20 WordPress Plugins for Your Photography Website (2018)

A photography website, blog and portfolio are one of a many difficult web mediums overdue to a vast volume of visible calm they represent. However, WordPress is famous for being a many effective CMS for photographers and there is a good reason for that. There are so many image-based plugins and facilities in WordPress that make it so easy to upload and conduct print content.

In this list, we have collected 20 a best giveaway and useful WordPress plugins for photographers that will assistance we to restrict your images though losing quality, secure your website from hacks, tell stories with your images, optimize your site for SEO and more.

AccessPress Pinterest

Pinterest is a renouned amicable media website that works on picture uploading and sharing. Pinterest is also a good source of trade by a visible content. So, if we wish people to simply supplement photos from your site on Pinterest, we need AccessPress Pinterest plugin permitting we to supplement ‘Pin It’ symbol to your images, add Pinterest form widget and follow buttons on your site, and insert new Pinterest feed.

EWWW Image Optimizer

The loading speed of your website not usually affects your SEO though can also make your visitors leave if it takes too prolonged to load. EWWW Image Optimizer is an extraordinary WordPress plugin that lets we increase website speed by optimizing a images. It also will save your storage space, and modify your photos in a best record format.


Storyform plugin will assistance we turn your blog posts into an engaging account with images. The plugin has manageable layout. You can supplement full-screen content, outrageous photography, background video, typography, opposite columns, captions, animations and some-more options to make your articles attractive. Your visitors can navigate a posts with rodent or keyboard.

Easy Watermark

Online burglary is a common problem for all photographers who share their images online. You can strengthen yourself in allege with a watermark. But instead of adding watermark on any picture manually, this elementary plugin can do so automatically when we upload them to your WordPress site.

Image Widget

Originally, WordPress dashboard comes with a content widget. Of course, we can supplement picture widget regulating it, though we need to supplement HTML formula to make these images demeanour nice. With Image Widget plugin we can use local WordPress row to supplement images to your site and drag and dump images to a widget-ready area.

WP Media Tagger

The local WordPress row does not concede we to scrupulously arrange out your images and other files we upload. For photography site with a large series of images, it’s a genuine issue. WP Media Tagger lets we supplement categories and tags to a images and other media files. This creates it easier to crop and find required files.

Post Thumbnail Editor

WordPress dashboard has a complicated complement of gathering thumbnail images. Usually, it crops a picture right during a center, and infrequently it might cut a critical partial of a image. Post Thumbnail Editor is a genuine resolution for this tiny issue. The plugin gives we an ability to manually repair a thumbnails.

Media Library Assistant

The plugin provides a few useful additional facilities for your WordPress media library. It goes with tradition shortcodes to supplement a gallery to a site. Using this plugin, we can also browse your media files, hunt for a sold file, arrangement files on a basement of taxonomy, and confederate a plugin with local WP media library.

Sell Media

Sell Media ia a elementary WordPress plugin that helps we see opposite files right from your website, for example, photos, videos, ebooks, albums, licenses to your photos, prints and more. The integration with PayPal goes by default in a plugin, though we can also confederate it with MailChimp, for example. Sell Media will work with any WordPress thesis with an accurate code.

NextGEN Gallery

NextGEN Gallery has over one million active installs and was designed behind in 2007. These numbers pronounce for themselves as it is a many renouned gallery WordPress plugin. You can batch upload, revise metadata and arrange your images to emanate a gallery. If we have any questions about this plugins, we can review their FAQ and see screenshots of galleries.

Meta Slider

With over 800 thousand active installs, MetaSlider is a renouned WordPress plugin permitting we to create a elementary singular SEO-optimized slider in no time. Using this plugin we can emanate a slideshow with opposite types, designs, and layouts to fit your website.

SEO Friendly Images

It’s critical to supplement correct Alt and Title attributes to your HTML code when we upload images to your website. SEO Friendly Images helps we to authomatically refurbish a images with correct attributes. It’s flattering simple, usually activate a plugin and it will do a rest of a work for you.


Usually, print sites have a lot of images with outrageous sizes. It might delayed down your site and even impact a SEO. Instead of compressing your images one by one manually, use Imsanity plugin. It will compress images right before uploading on a site though losing peculiarity automatically. So, we can giveaway yourself from a headache of compressing images forever.

Lazy Load

Since photography websites are complicated on images, they delayed down a altogether opening of your site. This elementary Lazy Load plugin will improve a loading time of your web pages. Just upload a plugin to your WordPress dashboard and activate it.

Booking Calendar

Websites of veteran photographers who sell their servcie online need not usually hit form, though also an ability to book appointments online. Booking Calendar will assistance we to enable engagement services on your site. It has an discerning pattern so your visitors can book your services easily.

Smush Image Compression and Optimization

Smush Image Compression and Optimization is a giveaway award-winning WordPress plugin for photographers, bloggers, and other creatives who have a lot of images on their sites. It will assistance we to optimize, compress, and resize your photos in no time. You can also revoke record distance though losing quality

Image Watermark

Image Watermark plugin speaks for a name. It’s a giveaway watermark plugin that we consider is utterly intuitive. This plugin will add a watermark to each picture we upload on your site. This approach we will be means to forestall picture burglary that is a common problem for online era.

Photography Management

Photography Management is a useful WordPress plugins that allows we to organize your clients’ information in a secure and easy way. You can upload your photos and cue strengthen them, so usually a people who have cue can have entrance to these images.

Sunshine Photo Cart

Sunshine Photo Cart is a giveaway useful WordPress customer proofing gallery and photo transport plugin permitting we to sell prints online. Users can select print or any other digital product, supplement it to a transport and squeeze it. It enables both online and offline payments though comissions.


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