20 WordPress Group Buying Themes And Plugins for 2018

Group selling is one of a hottest trends in online shopping locus these days. And because wouldn’t it! With so many websites charity bulk deals during impossibly low prices, everybody wants to be that crafty man who got a improved understanding – and this is what brings these websites so most profit.

So, if we wish to be a partial of this bandwagon by rising your possess organisation selling website, afterwards what’s interlude you?

Well, a blank couple between we and your successful organisation selling website is an ideal WordPress thesis and useful plugins. So, in this post, I’m featuring a best WordPress themes and plugins that capacitate we to start your possess successful organisation selling website. Let’s take a look.


WooCommerce by Automattic has measureless support for all kinds of products; so it is an ideal choice for building group-buying sites. Moreover, this apparatus is extensible by plugins, permitting we to supplement or mislay features as and when required.

A illusory underline we see is, we can fast make your site permitted to a whole universe with WooCommerce, interjection to a support for multiple languages and 140+ region-specific remuneration gateways. Last though not a least, it is an open-source product, so we can customize a source to accommodate your needs if a facilities are not enough. (Free)


WP eCommerce

WP eCommerce is another e-commerce resolution that supports endless customizations and provides selling collection to take your group-buying site to a subsequent level. Because it has sustenance for dozens of remuneration gateways like eProcessing Network, XERO, AffiliateWP, etc., we can conveniently routine payments opposite a globe.

Surprisingly, WP eCommerce supports multisite environments too distinct some other plugins and provides multilingual support as well. Moreover, we can manage your listings with a absolute inbuilt collection and formation with a renouned bearer services. (Free)

WP eCommerceWP eCommerce

WooCommerce Group Daily Deals

WooCommerce Group Daily Deals is a mobile-ready plugin that allows formulating groups and opposite forms of deals. The deals can be simply customized formed on a categories of business and we can also schedule a deals to foster on name days only. Another sparkling underline is that it creates your site translation-ready.

This plugin offers a lot some-more pattern options like it lets we allot singular time for a understanding and we can customize a front-end arrangement of a deals. Moreover, it can also beget minute reports, an surprising underline that we find blank in few other plugins. ($21)

WooCommerce Group  Daily DealsWooCommerce Group  Daily Deals

WP Coupons and Deals

WP Coupons and Deals is a lightweight plugin to showcase deals and coupons on your website. A singular underline we see is that it provides a live preview of a banking while inserting it in a post true from a post editor. You can also specify a coupons and show your disdainful coupons and deals anywhere on a site regulating widgets.

Moreover, a plugin also lets we set and arrangement death dates of your coupons, that is another good option. Some of a pro facilities embody options to censor coupons, create coupons regulating templates, and uncover or censor coupons conditionally. (Free)

WP Coupons and DealsWP Coupons and Deals

Affiliate Coupons

Affiliate Coupons helps we acquire income by associate mention offers by compelling product vouchers and deals. An engaging underline we see is, we can link your coupons to vendors to specify them and arrangement them simply regulating a shortcode.

The vendors can be combined with predefined associate links. Also, there are mixed options to arrange your coupons and many pattern options to customize a demeanour and feel of them. (Free)

Affiliate Coupons Affiliate Coupons

Social Deals Engine

Social Deals Engine is another deals plugin with some singular facilities like extendable functionalities, absolute selling cart, amicable checkout options, etc. It allows arrangement special offers and deals with pattern options such as scarcity, exclusivity, singular quantity, etc. With a integrated cart, users can relief mixed deals easy way.

Thanks to a responsive interface, users can relief coupons on mobile inclination as simply as on desktop platforms. You can customize record download limits and couple expiry dates and customize receipt templates to fit your brand. Moreover, we can track a remuneration history as good as sales and gain statistics and even trade them to a CSV. (Free)

ocial Deals Engineocial Deals Engine

Wishpond Social Contests

This plugin lets we emanate promotion formed alighting pages where we can horde your deals, sweepstakes, and contests. What we favourite is we can emanate contests and promotions by a easy-to-use drag-and-drop builder. Also, Wishpond Social Contests allows handling your participants and helps boost your site trade by social media share buttons. (Free)

What some-more astounded me is, we can confederate this plugin with WP eCommerce and supplement promotions menu to a products menu. With 50+ stretchable templates, we can select a ideal one that suits your site – a underline that creates it singular from a rest of plugins. Last though not a least, it also supports promulgation newsletters and provides real-time stats.

Wishpond Social ContestsWishpond Social Contests

Competition Form

Competition Form translates your Contact Form 7 forms into foe or sweepstake entrance forms, that helps we collect entries and perspective them directly from your dashboard. The entries are organised around Contact Form 7 usually and it allows to export them to a CSV too.

A singular underline of this form is, it lets we select pointless winners on a sold date for specific sweepstakes, permitting we to automate competitions. Though it provides fewer facilities than Wishpond Social Contests nonetheless it’s value perplexing if we use Contact Form 7. (Free)

Competition FormCompetition Form

Woocommerce Role Pricing

Woocommerce Role Pricing plugin provides an choice to set rates and discounts according to a purpose of a viewer. While visiting your site, each patron can view a store with or though ignored prices – a singular underline that sets this plugin detached from others.

