20 WhatsApp Tips And Tricks You Should Know

WhatsApp has been removing new overwhelming facilities to make messaging a zephyr for users. While a use is not yet controversy, there are plenty of perks that creates it a clever contender in a messaging apps arena.

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In this post, we will be looking during a tips, tricks and hacks users can implement to for regulating WhatsApp like a pro.

Format and Send your Messages

WhatsApp allows we to format your messages – same approach as we format calm in any word processor, contend Microsoft Word or Google Docs. You can _italicize_, *bold* or ~strikethrough~ any partial or all of your message. For some-more on this, check out this post.

Format and Send your MessagesFormat and Send your Messages

Use WhatsApp in a Web Browser

WhatsApp has a web browser chronicle that can be connected to your mobile. You can afterwards form out and review all your messages on your PC or laptop.

To use WhatsApp Web, on your PC or laptop, go to web.whatsapp.com in a web browser. On your mobile device, open WhatsApp and click a Options symbol during a tip right palm side, then tap WhatsApp Web from a options. Then regulating your phone, prove a QR formula shown on a browser on your PC.

Use WhatsApp in a Web BrowserUse WhatsApp in a Web Browser

Your phone will be connected to your PC’s WhatsApp and we can start messaging divided like we would on your phone. You usually need to do this once and you can be connected on as many desktop devices as we like.

All a messages will be sync’ed opposite a house on all connected devices. To record out of all connected devices, usually go behind to a Options WhatsApp Web page and name Log out from all computers.

Transfer Files to/from PC

The good thing about WhatsApp Web is that we accept on your PC whatever we accept on your mobile around WhatsApp. This creates it a flattering good apparatus to transfer images or screenshots from your mobile to your desktop yet a use of cables.

Just send a design to any of your friends on your mobile, afterwards on your PC, open your WhatsApp Web to collect a design file.

Backup Conversations to Email

You can keep a duplicate or backup a review to your email. To do so, open a discuss we wish to save. Then click Options More Email chat. Follow a on-screen instructions.

Note that we need to backup any review away and while we got two options to send a review (with or yet media), we can usually send adult to 40,000 messages max.

Backup Conversations to EmailBackup Conversations to Email

Backup Chats to Local or Cloud Storage

Apart from email, backups can be finished to storage as well. To backup to your device’s internal storage as good as cloud storage, i.e., Google Drive on Android height and iCloud on iOS devices, open a app and go to Settings Chats Chat backup and daub BACK UP.

Backup Chats to Local or Cloud StorageBackup Chats to Local or Cloud Storage

Know when Message got Read

You already know that grey ticks means that a summary has been delivered and blueticks prove that a summary has been read. Actually, there is an choice that gives we a accurate timestamp of when a summary has been delivered and when it has been read.

To see a Message info shade and check a sent message’s details, open a chat, tap and hold any sent message, afterwards tap a info (or i) symbol from a movement bar (top).

Know when Message got ReadKnow when Message got Read

Star or Mark Messages as Favorite

WhatsApp brings hunt underline to demeanour for messages easily, yet afterwards too it’s improved to mark critical messages as favorite to get to them fast when required.

To symbol a summary as favorite: usually long press on any sold message, afterwards tap on a star icon in a movement bar during a tip of a app’s screen.

To see all your starred messages, click on Options in a review list screen choose Starred messages.

Star or Mark Messages as FavoriteStar or Mark Messages as Favorite

Configure a Privacy Options

The Last Seen underline shows when we were final on WhatsApp. For those of we who don’t wish this to be enabled, we can change a settings during Options Settings Account Privacy. Then, name possibly we wish your final seen, form design and standing to be seen by Everyone, My contacts or Nobody.

Configure a Privacy OptionsConfigure a Privacy Options

You can also mislay read receipts by drumming on Options Settings Account Privacy then unchecking a Read receipts option.

BCC or Broadcast Messages

WhatsApp also lets we send messages to a organisation of people while still safeguarding any other’s identity. Unlike adding them all into a organisation first, where everyone’s hit numbers are unprotected to people outward their hit list, a BBC choice does not exhibit target hit numbers.

To emanate a promote list, go to the review list shade Options symbol New broadcast, afterwards name a recipients for a new broadcast. Click Done. Now we can send messages to this promote list like how we send messages to any hit or group.

BCC or Broadcast MessagesBCC or Broadcast Messages

Tag People and Quote Messages

Tagging is now probable in organisation conversations regulating @, followed by a name (according to what we name a chairman in your Contacts). The tagged chairman gets a notification even if he has pale notifications for that group.

Tag People and Quote MessagesTag People and Quote Messages

Apart from tagging people, we can also quote messages to uncover you’re replying to that sold message. To do this, tap and reason a message, click on reply in a movement bar, type your summary and click a send symbol to respond to that message.

Tag People and Quote MessagesTag People and Quote Messages

Direct Reply and Popup Notifications

The app supports a latest presentation underline in Android – Direct Reply. Basically, we can respond to any incoming WhatsApp messages even when we are outward a app. By enabling a popup notication, we can respond to a summary from a presentation bar.

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Go to a app’s Settings Notifications Popup notification and name a many suitable option.

