15 Google Photos Tips for Power Users

On a surface, Google Photos is a elementary apparatus that automatically organizes your photos and videos formed on opposite factors. However, if we take a deeper look, it hides tons of amazing new features that can make print organizing a breeze.

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Whether we are a professional photographer or looking to safe-keep family memories, Google Photos has all to greatfully you. To assistance we make a many out of Google Photos, we are pity 15 good Google Photos tips and tricks. Let’s check out a following.

1. Editing photos in Google Photos

Google Photos offers a simple print modifying tool to revise your photos on a go. Of course, it is not one of a most extensive print modifying tools, like GIMP or Adobe Photoshop, though it offers adequate facilities to make simple edits.

Open adult a print that we wish to revise and click on a “Edit” choice above (the coop icon).

edit photosedit photos

All a editing options will open adult on a right side. You can supplement and conduct dozens of filters from here and also manually adjust light and tone balance. Also, there are also options to crop, stagger and conduct aspect ratio of a photo.

editing toolsediting tools

If you’re confused about that options to use, we can request “Auto” choice to automatically repair your photo. Google Photos will apply a best filters and conduct a position of a print as it thinks is best. The auto-adjust formula are utterly pleasing, we contingency say.

Although a edits will be practical to a strange photo, however, we can also create a duplicate or undo-edits whenever we like.

2. Enabling total storage

You might already know that Google Photos offers total storage for your photos and videos, however, usually if we let it restrict their size. In sequence to be authorised for a total storage, your photos and videos contingency be compressed to 16 megapixels and 1080p fortitude respectively.

This resolution is some-more than adequate for unchanging users who use their high-end smartphones or unchanging cameras for photos or videos. It will usually be a problem for veteran photographers who wish their high-resolution photos stored in their strange distance and quality.

However, this option is not enabled by default. You will have to capacitate it by clicking on a hamburger menu during a tip left dilemma and name “Settings” from it.


Now name “High quality” choice during a tip and all your newly combined photos and videos will be dense and will not minister to your Google Drive storage.

high peculiarity photoshigh peculiarity photos

3. Instantly recuperating storage space

If we are low on extent storage extent of Google Photos, we might now redeem some of a storage by compressing photos and videos that are not compressed. Go to “Settings” again from a tip left hamburger menu and click on a “Recover Storage” button.

recover storagerecover storage

A dialog will cocktail adult display how most storage we can redeem by compressing photos and videos. Click on “Compress” symbol here to restrict a photos. This will restrict all photos/videos that are not compressed, including photos/videos in other Google services like Google+ and Blogger, etc (except for Google Drive).

compress videos photoscompress videos photos

You should also use a “Recover Storage” choice right after we capacitate a total high peculiarity photo/video storage choice (see tip #2). Because it will only restrict newer photos/videos, comparison ones will still stay in strange fortitude and won’t minister to total storage unless we restrict them.

4. Saving space on your smartphone

Google Photos smartphone app also allows we to delete all photos in your phone that have been safely corroborated adult in your Google Photos account. In box we are low on storage in your phone, we can let Google Photos undo all a photos and videos that are already corroborated up.

In a smartphone app, daub on a categorical hamburger menu during a tip left dilemma and name “Free adult device storage” option. Google Photos will find all a photos and videos and uncover we how many equipment are safely corroborated adult and can be deleted. Just daub on a “Remove” symbol here and a items will be deleted.

free device spacesfree device spaces

5. Share photos and videos

Google Photos also concede we to quickly share photos/videos and albums with friends or over your amicable media channels. Open a photo, video, manuscript or art and click on a “Share” symbol during a top.

share photosshare photos

Sharing options will open adult along with suggested contacts in a middle. You can share a calm around email, supplement it to manuscript or share over renouned amicable media channels including Google+, Facebook, and Twitter.

Additionally, we can also get a sharable couple that we can share anywhere to share a content. The common calm will open in Google Photos interface if not common over a specific amicable media network.

share optionsshare options

6. Removing geolocation from common content

When we share a photo/video, its Exif information is also common with it. Anyone can lane a accurate plcae of where that print was taken regulating this information. You can ask Google Photos to mislay Geolocation information from content that is common regulating a “Link” option.

Go to “Settings” and capacitate a choice “Remove geo plcae in equipment common by link“. Now whenever we will share calm regulating sharable link, a plcae information will be removed. Although, do keep in mind that the plcae will still be common if we will use other pity options, like pity over amicable media networks or around email.

remove plcae dataremove plcae data

7. Using Google Photos Smart Search

Wow“, “OMG“, “that’s insane“, “okay, that’s usually creepy” are some of a difference that might come to your mind when we will use Google Photos Search feature.

Google Photos Search underline is intelligent on levels that might make we feel a small uncomfortable. It allows we to literally use any spirit per your photos to hunt for accurate matches. You can use date/time, objects inside a photo, color, people and literally anything that we can consider of.

As shortly as we click on a “Search bar” during a top, we will see some parameters catered to your needs to fast start your search. These embody locations, videos, selfies, people, animations and more. If these are not adequate for you, we can start adding keywords in a hunt bar to pinpoint a accurate content.

google photos searchgoogle photos search

The keyword can be anything that has a connection with a content we are looking for. Are we looking for photos of we son’s final birthday party? Just enter “birthday party“. Was there a tree in a credentials of a photo? Try entering “tree” to hunt for it. Maybe we remember there is red tone in a picture? Enter “red” and it will uncover all cinema with tone red in it. So most so, we can even enter emojis to hunt for content, for example: enter grin emoji “🙂” to hunt for all photos with people smiling.

enter keywordsenter keywords

The possibilities are endless, we usually need to consider of something inside a design we are looking for and trust Google photos that it will find it. we meant really, it was even means to find a lasagna in a credentials of my selfie!

