15 Tips & Tricks to Make a Most of Android 7 Nougat

Android 7.0 (codenamed Nougat), strictly expelled on Aug 22, 2016 for Nexus and Pixel devices, is slowly rolling out for mobile devices all over a world.

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While you’re energetically watchful for perplexing out a latest Android on your phone or tablet, we pierce to we a list of useful tips tricks for creation a most of new facilities and improvements in Android Nougat.

Scroll down for any of a tips or take a shorcut to a specific tip:

  1. Customize Quick Settings
  2. Faster multitasking
  3. Use Multi-window
  4. Use any app in Multi-window
  5. Direct respond and expandable notifications
  6. Get bundled notifications
  7. Better presentation government
  8. Adjust rise and shade distance
  9. Unlock System Tuner UI
  10. Use Data Saver
  11. Block people and numbers
  12. Close credentials regulating services
  13. Add your second denunciation
  14. Optimize battery government
  15. Use File Encryption

Customize Quick Settings

Quick Settings enables a user to quickly configure a common complement settings such as activating rotation, branch on/off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and some-more though opening a Settings (app). Nougat concede users to customize a accessibility of Setting tiles in Quick Settings. (Some manufacturers’ inclination already come with this feature, however, it wasn’t partial of vanilla aka Google’s chronicle of Android.)

To customize a discerning settings, slide down from a top to perspective a presentation drawer slip down again to see a settings toggles click a EDIT symbol to perspective a discerning settings tiles’ pattern drag and drop a tiles to set a tiles’ availability.

Customize Quick SettingsCustomize Quick Settings

Faster Multitasking

Multitasking on Android so distant involves drumming on a retard symbol to lift adult all your open apps, organised formed on new use. Now, all we need to do is double-tap a recents (square) button on a navigation bar and Android will switch to a many new app.

Faster MultitaskingFaster Multitasking

Use Multi-Window

Multi-window come to Android in Nougat. It lets we use dual apps parallel corresponding by bursting a screen into dual halves — horizontally or vertically.

To use dual apps simultaneously, open your initial app, long press a recents (square) icon on a navigation bar while regulating it. This will snap it to a top-half of a shade (in mural mode) or to a left-half (in landscape mode). Then, choose another of your recently open apps to snap to a other half of a screen.

Note: The dual apps that we wish to use parallel regulating multi-window should be already benefaction in your Recent Apps list for this to work. Note that not all apps support multi-window underline currently. There is however a workaround we can try (next tip).

Use Multi-WindowUse Multi-Window

Use Any App in Multi-Window

One of a reason multi-window is not upheld in certain apps is due to a size. There is a tweak we can use to overcome this. It is a developer choice that allows apps to be resized (so it can used in split-screen mode). It’s not a 100% tweak nonetheless – you’ll have to try it out to see if it works.

To capacitate this ability, initial enable developer options by opening Settings About Software information and tap on the Build series 7 times.

Once a developer options has been enabled, open a Settings again Developer options and toggle Force activities to be resizable on to make all apps concordant with Multi-Window.

Use Any App in Multi-WindowUse Any App in Multi-Window

Direct Reply and Expandable Notifications

Direct respond underline enables we to reply to a summary or presentation directly from a presentation drawer, i.e., we don’t need to open that sold app to respond to a message. Expandable notifications underline allows viewing some-more sum of a notification.

These facilities come accessible when you’re personification a diversion or examination a film and a presentation arrives for that we need to respond to. Rather than bucket adult a app, we can respond to a summary or review a presentation in full right from a presentation bar.

To use a approach respond feature, when a summary comes in, slide down from a top of your device’s shade to see a presentation drawer. Swipe again with dual fingers on any sold presentation afterwards type your summary and daub a respond symbol to send your message.

To use a expandable notifications feature, click a little arrow button on a right side of your notifications or make a enhance gesticulate (swiping with dual fingers). This lets we expand that notification to uncover some-more sum (say, finish message) from that sold notification.

Direct Reply and Expandable NotificationsDirect Reply and Expandable Notifications

Get Bundled Notifications

Similar to a presentation stacks on Android Wear, bundled notifications organisation all notifications into one notification, shortening sold courtesy compulsory to residence them.

If we usually singular daub on a bundled notification, a movement will launch a compared app. If you, however, use a enhance gesticulate (swipe down regulating dual fingers) on that bundled notification, afterwards a bundled presentation expands itself to arrangement a sold notifications.

Then we can tap on a sold unbundled notification to perspective a same in a given app (and not open usually a app as described above).

Get Bundled NotificationsGet Bundled Notifications

Better Notification Management

With Nougat, we can manage certain kinds of notifications formed on a apps they come from. Ignore ads, promotions and other irrelevant notifications (like Facebook birthday reminders and diversion notifications) and keep usually a critical ones that unequivocally need your attention.

To do this, on any such incoming notification, long press on a app’s presentation select a duty accordingly from a options. You can name to wordless a notifications or totally retard them.

Better Notification ManagementBetter Notification Management

If we daub on MORE SETTINGS (at a bottom, subsequent to DONE), we can name to:

  • Block all notifications from this app,
  • Show them silently,
  • Control what shows adult on a tighten screen, or
  • Allow a app to overrule Do Not Disturb’s settings

Note that if we name to uncover a notifications silently, we can’t ask to overrule Do Not Disturb’s settings since it can’t overrule though creation sound, of course.

