140+ Google Services & Tools You Should Know (And Bookmark)

Mention Google products and you’d substantially consider of Google Search, Gmail, Chrome, YouTube or Android though there are indeed more than a hundred Google services and tools that many of us aren’t wakeful of or know about. So we suspicion that this would be a good event to demeanour adult accessible though reduction famous Google services and tools. This is what a investigate incited up.

Note that the list is not exhaustive and does not lift projects or services/tools that were already taken down by a time of this writing. The collection and services were also listed formed on their purpose, not holding into comment what effects a restructuring of Alphabet has on them.

Do let us know of any tool/service that is blank from a list, in a comments section.

For Shopping Travel

  • Google Express | Android | iOS – Get same day or overnight smoothness with Google Express and make payments around Google Wallet to speed adult a smoothness process.
  • Google Shopping – A hunt engine for products; product info is updated by a merchants that lift a products for sale.
  • Google Wallet | Android | iOS – Send income anywhere in a US around email residence or phone number. Also famous as Android Pay.
  • Google Flights – A hunt engine for flights
  • Google News Weather | Android | iOS – A portal for news and continue personalized by user, difficulty and location.
  • Intersection Explorer (Android) – An scrutiny app for a vision-impaired. The app reads out a name of a roads.
  • ZAGAT | Android | iOS – A minute ratings reviews city beam as voted by locals and travelers. Applicable in 18 cities only.

Search Services

Google is apparently some-more famous as a absolute hunt engine than all a other services though we competence not know that we can hunt for patents from opposite countries (stretching all a approach behind a integrate of centuries), trends and even informative treasures and collections during museums around a world. And that’s usually a tip of a iceberg.

Collaborative Tools

Online partnership is now probable and finished even some-more viable with copiousness of online collection by Google. Whether we are a remote worker, a tyro or an offie worker, carrying entrance to these modifying tools, spreadsheets, messaging services and other collection and services can assistance make a routine smoother.

Business Tools

Google offers useful business collection that competence assistance we to run your business in a improved way. For instance, we can get customized email domain, find a partner for your business or if we have a distinguished business plan, get Google to deposit and support a thought into fruition. To know some-more about what Google has for your business take a demeanour next during Google business tools:

Ad Tools

Google provides series of absolute ad collection that competence assistance we to publicize your business on websites worldwide, reaching a aim assembly that we competence not have differently been means to reach. Google even offers certifications to be an online promotion veteran if we are penetrating to master online advertisement. To know some-more about Google online announcement tools, check out a list below:

Data Insights

Google helps we to investigate trends and information some-more deeply and with improved discernment in sequence to make decisions accordingly. With these information tools, we can control consumer surveys to know their needs and mandate for a product or service, get minute reports on trade entrance to your website, hunt recognition of keywords over opposite time durations and most more.

Website Building Tools

Whether we wish to get a purebred website name, demeanour for an easy approach to build a website, speed adult your website, make it mobile-friendly or need a quick Public DNS for improved performance, all of this can be finished with a assistance of collection listed here.

Google Web Design Tools

Google also has a series of collection a web engineer can use, In a toolbox is a far-reaching accumulation of collection and resources, including programming languages to assistance a web engineer keep their designs present with a latest technologies. Here are some that can be of service.

Map Tools

Most of us are informed with Google Maps only, though Google has many other Map Tools as well. These collection can assistance we to make your possess outside or indoor maps for your bureau or building, emanate 360-degree views of your bureau or business place, get latitudes longitudes of a given residence or place and most more.

Security Tools

If we desired Gmail’s two-step authentication, afterwards these collection can also assistance strengthen we from digital attacks, drudge spamming and other confidence issues.

Google Places

Explore learn about opposite places, on Earth, a Moon, Mars, and adult in a sky with these good Google Places tools.

Android Related

Android is some-more than an OS for mobile, it’s also a growth height for a accumulation of other intelligent devices.

Google Chrome/Chromium

We substantially know Chrome as a renouned browser, desired by some, though when it comes to Chrome, there are other aspects to it we competence not know of. There are remote desktop services and a series of inclination and services for preparation and businesses as good as platforms for developers and programmers to showcase their work associated to Chrome.

Google Languages

If we usually know of a Google Translate tool, afterwards we are blank out on a other Google Languages collection that are available. Apart from translation, Google creates it easy to submit non-Latin languages such as Japanese, Korean, Chinese and more.

Google Image Managers

Whether we wish to do veteran print editing, classify your photos some-more good in a cloud or emanate 360-degree print spheres and supplement 2D 3D animations for fit storytelling, these are a accessible collection we can use.


Apart from browsing by and examination videos during YouTube on unchanging as good as vast screens, we can now conduct guard your YouTube channels right from your Android or iOS inclination easily. If a ads provoke you, there is also a use that lets we bypass that for a fee.

Google Public Service

Google being one of a largest organizations around, are in a singular position to bond tellurian communities around a world. With that in mind, here are 3 services by Google to assistance reconnect mislaid friends and family members, present to eminent causes and organizations in need as good as collect vicious information simply in a time of disasters and crises.

Google Education

Whether it is classroom management, practical margin trips or other inclination services dedicated for teachers and students, Google provides a good set of collection and services for preparation too.

Google Play

Although there are thousands of apps on Google Play, there are some flagship apps associated to books, music, news and games too. And that’s because we have all of these Google Play store branches.

Google Products

Apart from program formed tools, services and apps, Google also has a engorgement of earthy products, some some-more renouned than others.

Other Cool Tools By Google

There are a series of products, services and collection that do not fit into any specific difficulty we discussed above so we have listed them here. Every listed object has a possess functionality and purpose, do check them out.

  • 3D Warehouse by Google – Contains models for buildings, vehicles and more. Fit for 3D displaying and pattern application, SketchUp
  • Google Apps Certifications – Get approved as a dilettante for administering and deploying (until Jan 2016 only) Google Apps.
  • Google Alerts – Set this adult to accept alerts on specific keywords.
  • My Tracks | Android – Fit for health enthusiasts who wish to lane their trails and treks, and share them.
  • Google Fit | Android – Track your aptness information. For use in Android Wear, mechanism or mobile devices.
  • Interactive Events | Android – Used to locate and find some-more info about speakers and agendas in Google events.
  • Google Talkback | Android – Google shade reader
  • BrailleBack | Android – An accessibility device for use in Android devices.
  • Google Keyboard | Android – Soft keyboard app
  • Google TV Remote | iOS
  • Android TV Remote | Android

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