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A slideshow, also famous as a slider or a carousel, is a shining process to smoke-stack and arrangement a array of equipment (usually images) in a website, quite where space is a constraint. It is also ordinarily used by webmasters and bloggers to showcase portfolios, artwork, products, latest posts, etc. It saves time and good draws a visitor’s attention.

In WordPress, installing and adding slideshows to posts can be finished in a breeze, interjection to a excellent work of developers in a WordPress community. We’ve ran by all a WordPress slideshow plugins we can presumably find and gathered them this list of best 25 giveaway WordPress slideshow plugins.

If we are looking for some-more options:

Top 15 Sliders For WordPress

Sangar Slider

Sangar is a absolute slider plugin for WordPress that lets we upload media easily, afterwards drag and dump a images into a sequence that we like. Each slip can be customized by a Custom CSS option, and a plugin has an contentment of custom hooks and filters that let developers customize a slider during formula level. [Demo]

Sangar Slider Cover

Meta Slider

This slider comes with several libraries including Flexslider, Nivo Slider, Responsive Slides, and Coin Slider. It is also user friendly. As we emanate a slider, we can see a slider in movement immediately. Each slider is configurable: we can stand a images, adjust their position, as good as set a transition speed for a slides. [Demo]

Meta Slider Cover

Meteor Slides

Meteor Slides inherits over 20 transitions from jQuery Cycles, so we can personalize any slider. You can supplement a slider regulating template tags, shortcodes or widgets around a really minimal interface. This plugin has been translated into many languages including Persian, Japanese, Chinese and Vietnamese. [Demo]

Meteor Slides Cover

Nemus Slider

With this plugin we can arrangement both images and videos in a slider, adding captions as good as align it any dilemma in a slide. You can also lift images from Flickr, Dribble and 500px. On tip of that it also exposes Filters and Actions for developer to penetrate a slider. [Demo]

Nemus Slider Cover

Easing Slider

Easing Slider is a courteous plugin. First, it uses CSS3 Transition that enables quick and buttery well-spoken transition between a slides. It integrates with WordPress’s built-in Customizer, so we can see a settings immediately by a Preview pane. The plugin also comes with Hooks, Actions, and even JavaScript events, giving developers more.

Easing Slider Cover

Neat Slider

A neat plugin, it comes with all a necessities of a slider. It is responsive, uses CSS3 Transition for quick performance, yet, it also has good harmony opposite opposite browsers, is customizable and free. Though regulating a plugin should be intuitive, a extensive documentation is accessible for users to learn how to use it. [Demo]

Neat Slider Cover

Crelly Slider

Another good WordPress slider plugin with browser harmony stretching proceed behind to IE8. The plugin comes with a good understanding of options that capacitate us to customize a slip in fact such as slip transition, position, color, images, a slip control and etc. [Demo]

Crelly Slide Cover


X-Slider takes a opposite proceed from a formerly mentioned plugins. Rather than formulating another post type, slides are combined by a already informed Post interface. It keeps things neat and will forestall surplus entries. A shortcode is accessible to concede we to hide a slip as easy as regulating duplicate and paste.

X-Slider Slider Cover

Captain Slider

Aside from images, this plugin also supports videos be it self-hosted or from Youtube, Vimeo or VideoPress. It also facilities a user-friendly drag-and-drop WordPress local interface to arrange a slides. You can also use a shortcode, [slider], to hide a slip within a post content, as good as a template tab to confederate a slider into your theme.

Captain Slider Cover

Soliloquy Lite

This plugin runs a intelligent slider, loading a CSS and JS usually when a slip is displayed within a post. Your posts and pages will bucket faster with this plugin compared to a other plugins mentioned here. The slider is responsive, touch-enabled, and built with SEO in mind. [Demo]

Soliloquy Lite Cover


This plugin lets we bond with countless picture and video sources, including Dribbble, Instagram, 500px, Flickr, and Twitter and embody a performed media into your slider. You can also even uncover your possess posts as good as other blog posts around RSS Feed as a slider.

SlideWizard Cover

Cyclone Slider 2

Cyclone Slider 2 comes with a essentials to run a organic picture or video slider on your website. It supports RTL direction: a slider will slip from right to left. It is also works good together with qTranslate, creation it a good plugin to use in a multilingual website. [Demo]

Cyclone Slider 2 Cover

Slider CC

The Slider CC plugin comes with template and tone variations to arrangement a picture slider. You can select between CSS Animation, jQuery Animation, and or vanilla JavaScript as a transition engine. [Demo]

Slider CC Cover

HG Slider

This plugin utilizes a Flexslider library to energy adult a slider. The slider supports hold gestures to navigate a slider, gigantic cycle, and we can opt for CSS Transition for improved performance. It comes with shortcodes and template tags with an array of configurable arguments to customize a slider output.

HG Slider

Slideshow Gallery

This plugin comes with a shortcode to supplement a slider. Shortcodes can be simply generated by a additional TinyMCE symbol in a post and a page editor. The slider also facilities a Lightbox so that users can zoom-in a images in a slider. [Demo]

Slideshow Gallery Cover

Here’s another 10 some-more …

Nivo Slider (Lite) – The plugin is formed on one of a many renouned JavaScript library for picture sliders. The plugin is user accessible and well-integrated with a WordPress local functionality. The plugin utilizes a WordPress media manager to insert, reorder, and supplement heading to a image, a same proceed as adding a WordPress picture gallery.

Nivo Slider Cover

Amazing Carousel – The plugin facilities CSS3 3D Transforms that gives an astonishment cause to a slider. It is lightweight, fast, and responsive, a simply extraordinary slider. [Demo]

Amazing Carousel Cover

Easy Responsive Slider – This plugin is plain straightforward. With this plugin we supplement a slider with a set of shortcodes in identical proceed as we structure HTML.

Horizontal Cover – With this plugin we can supplement a Carousel; a slider with 2 or some-more slides to uncover during a singular frame. It is responsive, hold gesticulate enabled with sufficient options for customization.

Horizontal Carousel Cover

Slidy – Slidy is built on tip of Slick.js, one of my favorite jQuery plugins. You can supplement a slider and configure a lot of things out of a slider such as a series of slides to uncover per frame, a transition speed, enabling or disabling a hold gesture, and many more.

Slidy Cover

WooCommerce Category Slider – The plugin works out-of-the-box, branch your WooCommerce product categories into a slider. The coming of a slider can be configured in a editor.

WooCommerce Category Slider Cover

Slidr – This slider is responsive, works good accross opposite browsers, and we can also hide mixed carousels in a singular page or a few pages by a shortcode. [Demo]

Slidr Cover

Image Rotator Widget – This plugin builds a slip as a WordPress widget. It utilizes a WordPress local media manager, so we are still means to insert images simply within a post editor. [Demo]

Flickr Slideshow – A slider plugin that is built privately to lift images from Flickr and spin them into a slider. In a nutshell, it is a good plugin of choice for a zealous Flickr users.

Flickr Slideshow Cover

Bootstrap Carousel – Like prior plugins, this one exposes a elementary shortcode tab to insert a slider into your posts or pages. It’s good for themes that are Bootstrap-based.

Bootstrap Carousel Cover

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