Notification Management per AppNotification Management per App

Adjust Font and Screen Size

With Nougat, we can adjust a distance of a content and even that of non-textual elements, i.e., augmenting or dwindling a ratio of a app’s distance (including bars and buttons) to a shade distance per your arrangement needs.

To adjust a distance of a content shown anywhere in a user interface, open a Settings app name Display daub Font size and pierce a slider to set a final rise size.

To adjust a distance of a non-textual tools of a interface including drawer, bars and buttons, open a Settings app click Display daub Display size and pierce a slider to set a distance we want.

Adjust Font and Screen SizeAdjust Font and Screen Size

Unlock System Tuner UI

System Tuner UI brings some-more in-depth settings and lets we excellent balance pattern elements and some initial features. For instance, we can turn on energy presentation controls, that enables some-more granular control over any sold app’s notifications. You can even turn off finish discerning settings to perspective usually notifications in a presentation bar.

To capacitate this absolute and unsure enhancement, appropriate down from a shade to open a discerning settings simply daub and hold a settings icon until it starts spinning. You’ll accept a acknowledgment of a underline been activated (as shown in a design below).

Unlock System Tuner UIUnlock System Tuner UI

Use Data Saver

Data Saver underline limits entrance to information for apps in a background, saving we information as good as battery life. It’s good to keep it enabled if information saving is a prerequisite and your wish to dissuade apps to use information in credentials for syncing or loading ads. For instance, an adware app won’t uncover ads if we haven’t non-stop it explicitly, though do note that an app like Twitter won’t also modernise itself in a credentials unless we launch or correlate with yourself.

To spin on a Nougat’s Data Saver, open the Settings app click Data usage Data saver click on the toggle button on a tip right to turn on a information saver.

Optionally, click on Unrestricted information access and name a apps that data saver won’t affect, i.e., these apps won’t save information and will act in their full potential. This ostracism list is suggestive for critical or essential apps for that we don’t wish to skip or check any notification.

Use Data SaverUse Data Saver

Block People and Numbers

Android 7.0 Nougat finally brings a ever-wanted feature to retard numbers — numbers from whom we don’t intend to get messages or calls. It’s generally useful during times when we get raw by spam or announcement calls that disturbs we during work.

Moreover, we also find this underline useful opposite selling messages from marketplace stores. To retard such numbers, open a Dialer app tap a Options symbol Settings Call blocking and click ADD A NUMBER. Then, simply enter a series we wish to retard and you’re done.

Block People and NumbersBlock People and Numbers

Close Background Running Services

In many cases, credentials services devour nonessential resources. For example, Facebook consumes information and battery to get your timeline and other post updates or Twitter to fetch we latest tweets from your following or favorites list. But if a phone’s battery is going to die or if you’re prepared to play a complicated game, afterwards it’s improved to close some irrelevant background-running services to giveaway adult resources and urge a performance.

To tighten a regulating services, go to Settings Developer options (enable these initial if not nonetheless enabled or manifest by going to Settings About Software information and afterwards tap on the Build series 7 times) Running services and click on a regulating services we wish to tighten one-by-one and tap a STOP button for any to kill them from a memory.

Close Background Running ServicesClose Background Running Services

Add your Second Language

If we are equally smooth in dual languages, afterwards Android 7.0 Nougat provides we a trickery to give submit in both a languages, that is apparently a great underline for bilingual users and also visit travelers.

To make use of a multi-locale feature, open Settings Languages submit Language preferences, afterwards name Add a language and finally collect your second denunciation from a list of accessible languages. Then after, we can simply change a denunciation in a on-screen keyboard by dire creation or long-pressing spacebar key.

Add your Second LanguageAdd your Second Language

Optimize Battery Management

Android’s battery government capabilities require critical improvements since of no successfully advancements in battery technology. Owing to a same, Nougat brings improved battery government underline than a predecessors. Doze on a Go supersedes Doze expelled with Android 6.0 Marshmallow and boasts to urge a altogether battery life.

Do note that some third-party non-compatible apps might no longer send we notifications or perform credentials data-required tasks. This means we might end adult blank some present messages or other notifications.

Thankfully, we can spin off battery optimization for such apps by doing these steps: open Settings Battery Battery optimisation All apps and daub on a apps away and name Don’t optimise and afterwards click DONE.

Optimize Battery ManagementOptimize Battery Management

Use File Encryption

Android 7.0 brings File-Based Encryption that discordant to a already accessible full hoop encryption in Android, encrypts and locks usually some partial of a storage rather than a finish storage of a device. This allows a essential apps to duty properly even if we don’t clear a device, for ex., a device will sound alarms if auto-restarted.

Due to a same, we don’t need to enter a tighten formula during a foot process. A full wipe, however, is compulsory to switch from full hoop encryption to record encryption. To encrypt your device regulating this scheme, go to Settings Developer options (enable these if not nonetheless enabled or accessible by opening Settings About Software information and tap on Build series 7 times) Convert to record encryption and click WIPE AND CONVERT.

Use File EncryptionUse File Encryption

Well, that was all about a new facilities and enhancements offering in a latest chronicle of a many renouned mobile handling system. What some-more do we love about Google’s Android 7.0 Nougat? Don’t demur to share with us regulating comments.

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