Direct Reply and Popup NotificationsDirect Reply and Popup Notifications

Minimize Mobile Data Usage

WhatsApp’s voice and video calls are good facilities yet they utilize a lot of bandwidth in sequence to broach glorious voice and video call quality. If we wish to save on your mobile information usage, we can go to Settings Data use Call settings check Low information usage.

Minimize Mobile Data UsageMinimize Mobile Data Usage

Hide Notifications from Lockscreen

Notifications can cocktail adult even when your phone is locked. To forestall your messages from being review by people who have no access, invalidate a lockscreen notifications by opening Android’s Settings Apps WhatsApp Notifications and toggle off Lock Screen Notification.

Hide Notifications from LockscreenHide Notifications from Lockscreen

Hide Chats from Conversation List

If we don’t wish to undo a discuss thread (aka conversation) yet don’t wish usually anyone to review it either, we can censor it with a repository option. Tap and reason a sold chat and click a archive symbol in a movement bar to repository that conversation.

You can perspective all archived chats by scrolling to a bottom in a review list shade afterwards click Archived chats.

Hide Chats from Conversation ListHide Chats from Conversation List

Mute Chats and Block Contacts

Group chats can unequivocally be irritating when there are too many active conversations entrance in. Every new summary combined to a discuss delivers a presentation and after a while, this can unequivocally build up.

To assistance we deal with such irritating situations, there are a mute notifications and retard contacts option.

To tongue-tied a conversation, open an sold or a organisation chat, tap Options symbol go to Group info Mute and set tongue-tied options. You also get an choice to spin off notifications while muting a organisation in Android.

You can retard a hit (and not a group) by opening a sold chat, clicking Options More Block.

Mute Chats and Block ContactsMute Chats and Block Contacts

Hide WhatsApp Media from Gallery

Thanks to several people forwarding messages all over, we competence be removing a lot of a images and videos in your gallery. If we don’t wish incoming media on WhatsApp to uncover adult in a Gallery, censor them regulating this elementary trick.

Open File Manager and crop to Internal storage WhatsApp Media and Rename WhatsApp Images” and “WhatsApp Video” folders to “.WhatsApp Images” and “.WhatsApp Video” respectively (notice a dot in start).

Note: This pretence is germane usually for Android, not for iOS platforms. And this will censor a images and videos from your phone’s gallery yet we can see them in your WhatsApp as good as regulating a record manager.

Hide WhatsApp Media from GalleryHide WhatsApp Media from Gallery

Use Multiple WhatsApp Accounts

Most of a Android users use a dual-sim device, that in spin increases a urge to use dual WhatsApp accounts regulating their dual numbers – contend one for central use and other for personal purpose.

Thankfully, there exists various apps that let we manage mixed amicable accounts on a same device and regulating these, we can run dual WhatsApp accounts.

With Android Lollipop permitting mixed users on a same device, one can now work mixed WhatsApp accounts yet any third-party app. Do note that he/she won’t accept notifications from both of a accounts during a singular time.

To do this, go to Android’s Settings Users Add user. After we have combined a new user, log in regulating a new account, implement WhatsApp on this comment and use it with a second number.

Use Multiple WhatsApp AccountsUse Multiple WhatsApp Accounts

Recover Deleted Chats or Messages

WhatsApp backups your chats each day during 2 AM (or your set time), so if we delete anything antiquated a day earlier, anything antiquated before to 2 AM a same day, afterwards you can redeem them easily.

To redeem your deleted WhatsApp messages, initial uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp, afterwards sign adult with a same number we used WhatsApp with previously. You will be stirred that a backup has been found. Tap Restore to start a replacement process. Once done, we will find all your messages behind – even a deleted ones.

Note: Do know that yet this procession brings behind any summary antiquated before to 2 AM yet deleted after 2 AM today, we will lose a latest messages perceived after 2 AM on a same day.

Recover Deleted Chats or MessagesRecover Deleted Chats or Messages

Share Documents and Other Files

WhatsApp, after a new update, lets we share opposite forms of media content, for example, documents, presentations, etc. To insert natively upheld formats inside any discuss or conversation, click on a attachment symbol in a movement bar and daub Document. Then name a record and click SEND when asked for acknowledgment to share that file.

The app, however, doesn’t support other record formats like executables, repository and several others. Fortunately, there’s a pretence that involves regulating Dropbox and CloudSend to share files of any format around WhatsApp.

After installing these from a Google Play Store, open CloudSend and sanction it to use your Dropbox. Now open a File Manager and name a file. tTap Share and name CloudSend. This will upload your record to Dropbox and yield options to Send or Copy. Select Send. Tap WhatsApp to share a file.

Share Documents and Other FilesShare Documents and Other Files

Schedule Messages on WhatsApp

If we need to report messages on WhatsApp, tough luck. There is not built-in choice to do that, yet we can use Scheduler for WhatsApp to do so if you’re on Android.

Download a app from a Play Store, afterwards go to your phone’s Settings Accessibility and spin on WhatsApp Scheduler underneath Services.

Then after open Scheduler for WhatsApp, tap + floating button, afterwards make your selections. Type your summary and finally click CREATE to report a message.

Schedule Messages on WhatsAppSchedule Messages on WhatsApp

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