30+ Tools To Enhance Your Flickr Experience

Being a popular online design platform, Flickr is a series for print pity and government and it has a outrageous village of photographers who showcase their work a universe to see.

And so to assistance we make a many of Flickr’s extraordinary platform, there are a series of collection that can supplement a lot to your experience. So, no matter we are a infrequent user or a unchanging one, here are 30+ collection to raise your Flickr experience.

Note: This post was creatively published in Oct 2008 and has been updated in May 2018 as all a non-working apps have been private and new apps have been added.

Flickr Uploadr

A useful apparatus to backup your print collections from your computer, tough drives, iPhoto or Dropbox, Flickr Uploadr is accessible for Windows 7, 8.x, and 10.

Flickr UploadrFlickr Uploadr
Aperture for Flickr

Export your photos right from Aperture into Flickr with this extraordinary Aperture for Flickr tool. It creates it unequivocally easy to do posting on Flickr as partial of your bland workflow.

Aperture for FlickrAperture for Flickr

Another uploader in a list, jUploadr is a cross-platform, cross-site print uploader that supports Flickr. You can collection revise your photos and set all properties of your images before uploading. jUploadr is accessible for Windows Linux and OS X.

Flickr Mobile

It is a central Flickr mobile app to upload, share and entrance photos on a go. It allows we to upload photos in HD, edit, request filters, resize, stand or flip your photos before uploading. Flickr’s mobile app is giveaway and serves as a gateway to a rest of a site. The app is accessible for both iOS and Android.

Flickr Commons Map

A apparatus that shows we a many recently uploaded photos for any displayed map area, Flickr Commons Map allows we to collect a city, city or area you’re meddlesome in and you’ll be means to drill down to see how many photos are accessible from that location.

Flickr Commons MapFlickr Commons Map

Glimmr is a apparatus for visit Flickr users with a beautiful interface, support for Flickr groups, commenting on photos, and perspective EXIF and plcae data. Though we can’t upload or classify your photos by this app, however, it’s a good apparatus for browsing Flickr photos.


Want to download some open photos from Flickr? Try Flump. It is a elementary focus to download all of a open photos of a specific Flickr comment easily.


A useful print organizer apparatus for internal as good as Flickr photos, Phlogre enables we to arrange your photos with name or tab and upload them to Flickr. Phlogre can be a good surrogate for a central Flickr Uploadr.

Flickr Hive Mind

Flickr Hive Mind is indeed a data mining apparatus for a Flickr photos database. You can hunt by metadata tags, groups, users, contacts, and favorites etc.

Flickr Hive MindFlickr Hive Mind
Desktop Flickr Organizer for Gnome

Yet another print organizer for Flickr, with this app we can manage your photos in online/offline mode. It has an easy-to-use-interface where we can upload, hunt and download photos.

Desktop Flickr Organizer for GnomeDesktop Flickr Organizer for Gnome
dFlickr: Delphi API Kit for Flickr

dFlickr has many functions of a Flickr API. It gives we a required classes to access users, photos, photosets, groups, pools, and blogs in Flickr.

dFlickr: Delphi API Kit for FlickrdFlickr: Delphi API Kit for Flickr

FlickrFaves is a tiny focus for downloading high-resolution versions of your Flickr favorites to your tough drive. FlickrFaves is a cross-platform focus combined in Java.


Gnickr allows we to conduct photos on your Flickr site as if they were internal files on your Gnome desktop. It does this by formulating a Flickr practical filesystem.

Foldr Monitr

Foldr Monitr is a free apparatus that runs in a credentials and watches a comparison folder (and optionally subfolders) watchful for we to supplement photos to it. When photos seem in a folder, Foldr Monitr automatically uploads them to your Flickr comment for you.


Compfight is a good new apparatus that uses Flickr’s API to hunt a database of photos and afterwards feeds behind a formula as live clickable thumbnails.


Flickerstorm is a new approach to hunt by Flickr photos. You can simply hunt by photos by entering a theme or topic. Flickrstorm will lift adult applicable print thumbnails by that we can scroll.


Picturesandbox.com uses a Flickr hunt APIs to lapse images by all users on Flickr.


Flickriver is an new approach to explore and perspective Flickr photographs. Flickriver has many additional Flickr print views – user new photos, favorites, sets, user and everyone’s photos by tag.


The many engaging underline of this apparatus is a ability to refine your hunt by expelling tags. When we click on a tag, flickr earnings that tag’s list of associated tags. Findr afterwards compares that list with a prior list(s) of tags and displays a intersection.


Picsviewr provides a far-reaching accumulation of slideshows (currently 7) for viewing your Flickr photos with some-more flexibility. Every Flickr user has a slideshow here. There is no need to emanate an comment or configure anything and your preferences are saved.


flickrSLiDR allows we to simply hide a classical flickr slideshows on your website or blog. All we need to do is enter a flickr URL residence of a user, print set or organisation we would like to embed along with some options. You’ll accept a HTML hide formula in return.

Multicolr Search Lab

With a Multicolr Search Lab, we can crop by 10 million of Flickr’s many engaging Creative Commons images, and find ones that share a same colours. Choose adult to 10 colours from a palette of 120 opposite shades.

Colr Pickr

ColrPickr uses a tone circle that is used to find Flickr photos on a basement of color. Choose from a set of design themes, e.g. flowers, graffiti, doors and windows, textures and civic decay, among others, to set your color.

Flickr Logo Makr

Flickr Logo Makr allows we to make flickr character logo.

Spell With Flickr

Spell with Flickr is a fun small module that invites users to type in whatever they wish to, afterwards matches any minute of that word with minute pictures true from Flickr.


A flickr diversion to theory a tab of a photo.

Tagman Flickr

TagMan is a diversion that combines a classical hangman diversion with tags. Tags are used to tab a theme or difficulty of blog posts, photos and other equipment on a web.


A nice, elementary Ajax app that will spit out a garland of print wallpapers from Flickr’s Wallpapers pool on command. Type to hunt for wallpapers regulating keywords of your interest, we will get formula as thumbnails in Wallpaper.

Color Hunter

Color Hunter is a place to find and make tone palettes combined from images. When we hunt for tone palettes by tag, ColorHunter.com searches Flickr.com around Flickr’s API for images labeled with a tab we entered. The thumbnails of a Flickr images are used to emanate a tone palette.

Flickr Graph

Flickr Graph is an focus that explores a amicable relations inside flickr.com. It creates use of a classical attraction-repulsion algorithm for graphs.

Flickr Finder (Mac only)

Flickr Finder is a Mac-only focus that lets we crop Flickr photos but a browser. The interface is identical to a Mac Finder.

earth album

earth manuscript is a simpler, slicker Flickr mash-up that allows we to try some of a many overwhelming photos in a universe pleasantness of Google maps and Flickr.


Gickr.com lets we now emanate Animated GIF online, free, by grabbing photos from your Flickr.


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