30 Templates & Vector Kits to Design Your Own Infographic

Infographics are one of a best ways to benefaction information in graphical or impressive form. For a designer, though, infographics meant formulating hundreds of large and tiny elements like icons, charts, graphs, and buttons etc. However, instead of formulating all these elements from scratch, infographic designers keep templates and striking kits in their repository.

So, for all my engineer fellows, here are 30 high-quality templates and matrix kits that can assistance we pattern overwhelming infographics. Dig into a following collection and see if there’s something that can come in handy for your subsequent infographics project.

Weekdone Infographics

This cold orange infographics container contains 12 singular components, including pie chart, graphs, map (area chart), and timeline. It’s accessible in both dim and light versions.

Weekdone InfographicsWeekdone Infographics
Modern Vector Infographics Pack

This cold prosaic matrix container allows we to emanate purify minimalist infographics with a map, triangle, timeline, and more. The container has 5 infographic templates and 16 icons in AI, PNG, PSD, SVG and EPS formats.

Modern Vector Infographics PackModern Vector Infographics Pack
Free Flat Infographic Elements

This pinkish container consists of opposite elements permitting we to emanate a demographic infographic. It facilities graphs, charts, icons, cake charts with percentages.

Free Flat Infographic ElementsFree Flat Infographic Elements
Infographic Elements Pack

This splendid clear infographic elements container has all we might ever need. It has icons, timeline, map, charts, line graph, histogram, bar charts, and more.

Infographic Elements PackInfographic Elements Pack
Four Color Infographics Kit

This four tone infographics kit includes dual kinds of content blocks and numbers. You can use it to explain any information step-by-step.

Four Color Infographics KitFour Color Infographics Kit
Free Vector Information Graphic Kit

This infographic container will be useful for cognisance of your projects. You can change any element, like color and distance to fit your needs.

Free Vector Information Graphic KitFree Vector Information Graphic Kit
Financial Information Graphic Elements

This financial infographic container has dots map, income bookmarks, and bar chart. It’s accessible in 3 formats: SVG, EPS, and PDF.

Financial Information Graphic ElementsFinancial Information Graphic Elements
Universal Subtle Infographic Elements

This pointed infographics container is an extraordinary choice when it comes to visualizing your data. It has color pallet, cake charts, bar charts, a map, badge titles, and swell bars.

Universal Subtle Infographic ElementsUniversal Subtle Infographic Elements
Vector Infographic Elements

This infographic container to create your possess display or statistical projects for business or investigate purposes. It has all kind of elements we might need to showcase your information.

Vector Infographic ElementsVector Infographic Elements
Best Options Chart

This infographics elements container has all required things to review several options. So, if we need to visualize and review any data, use this giveaway kit.

Best Options ChartBest Options Chart
Useful Infographic elements in Flat Design

This infographic container has green, grey, and blue elements to combinate. These elements will assistance we illustrate opposite options regulating arrows, circle, and even a bulb.

Useful Infographic elements in Flat DesignUseful Infographic elements in Flat Design
Free Vector Infographic Elements

This orange and red infographics container has opposite elements such as pie chart, graphs, percentages, nod card, poster, and label.

Free Vector Infographic ElementsFree Vector Infographic Elements
Ecology Infographic

This pattern elements container allows we to emanate extraordinary infographics associated to ecology, nature, environment, transport, solar energy and more.

Ecology InfographicEcology Infographic
Business Infographics Vector Elements

This business infographic container consists of flat pattern icons with prolonged shadows, colorful cake charts, graphs, and bar charts.

Business Infographics Vector ElementsBusiness Infographics Vector Elements
Free Vector Infographic Design

This infographic kit has opposite round icons connected to any other. You can put your logos, icons, and content there.

Free Vector Infographic DesignFree Vector Infographic Design
Free Flat Chart Infographic Vector

This infographic container can be used for SEO, amicable media, digital marketing, science, and internet technologies industry.

Free Flat Chart Infographic VectorFree Flat Chart Infographic Vector
Timeline Infographic Vectors

This pattern elements container consists of opposite icons, arrows, and charts that would be a ideal for formulating demographic infographic or a timeline of growth of something.

Timeline Infographic VectorsTimeline Infographic Vectors
Infographics Chart Design Elements 4

This cold infographic container has opposite pattern elements suitable for business and demographic topics, such as bar chart, graphs, icons, map of a world, and creation icons etc.

Infographics  Chart Design Elements 4Infographics  Chart Design Elements 4
Education Infographics in Flat Design

This extraordinary preparation prosaic pattern container will assistance we to emanate a helpful infographic for propagandize children and students.

Education Infographics in Flat DesignEducation Infographics in Flat Design
Free Infographic Diagram Vector Background

This infographic container contains cake draft and content blocks we can emanate an infographic to showcase a commission of something, for example, how many women and group work in a sold industry.

Free Infographic Diagram Vector BackgroundFree Infographic Diagram Vector Background
Infographic Template Design

This lovable illustrated businessman is surrounded by opposite icons that we can change on your possess icons and text.

Infographic Template DesignInfographic Template Design
Free Pie Chart Infographic Element

These cake draft pattern elements can be used for any kind of infographic. These cake charts demeanour like pre-loaders of opposite types.

Free Pie Chart Infographic ElementFree Pie Chart Infographic Element
Infographic Desktop

This pattern elements container consists of desktop painting and colorful content block that can be used for business infographic.

Infographic DesktopInfographic Desktop
Infographic Vector Elements Vol2

This extraordinary infographic container includes pyramid bar chart, a map, a bar chart, a cake draft and content blocks. It has all we need to emanate an ominous infographic on any topic.

Infographic Vector Elements Vol2Infographic Vector Elements Vol2
Free Infographic Vector Templates

These outrageous pattern container enclose a many renouned infographic elements such as map, tellurian infographics, timelines, cake charts, line charts and most more.

Free Infographic Vector TemplatesFree Infographic Vector Templates
Infographic Vector Templates

This infographic matrix container contains a elements we need to emanate high-quality SWOT investigate and line pattern cake chart.

Infographic Vector TemplatesInfographic Vector Templates
Flat Infographic Banners Set

This pattern elements kit contains 4 clear colorful content banners we can use for your destiny infographic. You can use opposite numbers, titles, icons, and colors.

Flat Infographic Banners SetFlat Infographic Banners Set
Free Vector Infographic Elements

This matrix pattern container has timeline, cake chart, bar chart, and graphs. It will be a ideal resolution for any kind of news infographic.

Free Vector Infographic ElementsFree Vector Infographic Elements
Five Research Charts Templates Set

This pattern elements container will be a good choice for business. It has 5 opposite investigate charts and content blocks to showcase several options.

Five Research Charts Templates SetFive Research Charts Templates Set
Modern Economy Infographics

This good prosaic pattern container allows we to emanate a bank, economy, or financial infographic. It has a bank, ATM, computer, and money icons along with content blocks and arrows.

Modern Economy InfographicsModern Economy Infographics

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