20 Best Free Email Marketing Tools And Resources

Email selling is an essential partial of marketing, and one of a best ways to build and say relations with clients and customers. Of course, we can pattern and send out all a emails yourself, though there are a lot of giveaway collection and resources that can assistance we with your email selling efforts. Yes, you’re substantially informed with MailChimp and AWeber, though they’re not a usually email selling collection accessible on a Internet.

There are copiousness of giveaway and freemium collection out there that can assistance we with each step of formulating and progressing an email selling campaign. From conceptualizing your emails, to doing your inbox, to doing a tangible email debate itself, here’s a list of 20 best collection and resources that we can try out.

The Hemingway App

You can block your emails into this online editor and accept feedback. The app lends a clean, minimalist character to your content, assisting we to bond with your reader base. It provides suggestions on hard-to-read sentences, pacifist voice, jargon, and treacherous words.

The Hemingway AppThe Hemingway App


MailChimp is a renouned cloud resolution to conduct email selling campaigns including newsletters. It helps emanate a ideal email-marketing campaign, send emails, rivet with readers, and collect statistics. MailChimp has an measureless list of facilities including a theme line researcher, an email communication tracker, and a new contacts builder.



If we are not certain of how to go about your selling campaign, Cakemail is all we need. It is elementary to work with — usually select a tradition pattern template, supplement a message, and send a emails to your contacts. Its countless facilities like spam assassin, separate A/B testing, and debate research collection assistance we conduct a debate efficiently.



If we are looking for a apparatus that integrates with your app to send emails, Mailjet has a transactional email service. It has an interface to emanate and optimize emails, like MailChimp and CakeMail. Also, it provides an SMTP server and a set of REST APIs for integrating it into your app or implementing it in your automation system. Moreover, Mailjet can shred lists, personalize emails, and exam as good as examination email campaigns.



AWeber helps tiny businesses to build and supplement audiences. It helps rivet subscribers during a right time. With this tool, we can import contacts, emanate emails, preview breeze emails, and send it to your subscribers. Moreover, Aweber offers some-more facilities like auto-responder, segmentation options, reports, and several integrations to assistance you.


Vertical Response

If we do not like operative with HTML, VerticalResponse’s email sorceress can emanate emails for you. Its clean, elementary interface helps pattern and send emails to your contacts. You can even confederate a debate with Salesforce for modernized email selling projects. Last though not a least, it provides email and amicable share statistics as well.

Vertical ResponseVertical Response


If we need manageable email designs in a snap, Campayn offers entrance to countless templates. It imports hit list from any source including Gmail and Yahoo. Campayn can also automate promulgation emails and relief embeddable amicable pity options. Moreover, it can assistance with analytics as good to make your debate some-more successful.



If we need unique, creative, streamlined email templates, FreshMail is a ideal option. You can use a discerning editor to emanate emails in several designs. It also offers mixed collection like mail auto-responder, inbox inspector, A/B tester, etc. Moreover, we can lane a efficacy of your email deliveries regulating real-time email tracking.



If we need to setup mixed email selling campaigns, Sendicate has a right collection for you. You can breeze and send or report a array of emails, shred your assembly with hunt filters, and do lot some-more email selling things fast with this tool. Last though not a least, it also provides required statistics to urge your marketing.



If we need an app that works standalone as good as with other apps, SendinBlue is a ideal apparatus for your requirements. You can import a template or pattern your possess newsletter and send it to your subscribers. Moreover, a collection assistance we grow and shred your subscribers and relief reports with minute insights to know performance. It also provides plugins and integrations to assistance we allege or automate your selling efforts.



You can emanate and send awesome, mobile-friendly emails regulating Sendloop’s drag–create email builder. Sendloop creates it easy to import your emails and contacts from a third celebration height like Gmail and Yahoo. It also lets we report and preview a emails and perspective a spam magnitude for a mail before promulgation it, ensuring improved conversions.



If we do not wish to learn new, heavily-featured email selling tools, Sign-Up.to is a elementary app to start work with immediately. It offers self-service as good as managed email selling services, that is an glorious choice if we do not have adequate resources to hoop a selling by yourself. Its easy-to-use height offers all a collection to grow subscribers, emanate manageable emails, send them, and investigate your campaigns.



If we are looking for a clean, candid email selling experience, TinyLetter is a ideal tool. It can assistance we if we do not need any stating or other modernized facilities for your business. It is usually a elementary email selling apparatus with no fuss.



Litmus Scope is an email examiner apparatus that inspects a formula of your email and helps we fine-tune it for each platform, permitting anyone on any device to suffer a best experience. You can examination and share previews of your emails for desktop and mobile platforms. You can also take a demeanour during any email’s formula to learn how other marketers lift it off.



PutsMail is accessible for generating a preview of your email before it reaches your audience. The giveaway apparatus lets we perform a organic exam of a campaign. You usually need to enter a email’s HTML and theme line along with a few aim addresses (mostly yours or your colleagues’) to exam it in real-time on genuine mail services.


Visual Website Optimizer

If we have a pre-designed email selling campaign, we can make use of a Visual Website Optimizer tool. It lets we exam a email’s visible coming before promulgation it to your readers, assisting we equivocate any last-minute warn issues. Moreover, it also gives insights into your aim audience’s wants and responses.

Visual Website OptimizerVisual Website Optimizer


IsValid apparatus automates a statistical tests finished for A/B experiments. That means, it helps to brand or explain a formula of a A/B experiments of your campaigns. You can use it to magnitude a formula of A/B contrast of your email selling campaigns. It helps compare, quantify, and countenance a exam formula of your selling campaigns.


Social Media Share Link Generator

Social Media Share Link Generator is an excellent, tiny apparatus for generating links for pity on amicable media. It is a worshiped choice as it combines amicable media and email efforts and helps we expostulate amicable shares directly from your email selling campaigns. This giveaway apparatus generates URLs, that we can hide in your selling emails.

Social Media Share Link GeneratorSocial Media Share Link Generator

HTML Formatter

You will find this online HTML Formatter as a good apparatus to format your email’s code. HTML Formatter keeps spaces and tabs between calm tags. It also allows we to select an gash turn for formatting a HTML, creation your formula readable.

HTML FormatterHTML Formatter

HTML Validator

HTML Validator is an easy-to-use apparatus to countenance your email’s code. It reports several forms of issues in your formula including blank tags, transcribe IDs, shabby attributes, etc. and suggests countless improvements as well. You contingency countenance your formula since shabby formula might arrangement inadequate on browsers, i.e., bad knowledge for your readers.

HTML ValidatorHTML Validator

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