You can set approach discounts to editors, subscribers, or customers, and select between requesting discounts or amounts formed on unchanging cost or sale price. Also, a premium book offers many some-more features such as providing discounts by variables or categories. (Free)

Woocommerce Role PricingWoocommerce Role Pricing


VoucherPress allows we to create vouchers, coupons, and tickets for products shown on your website. It offers some customization options like choosing a blueprint and font for a templates. Also, we can download and imitation a vouchers from a web link.

It also provides shortcodes to showcase vouchers in customized formats. What we find serviceable is, we can shorten comparison vouchers and ask viewers to register before accessing them. Moreover, we can deliver a document code directly to a user’s email address. (Free)


WooCommerce Group Buy and Deals

WooCommerce Group Buy and Deals plugin works as an prolongation to a WooCommerce plugin mentioned above on this list. This prolongation helps to pattern group-buying sites that work accurately like Groupon and are heavily customizable as well.

You can set adult a deals site in reduction than an hour regulating this plugin and start arrangement deals and promotions to your visitors. You can uncover or censor deals for a specific time, use copiousness of upheld shortcodes, and configure some-more options regulating this plugin. Moreover, we can let your users perspective active and purchased deals on their ‘My deals’ page. ($21)

WooCommerce Group Buy and DealsWooCommerce Group Buy and Deals


Kupon helps we create terrific-looking coupons and deals site and sell earthy as good as digital products. The thesis offers countless reward facilities that save we from selling reward plugins, for example, daily deals marketplace support and a underline to lane unsuccessful deals and account income manually for them.

The thesis supports child thesis and multisite network, that we find is absent in other themes. Moreover, with some of a paid extensions, we can capacitate present certificates, concede users to emporium with a rendezvous feature, and do a lot more. ($59)



WPGroupbuy allows a origination of a pleasing and stretchable understanding website. A singular underline of this plugin is, it lets your users emanate business accounts and contention deals and lane sales directly on your website. Moreover, we can even view modernized reports and stats, and trade a news information to a CSV too.

Another underline that creates your pursuit easier is, it supports mixed remuneration gateways and on-site credit label remuneration methods as well. Also, a localization support on tip of former underline helps we to pattern multilingual site and sell deals in mixed regions. ($99)


Daily Deal

Daily Deal is a featureful banking thesis that helps to emanate understanding sites. You can emanate various forms of coupons and sweepstakes and customize homepage as needed. Using a “Submit Deal” form, we can even concede your users to contention deals. Also, we can customize a acquiescence form, supplement opposite forms of deals, and configure email notifications.

An engaging underline is, it includes a built-in blog so that we can yield updates on a latest or arriving coupons and offers. Last though not a least, a thesis includes an affiliate procedure to build and conduct affiliates and supports several remuneration gateways. ($59)

Daily DealDaily Deal


CouponHut is a coupon-specific thesis for WordPress that comes with a clean, manageable design, permitting we build understanding and banking sites. You can supplement commission formed discounts, expiry dates, and time triggered events to your coupons – a illusory underline we find usually in this theme. Also, it provides several ad blocks to arrangement ads.

Moreover, there is an integrated rating system that allows people to give and perspective ratings for each deal. we also favourite a absolute front-end hunt functionality, that provides several filters to users, assisting them to demeanour for deals or coupons as simply as possible. ($69)



CouponXL is optimized for formulating websites to sell coupons, deals, and offers. we found it extraordinary that one can capacitate a membership complement and conduct affiliates and other members. You can even concede them to showcase their deals and products.

Moreover, a thesis supports several forms of coupons, different price schemes, mixed forms of deals, and many some-more customization options. Another engaging underline is, it integrates good with PayPal and some-more remuneration gateways. And we can also concede social form signups and perspective statistics about visits, clicks, and more. ($49)



Clipper comes with easy monetization collection and facilities to acquire by formulating a banking website. we found a singular underline called custom write panel, that lets we simply revise a vouchers from a admin dashboard. With a contention banking form, we can simply accept coupons from your visitors and list them on your site.

Along with tradition schemes and layouts, Clipper also offers support for child themes and avails an API for customizing a functionality. Moreover, we can import coupons from other systems, conduct ads, and check out statistics about daily views. ($69)



Couponer is a bonus and banking thesis that can be customized with mixed options. You can simply emanate vouchers and uncover daily deals to your visitors. The thesis offers premium design, membership features, total colors, and more.

Also, we can shorten coupons and discounts to members and opt for some-more pattern options. You can supplement widgets like coupon text, banking social, banking categories, newsletters, etc., and use a page templates to emanate pages. Moreover, a thesis offers several banking inventory options, countless tradition post types, etc. ($49)



Deals is a entirely organic thesis incorporating a banking government complement that lets we emanate and uncover discounts and coupons and acquire income by ads. Interestingly, a thesis includes a user rating and voting system that allows your visitors give their feedback and helps urge your site’s visibility.

The thesis is translation ready and also brings we mixed layouts, tradition menu options, several widgets, and a absolute picture slider to showcase a disdainful coupons on your website. ($39)



DealPress transforms your site to a organisation selling website that offers several fully-functional features. The thesis creates it easier for we to post deals and write blog posts to attract organic traffic. An engaging underline is, it supports countless remuneration gateways to assistance we monetize your understanding site and assign a members.

Moreover, DealPress offers native support for Google Maps and Google Analytics that helps we to lane your site’s trade and user engagement. Last though not a least, it also integrates good with amicable networks like Facebook and Twitter to assistance grow popularity. ($69.99)


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