22 Best Webinar Tools to Host Online Meetings

Web-based convention aka webinar is one of a many renouned online selling techniques these days. However, it requires a lot of formulation to host a successful webinar, including fit web conferencing tools during your disposal.

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How to Organize Webinars to Generate Leads

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When it comes to arranging a webinar, every business has opposite requisites. And this is what I’ve kept in mind while scheming this comprehensive list of best webinar tools for my readers. we have discussed any apparatus with a sold facilities so we can simply choose a one that suits we a most. Let’s take a look.

Top picks


MeetingBurner is a best giveaway apparatus for hosting webinars. Apart from a useful features, it comes with a customizable registration page to brand your conferences and events with your image, logo, and slogan. To assistance we get attendees, it offers a registration widget to place on your website that allows attendees to register directly though an invite.

Moreover, we can also send programmed email reminders. What unequivocally preoccupied me is a AutoPilot underline that lets we record and replay webinars as if it’s going on live.

MeetingBurner works on many devicesMeetingBurner works on many devices

The apparatus lets we launch or report an online seminar, and offers a series of facilities like in-meeting chat, shade sharing, audio conferencing, webcam streaming and more. Surprisingly, we can also record and share a webinar on YouTube and Facebook, or censor it on your blog or website.

That’s not all, MeetingBurner also helps we with a after-webinar process. Using a MeetingTemperature tool, we can get feedback on your webinars and brand and strech to meddlesome attendees — that means improved conversions.

Lastly, a webinar apparatus also supports integration for hosting email campaigns, seeking a registration price and to do more.

Pricing: Free for 10 attendees else $39.95 – $99.95 per month | More info


Join.me is one of a simplest collection that assistance anyone to make enchanting conversations with a live video bubbles. Another unusual underline is audio conferencing, that supports local numbers from a US and offers full audio control. In terms of branding, it allows environment adult a custom couple for assembly with a personalized background.

Join.me's live webinar screenJoin.me's live webinar screen

Another captivating underline is a Presenter Swap that lets we barter a presenter’s purpose with any participant. This underline also allows pity a shade of any participant, and so proves helpful for conducting vast meetings. And a Mobile Whiteboard helps everybody to get on a same page and allows them to check your activities or participate in a discussion.

The apparatus also supports one-click scheduling with a Scheduler underline that helps we classify webinars easily. Last though a not least, it also provides apps for Android and iOS devices so that users can attend a webinar on a go along with utilizing other features.

Pricing: Free for 10 attendees else $20 – $30 per month | More info


Mikogo is another cross-platform apparatus that supports adult to 25 attendees in real-time. Its unusual Switch Presenter underline allows any member to turn a presenter and share his shade (like Join.me).

And with a high-quality audio and video conferencing, we can classify and host unusual webinars and boost your work productivity.

Mikogo's interfaceMikogo's interface

Interestingly, Mikogo supports recording a whole webinar along with a VoIP calls. And we can replay a assembly with a Session Player or download and share it with others. I’m specifically lustful of a Application Selection feature, that can display usually a singular app and censor others including a desktop.

The apparatus supports file send during a live webinar, permitting participants to share files directly with we (say for giving feedback reports). we also use a Annotation Tool to prominence a calm in real-time and assistance people not to remove focus. Lastly, it also allows chatting away with participants or in groups (unlike many), and supports Android and iOS platforms.

Pricing: Free for 1 attendee and $16 per month for pro devise | More info


ClickMeeting offers simple registration and customized invitations to palliate a routine of mouth-watering attendees. What interests me is a Facebook-like Webinar timeline that allows viewing your arriving webinars on a singular screen.

Once you’re in a webinar tool, we can assemble participants and horde live webinars with audio and video conferencing.

ClickMeeting's branding optionsClickMeeting's branding options

Another critical underline is a presentation apparatus that helps enchanting audience. Your participants can even share their screens (like above tools). And most to my surprise, it can also interpret chats (unlike above tools). Moreover, we can also check webinar statistics, record a webinar, and even download and share it with others.

Just like Mikogo, attendees can share files, and these along with recordings and discuss logs are stored for easy access. If we speak about removing response on your sessions, it allows participants to give feedback and assistance we improve your webinars.

Last though not a least, a apparatus provides mobile and web apps so that people can join your webinars anytime.

Pricing: $25 – $165 per month | More info


GatherPlace comes with an discerning interface that supports pity full shade or usually some segment of your desktop. This implausible apparatus lets participants connect from a browser-based interface and like other tools, we can use it for sales and training purposes. And with support for adult to 2000 attendees, it’s a good tool to classify vast meetings and webinars.

GatherPlace's live webinar interfaceGatherPlace's live webinar interface

The apparatus eases organizing webinars by assisting we to schedule meetings and also supports voice teleconferencing. Another unusual underline is that your participants can bond directly by a joining form that we can place on your website. And during a live webinar, we can see a active participants and interact with them regulating discuss messages.

One of a sparkling facilities allows we to lock your conference and equivocate interruptions from anyone. And after a webinar is over, it provides a statistics report to assistance we check a metrics. It’s a cross height desktop tool and supports people fasten from Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Pricing: $29 – $404 per month | More info


GoToWebinar is an interactive tool that allows creating polls and surveys during a live webinar for carrying improved rendezvous with attendees. Before any webinar, we can rehearse your presentation, and during a live session, we can record it for offline viewing. And to palliate mouth-watering people, it allows promulgation emails using programmed email templates.

GoToWebinar's registrants windowGoToWebinar's registrants window

You can brand each webinar with your tradition name and logo for a improved presentation. Another of a rendezvous facilities allows a support of mixed presenters, who share their live webcams in a video conferencing-like interface. And articulate about security, it secures your information with SSL-like encryption for despotic security.

