamentally a launcher that helps to customize a homescreen, app icons, layouts, animations and more. You can control colors for labels, folders, tabs and backgrounds and most some-more to make it your own. The app performs faster than some others and offers countless presets, idol themes and widgets.

NOVA LauncherNOVA Launcher


As a name suggests, Coolify helps cool your device, that is unequivocally useful after personification hi-fi, abounding graphics games. It optimizes a apps regulating a built-in tweaks and scripts and enables improved performance of device’s hardware. Moreover, a app also controls a regulating applications and so tries to keep a device during normal temperatures.



Automate is an automation app and scripter, that lets we automate roughly all a tasks on your Android like configuring settings, toggling hardware, etc. You can even send texts and emails per your preferences of time and location, all regulating this easy-to-use application. The automation works by formulating visual flowcharts as shown below.


SD Maid

SD Maid includes several app and record government tools, that help to neat your Android device, creation it purify and fast. The app auto-initiates a complement indicate and deletes logs, pile-up reports and other invalid files that devour avoidable space.

Apart from that, it facilities database optimizer, hoop space analyzer, duplicator finder, etc. in a nice, purify interface.

SD MaidSD Maid


AFWall+ is a simple, useful apparatus to manage network access. That means, we can concede and shorten applications from accessing a device’s 4G/3G/2G/Wi-Fi networks. The app can also manage a network traffic of any VPN or LAN along with default networks. You can emanate profiles, set tradition preferences, lock a app and do lot more.



Flynx is a productivity app that helps to open mixed articles or links in a credentials from all renouned apps on your Android device. It automatically loads them in a credentials and shows floating icons for them like Messenger’s Chat Heads. The app keeps we from watchful for links to load, and also lets we get behind to them anytime.



Pushbullet has an integrated interface from where we can send and accept messages from renouned apps like WhatsApp, Kik and Facebook Messenger. You can even share critical links and files among your friends or other devices. Additionally, it allows promulgation and receiving text messages (SMS) directly by your computer.


Dumpster Photo Video Restore

Dumpster is an modernized “recycle bin” that allows users to restore or undelete their incidentally deleted files. Besides the effortless replacement feature, it’s versed with an “Auto Clean” choice and a premium cloud storage facility. Also, it offers a “Lock Screen” choice to capacitate secure entrance to all your personal and critical files.

Dumpster Photo and Video RestoreDumpster Photo and Video Restore

ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer is an effective and entirely featured record manager that helps we investigate and entrance a filesystem. It supports roughly all record government actions and several storages including cloud storages, FTP, etc.

Moreover, it offers a “Wi-Fi File Transfer” underline to share files between wirelessly connected inclination for free, and a “Remote File Manager” underline helps we manage phone’s files from a computer.

ES File ExplorerES File Explorer


Root Explorer is a superb record manager for energy users, giving them a energy to entrance and control a filesystem. It’s versed with useful facilities like support for Google Drive, Box and other clouds, SQLite DB viewer, and an archive manager. That’s not all, it has most some-more to offer including an choice to share files around email, Bluetooth, etc.

Root ExplorerRoot Explorer

Smart Booster – Free Cleaner

Smart Booster works gradually to boost adult a RAM on your Android device. Just a singular click can purify all a cached information from your phone’s memory, creation it giveaway for other apps.

Additionally, it is a good application manager that not usually optimizes your device though can also indicate and purify all a junk combined by a commissioned apps.

Smart BoosterSmart Booster

System Monitor Lite

System Monitor is an intelligent app that provides real-time statistics about your Android and a internals regulating pleasing animations and graphs. You can monitor your device’s CPU, input/output, RAM, networks, apps and a battery life. These bucket statistics infer useful to know a commissioned apps and optimize performance.


Better Open With

Better Open With provides a trickery of selecting additional app handlers than a default ones to open or run a sold record or couple on your device. It was primarily combined to impersonate a Android’s “Complete movement using” dialog with its possess customized screen that pops adult with all a accessible and configured app handlers in a device.

Better Open WithBetter Open With

DiskDigger Photo Recovery

DiskDigger is a backup apparatus that can undelete or restore incidentally deleted photos and images. Using this app, we can also directly upload a recovered files to your Google Drive or Dropbox and can even mail them within seconds. It works on non-rooted inclination though in a singular mode for photos only, though with base access, it searches for videos too.



LiveBoot is a boot animation app that displays a ongoing complement outlay on your device’s shade when your phone is booting up. Normally, your manufacturer’s trademark is shown during a time of foot though this app changes that.