8. Add Private Labels to brand people

Although Google Photos hunt is intelligent adequate to brand babies, male or women in pictures, though it cannot tell who is indeed inside a picture. You can assistance out with that by revelation Google Photos who’s face is this and it will organize all a photos of that sold chairman in one place.

To hunt for people to label, click on a hunt bar and Google Photos will uncover face print of all a people that it can brand in your photos. Here click on a face of a chairman we would like to tag and afterwards click on “Who’s this?” on a subsequent page.

people in photospeople in photos
who's this in photo

Now enter a name of a person and Google Photos will know who is that chairman and will organize their photos by their name.

add labelsadd labels

9. Google Photos Assistant

Google Photos has a intelligent partner that can automatically emanate collages, albums, scenery photos, animations, and movies from your photos that indeed have some approach tie with any other. The partner is unequivocally intelligent and creates ideal calm that we would certainly love.

Go to Google Photos “Settings” and make certain “Assistant cards” choice is enabled.

google photos assistantgoogle photos assistant

Now pierce to a “Assistant” add-on on a left side of Google Photos interface, and we will see all a cold cards. If we like a sold content, we can click on a “Save to Library” symbol subsequent to pierce it to your “Photos library“.


10. Google Drive photos videos in Google Photos

By default, all a photos/videos we upload to Google Drive regulating a Google Drive uploader do not seem in Google Photos. If we wish these photos/videos to seem in Google Photos as well, we can capacitate it from a settings. Go to “Settings” and capacitate a choice “Google Drive“.

google expostulate photosgoogle expostulate photos

Now a photos/videos stored in Google Drive will seem in Google Photos. However, this doesn’t meant that these photos/videos will be altered to Google Photos. They will still take space in Google Drive and will not be dense to take advantage of a total storage offering in Google Photos.

11. Using a Desktop Uploader

Google Photos app for smartphones is unequivocally good during automatically uploading and syncing photos and videos. However, on a desktop, we manually upload calm regulating a upload symbol in Google Photos web interface. Google Photos might not have a extensive desktop app, though it does offer a simple uploader to automatically upload photos and videos.

Download a Desktop Uploader, and it will automatically start syncing photos and videos stored in your PC. Interestingly, it will also ask we to upload photos/videos from outmost storage inclination like SD cards or camera storage when we will bond it to your PC. So it’s a contingency have app for people who use their camera for holding photos.

12. Recover deleted photos videos

You can also recover recently deleted photos and videos regulating a “Trash” choice in Google Photos. Google Photos moves all a deleted calm to a “Trash” and keeps it there for 60 days before deletion it permanently. If we incidentally deleted something or altered your mind after deletion something, afterwards we can easily redeem it from a “Trash“.

Click on a hamburger menu on a tip left dilemma and name “Trash” from a menu.


In a trash, we can name photos that we would like to redeem and click on a “Restore” symbol during a tip right dilemma to redeem them.

recover deleted photosrecover deleted photos

13. Move in time regulating right corkscrew bar

Google Photos has a special corkscrew bar right subsequent to a corkscrew bar of your browser. This corkscrew bar allows we to pierce between photos over time. If we need to entrance photos from a specific time, afterwards simply use this corkscrew bar to directly pierce to it, instead of regulating a browser scrollbar and scrolling endlessly.

Simply move your rodent cursor to a right side of a interface and a corkscrew bar will automatically spin visible. You will be means to see years and months to corkscrew adult or down.

time corkscrew bartime corkscrew bar

Note: The time duration is formed on a time when photos were taken, and not when they were uploaded to your Google Photos library.

14. Backup and sync photos videos

Google Photos app for smartphone usually backs adult photos and videos that are taken by a camera of a phone, i.e. photos stored in a camera roll. However, we can also tell Google Photos to backup photos/videos from folders created by other apps or folders. For example, we can backup media calm from folders combined by WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, any print modifying app or a screenshots folder.

To do so, open a categorical menu in Google Photos app for smartphones and daub on a “Device folders” option. You will see all a folders in your device with a “Cloud” symbol subsequent to them. Tap on a “Cloud” symbol subsequent to any folder that we would like to backup and sync, and it will spin blue, definition a syncing is on. Now whenever we will supplement a new photo/video to that specific folder, it will automatically upload in Google Photos.

backup other foldersbackup other folders

15. Download all photos videos

Google Photos allows we to easily download photos and videos in your account, however, it can be utterly a vapid task. If we wish to download all a photos/videos and albums stored inside your Google Photos account, we can take advantage of a Google Takeout service.

Google Takeout allows we to download repository of all a information stored inside Google services, including Google Photos. Open a Google Takeout page and click “Select none” symbol to unselect all a Google services.

google takeoutgoogle takeout

Now corkscrew down and name “Google Photos” from a list. After that, pierce to a bottom and click on “Create archive” symbol to start formulating an archive. Once a repository is created, Google will send an email to your Gmail account containing a couple to download all a data.

google photosgoogle photos
create archivecreate archive

To summarize

These small Google Photos tips and tricks should assistance we get some-more out of Google Photos. If we are regulating 15GB giveaway space offering by Google Drive to store calm in Google Photos, we should really capacitate a total storage option. The photos/videos in their strange fortitude will fast take over all a space and stop we from regulating other Google services as well, such as Gmail. Also, do play around with Google Photos hunt option, we will be astounded by a accuracy.

Know any other cold tips and tricks to raise Google Photos experience? Share with us in a comments below.

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