Unlike others, you can share content (like reading materials) with attendees after your webinar concludes. That’s not all, we can also perspective a metrics and performance information of your webinar after it’s over, and even integrate a CRM for lead management.

Lastly, like others, this apparatus offers iOS and Android apps so that your attendees can join even if they’re on a go.

Pricing: $89 – $429 per month | More info


AnyMeeting can assistance we horde unusual webinars with tradition registration forms to palliate your selling and rendezvous efforts.

This tool, distinct others, can connect to a heading email marketing, automation, and CRM platforms. And surprisingly, it also integrates with Zapier (the renouned automation service) and helps we automate several tasks.

AnyMeeting web conferencing toolAnyMeeting web conferencing tool

What is fascinating about AnyMeeting is that it supports adult to 6 live presenters for some-more rendezvous with participants. You can also ask questions to your assembly (like a seminar) with its built-in QA tool. The assembly can even share their feedback with emojis, and its real-time polls again assistance boost a altogether capability of your live webinar.

It has an engaging live discuss for attendees, and they can also share their screens (like other tools). You can share any calm directly with a people and even record a live webinar.

The apparatus supports adult to 1000 attendees, and yield statistical reports after a webinar. Lastly, as expected, it does offer iOS and Android apps for easy fasten on a go.

Pricing: $78 – $298 per month | More info

Cisco WebEx

Cisco WebEx delivers a polished interface with interactive display tools for video conferencing and hosting webinars. It lets we customize and brand your invitations as good as a registration page.

With a one-click recording feature, we can simply record a webinar for after use and even share a recording with others on WebEx Channels.

Cisco WebEx's webinar screenCisco WebEx's webinar screen

The apparatus supports 8 to 200 attendees and allows mixed presenters to foster a session. It also offers unusual audio controls and rendezvous boosting tools. Your participants can join a webinars from any platform and can even share their screens. Interestingly, a apparatus also supports whiteboard, markup tools, and in-meeting chat for improved productivity.

Not usually that, Cisco WebEx provides end-to-end encryption, enabling we to close assembly spaces to strengthen them. And with usually a executive access, we can perspective eventuality statistics and even integrate it with Office products including Outlook and some-more tools.

Pricing: $19 – $49 per month | More info

Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect is an innovative apparatus that supports energetic multimedia and video conferences. This apparatus offers a custom registration form with countless templates and tradition webinar links for formulating branded events.

The apparatus provides we various built-in analytics and statistics tools to guard webinars and urge productivity.

Adobe Connect's video discussion screenAdobe Connect's video discussion screen

The apparatus supports adult to 1000 attendees and allows them fasten live as good as on-demand accessible webinars. With a engagement government tools, we can broach webinars that concentration essentially on a attendees. Adobe Connect offers good ability with a shared webinar bedrooms and allows 4+ presenters to hoop a session.

That’s not all, we can also send reminder, acknowledgment and other ad-hoc emails to a participants. For branding a webinars, a alighting page as good as a emails can be customized by a admin.

Finally, this apparatus offers abounding visual interpretations of statistical information in a reports and works for a mobile assembly as good as for a desktop audience.

Pricing: $130 – $580 per month | More info


On24 is another unusual apparatus that offers customized consoles with your trademark and imagery. With a 30+ facilities and collection like slides, QA, transcript, etc., we can modify a presentations into interactive conversational sessions and rivet directly with a audience. Moreover, it helps we reach a bigger assembly from usually your mobile.

On24's webinar screenOn24's webinar screen

It creates broadcasting easier with a media player and transcript widget that displays scrolling text. Moreover, a calm widget allows we to supplement minute information to assistance your assembly rivet better. During a webinar, we can record and archive a session, and after we can foster it to beget some-more leads.

Interestingly, we can also supplement a speaker bio, list of contents, and a apparatus list of documents, presentations, etc. to a archived webinars. On24’s absolute analytics delivers a detailed data about a leads and lets we integrate with selling and CRM systems.

Pricing: Free trial for 30 days | More info

A Few More:


Pricing: Not accessible | More info

Fuze's video discussion windowFuze's video discussion window


Pricing: Not accessible | More info

MegaMeeting's email invitation toolMegaMeeting's email invitation tool


Pricing: Not accessible | More info

MyWebinarPlace supports mixed platformsMyWebinarPlace supports mixed platforms


Pricing: Not accessible | More info

WorkCast's writer outline pageWorkCast's writer outline page


Pricing: $45 – $235 per month | More info

WebinarNinja's interfaceWebinarNinja's interface


Pricing: $119 – $399 per month | More info

ReadyTalk's illustrationReadyTalk's illustration


Pricing: $9.95 – $159.95 per month | More info

Yugma's webinar toolYugma's webinar tool


Pricing: Not accessible | More info

OmniJoin's webinar screenOmniJoin's webinar screen

OnStream Media

Pricing: $49 per month | More info

Onstream Media's interfaceOnstream Media's interface


Pricing: $119 – $699 per month | More info

Webinato webinar toolWebinato webinar tool


Pricing: Not accessible | More info

iLinc's video conferencing screeniLinc's video conferencing screen


Pricing: $97 – $297 one-time | More info

WebinarIgnition's webinar dashboardWebinarIgnition's webinar dashboard


If you’re meditative to horde a webinar, it’s better to devise proactively. And to palliate your work, we contingency collect a unusual webinar apparatus formed on a facilities and cost.

If we ask me, I use Join.me for tiny webinars though I’ve assimilated several webinars on Adobe Connect and Cisco WebEx, generally with my prior employers who used to have 300+ attendees.

Do note that webinar tools’ costs depend on a series of attendees, so do collect a suitable apparatus per your attendee mandate and your budget, of course. And also, share your knowledge with a webinar apparatus of your choice around comments below.

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