You can configure a background, hang lines or tone format a output, and moreover, we can also exam a app though rebooting.


Rec. (Screen recorder)

Rec. is an extraordinary shade recording tool inculcated with stretchable and configurable shade recording capabilities for Android. Its pro chronicle boasts of an efficiency of recording a shade adult to 1 hour along with audio (via mic). It can also record a shade touches and stops simply on jolt a device or switching a shade off.

Rec (Screen recorder)Rec (Screen recorder)

Root Call Blocker

This app is a really powerful call, SMS and MMS blocker privately designed for a base users. It simply blocks messages even if it’s not a default messaging app, distinct other solutions out there. For calls, it prevents a phone from toll and supports rejecting, ignoring and unresolved up a incoming calls formed on your preferences.

Root Call BlockerRoot Call Blocker

GMD GestureControl

GMD GestureControl app lets we control your Android device with multi-touch and multitasking gestures like that on a iPad. You can also customize a gestures and use them for custom actions per your requirements. Moreover, we can hide your complement bar to suffer a full-screen mode for games, cinema or any other app regulating this application.

GMD GestureControlGMD GestureControl


DriveDroid lets we run several Linux distros by your Android device. The app allows we to foot your PC from ISO/IMG files stored on your secure device. It also includes a download menu to download a USB images of distros such as openSUSE, Arch Linux, Ubuntu, Mint, and Fedora. And we can even create vacant images if required.



Using BetterBatteryStats, we can simply analyze a apps that empty your phone’s battery. It suggests visual actions to invalidate or cancel such apps for improving and saving a battery life. Moreover, it also measures a impact of illusive actions and helps we do a select a best options to boost your device’s battery.


Speed Up Swap

Speed Up Swap is a small, absolute app that lets your Android device use a memory some-more efficiently. That means, it will not only speed adult your device though also improve a responsiveness though a need of upgrading your phone. Please remember, however, that messing adult with this app can outcome into terrible results.

Speed Up SwapSpeed Up Swap

Total Commander

Total Commander is a handy record manager like ES File Explorer. Using this app, we can make directories, change permissions, drag and dump files, and search, undo and even share them around Bluetooth. It also offers elementary utilities like content editor, file searcher, repository manager, FTP/SFTP client, cloud manager and many some-more in a singular app.

Total CommanderTotal Commander

Build Prop Editor

Build Prop Editor lets we edit your system’s properties files like “build.prop” with an intelligent formula editor carrying syntax highlighter. It’s a plain elementary app to make modernized changes in your system regulating a properties files, and to save we from hassles, it also creates an auto-backup before creation changes to equivocate illusive issues.

Build Prop EditorBuild Prop Editor

Wakelock Detector

Wakelock Detector checks a wakelock usage, and so determines a battery removal apps commissioned in your device. The app tells we that apps hold your device’s shade on and means battery issues. You can simply invalidate those apps or mislay them to save a battery life and boost a performance.

Wakelock DetectorWakelock Detector

DNS Changer

DNS Changer is one of a kind application for modernized users that allows changing DNS entries on your device. The app lets we change DNS for both mobile information and Wi-Fi networks, and even works for both secure and unrooted Android devices. Also, this app packs in a facilities in a neat and complicated interface.

DNS ChangerDNS Changer

GLTools (gfx optimizer)

GLTools provides finish control over your phone’s resolution, shaders and textures. It means that we can decompress, recompress or can even resize textures anytime even if your phone doesn’t support that format. You can even capacitate an FPS counter on your shade and MSAA or CSAA in a apps to raise graphics quality.


Quick Reboot

If we are fed adult of regulating ADB or depot to reboot in several modernized modes, afterwards Quick Reboot can assistance you. Equipped with a lot of modernized reboot options and facilities like protected mode, normal reboot, quick reboot (UI or apps), reboot to liberation or bootloader and restart SystemUI; this app creates your knowledge smoother than ever.

Quick RebootQuick Reboot

Log Viewer

Log Viewer is a elementary and lightweight app for viewing content or record files. The app is really useful for budding developers who wish to see a logs of their possess app directly on a Android device. And it also helps non-devs to check out logs of any crashed app and news a issue, and it allows searching, environment font and some-more customization.

Log ViewerLog Viewer

That’s all about a countless useful Android apps for a “power user” in you. Please use these apps cautiously as many of these need a secure phone and tampering with such applications may means critical repairs to your device, if not taken correct care.

Which is your favorite app among these? Do we use any other app for utilizing a full intensity of a Android platform? Please share with us regulating a comments.

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