20 Useful Firefox Sidebar Add-ons

Mozilla has always strived to yield a users with features and services for a smashing and prolific browsing experience. The Firefox browser is so stretchable that we can simply optimize it for improved performance, by certain commands and generally with a assistance of add-ons.

So if we are an zealous Firefox user and wish to make this already overwhelming browser some-more extraordinary take a demeanour during these useful Firefox sidebar add-ons. These add-ons give we discerning entrance to your most-used apps and services as a sidebar on your stream screen. So, let’s burst right into it.


Slidebar+ lets we add frequently-used collection in your sidebar. For example, we can entrance stream tabs, bookmarks, downloads, history, and more. What we favourite some-more is, Sidebar+ also supports Pocket and RSS, so we can examination a news in a sidebar as well.


Tree Style Tab

Tree Style Tab allows we to manage your tabs in a tree view. You can drag-and-drop as good as organisation tabs underneath a common root. Also, we can enhance and fall a branches or close a whole branch/group of tabs in one go.

I find it is many useful when we have non-stop lots of tabs and need to conduct them, such as, while doing research.


Pocket in Sidebar

Pocket in Sidebar allows we to see your list of links saved in Pocket. You can access a built articles in a reading mode or open them in new tabs with a click of a mouse. However, it does not work with a Pocket in Firefox.

Sidebar for Google Search

Sidebar for Google Search eases googling while browsing a web. You can perform a search on Google directly from a sidebar but switching tabs or opening a new window.

Also, there is a pop-up symbol to open a stream hunt in a new tab.



Pile is your proxy bookmark manager that resides in a sidebar of Firefox. It lets we save proxy links (bookmarks), that we need to examination later. Using a Pile symbol in a toolbar, we can fast supplement pages to your proxy bookmarks list.

You can also use a shortcuts to soon supplement links and pages in a Pile folder.


Tab Sidebar

Tab Sidebar is another appendage manager that allows we to work with mixed tabs good by showing them adult orderly in a sidebar. You can open, close, and conduct a tabs from any tab.

Lastly, we can also organisation them regulating a pen tabs.


PwdHash Sidebar

PwdHash Sidebar is a tool to emanate clever passwords. we favourite a plan to emanate passwords – it creates a cue regulating a crush of a multiple of a site residence and your password.

That means, regulating your one cue (which we need to note and remember), it creates different, pointless passwords for any website.


Facebook Messenger as a Sidebar

With a Facebook Messenger as a Sidebar, we can chat with your friends on Facebook while browsing a web. Using this add-on, we need not switch to a Facebook appendage to check new message.

On a contrary, we can examination a incoming messages or send new messages directly from any tab, interjection to this appendage in a sidebar.


Twitter as a Sidebar

Twitter as a Sidebar, identical to a above add-on, lets we use Twitter from any tab. You can locate all a news and updates on Twitter but switching to a Twitter tab

Using this add-on, a fixed sidebar reveals a latest tweets, and we can also respond to these tweets or post new tweets directly from a sidebar of Firefox.


Yahoo Mail Sidebar

If we are a Yahoo user, we can entrance all your emails right in a sidebar of Firefox. You can also respond to and brazen mails, and perform all other functions of Yahoo Mail from a sidebar, and check out other sites in browser tabs simultaneously.

Sidebar for YouTube

Sidebar for YouTube lets we watch YouTube videos in a sidebar while we crop or work on other tabs and pages. You can perform all common activities on YouTube such as pausing, rewinding, liking, sharing, and commenting on a videos.

There is also a pop-out button to open a stream video in a new appendage of a browser.


Google Keep Notes

With this add-on, Google Keep gets bound to a side of your browser screen. You can view all your records in a sidebar, write new notes, and perform all associated functions such as color-coding a notes, adding time and location, etc. in a sidebar.

WeChat sidebar

WeChat Sidebar allows we to discuss with your friends on WeChat while operative on some other appendage or page in Firefox. You can sign in right from a sidebar, check and write new messages, and conduct your conversations as good but switching tabs.


Gmail Mail Sidebar

If we are a Gmail user, this appendage will make your life easy. With this appendage in a browser sidebar, we can check all incoming emails and perform associated actions such as replying, forwarding, labeling, and component mails right from a sidebar.

Telegram as a Sidebar

Webogram, a unaccepted web chronicle of Telegram, gets integrated into a sidebar of your browser regulating this add-on.

Thus, we can discuss ceaselessly with friends or groups of friends, share pictures, location, contacts, videos, and other papers but a need to switch tabs while regulating Telegram as a Sidebar in Firefox browser.


Sidebar Notepad

Sidebar Notepad lets we create and revise records by a sidebar. Though a appendage is elementary with a singular shade to emanate or save notes, like in Sticky Notes on Windows.

What we found engaging is, a notepad calm is saved to a internal storage and is stable with a password, ensuring confidentiality on multi-user systems.


2048 Sidebar

When we are wearied of a slight work on your computer, we can entertain yourself with a diversion of 2048, a popular one-player, block-sliding game. 2048 Sidebar creates it probable to play this diversion right in a sidebar.

I find it is a good highlight buster when we are operative on something complicated and wish to modernise your mind cells.


Downloads sidebar

This sidebar creates all your latest downloads manifest and lets we conduct them. You can perspective a standing of files being downloaded, postponement or cancel a download, see them in folders, and perspective all a other sum associated to a downloaded files such as date of download, distance of files, and so on.

Sidebar Note

Sidebar Note creates a note-taking routine easier and faster. You can keep jotting down your records in a sidebar while reading an Internet page or a PDF document.

It proves intensely useful when we have to take plenty records from opposite web pages like while doing investigate or need to jot down something elementary like hit details.,


The History Panel

The History Panel appendage creates it probable to view your browser story directly in a sidebar of your browser screen. The links are sorted by date and time, and we can also arrange them by a domain.

However, we can't do a hunt in a browsing story as it is probable to do with a default story underline of Firefox.

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