14 Free Online HTML Form Builders

The many straigtforward proceed of entertainment information on your business or users is by online forms. From login forms for mobile apps to newsletter pointer adult forms, feedback forms, and registration forms etc. online users come opposite forms everywhere. Therefore, web developers compensate special mind on formulating elementary and appealing forms for a users.

Regardless of what your need is, here are 5 of a best HTML form builders that can beget any kind of form – easily and free. Go on and check out these collection in a list below.



You can make lifeless online forms come alive with LiveForms – a absolute and easy-to-use form builder with a colorful template customizer. You can supplement and make variations to 20+ form fields, perform confidence checks and validations, supplement redeeming logic, and track a forms’ opening with LiveForms, interjection to a analytics features.

It lets we emanate and place 3 forms on your site for free with an stipend of 300 entries per month. However, if we need support for remuneration gateways or third-party apps, we contingency opt for paid subscription that offers some-more features like record upload and group collaboration.

Cognito Forms

Cognito FormsCognito Forms

If we are looking for a some-more discerning proceed to conceptualizing forms, Cognito Forms has a user-friendly interface with super strong features. You can build forms, hide them on your website and constraint inputs from anyone. What meddlesome me is, we can ask for payments regulating Stripe or PayPal formation during 1% assign of a collection.

You get a operation of margin forms to emanate forms along with absolute facilities like document merge, record upload with distance and form limits, redeeming logic and email notifications – one of my favorites. It works giveaway for total forms with up to 500 entries per month and 100 MB space, while a paid subscription offers some-more facilities including electronic signatures.



If we are a tiny business seeking for a form builder that only works, JotForm has got all along with drag-and-drop support. To my surprise, JotForm packs in lots of facilities like templates and themes and support for online payments, widgets, and third-party applications. It also supports form analytics and partnership with associate members.

Once we are ready, we can publish and share a forms, and accept emails whenever a user fills them. As a giveaway user, we can have 100 submissions per month, accept one payment, and horde adult to 5 forms with total fields and reports. As a paid subscriber, we get some-more submissions and some-more space, and we can also supplement sub-users.



TypeForm is an interactive form engineer for formulating surveys contests, and forms that work opposite all devices. Its singular interface lets we pattern and format forms your way, supplement images and videos, and do a lot more.

You can choose to get email notifications for responses and beget reports for your forms. As a elementary subscriber, we can hide a forms, use 10 fields per form, receive 100 responses per month, and share information with 500+ apps regulating Zapier. As a paid subscriber, we can use total fields and proof jumps, collect payments and get some-more done.



Wufoo’s discerning drag and dump interface lets we pattern energetic forms regulating customized, 400+ device-responsive templates along with support for modernized logic. You can emanate adult to 3 forms carrying 10 fields and receive 100 entries a month for free. Though Wufoo is not as absolute as LiveForms or JotFrom, nonetheless it works good for creation elementary forms.

As a paid subscriber, we get additional facilities like support for record uploads and conditional logic, response notifications, modernized reports as good as analytics. Additionally, we can also accept online payments with a formation of Stripe, PayPal, Braintree, or Chargify.



123ContactForm has all facilities and pattern elements to emanate forms as simply and fast as possible. You can create and customize multi-page forms, use several customary and modernized form fields, and ask users to upload files by your forms.

You can pointer adult for giveaway with 123ContactForm to emanate adult to 5 forms with 10 fields, accept 100 submissions per month, beget one report and, we are also authorised to confederate a third-party app for free, distinct above tools.

Also, we can opt for a paid skeleton to relief some-more facilities like domain aliasing, remuneration integration, and more.

Zoho Forms

Zoho FormsZoho Forms

You can emanate considerable nonetheless device-independent forms regulating Zoho Forms. Its drag-and-drop interface along with professionally-made templates assistance we build and horde awesome-looking forms. It has facilities like email notifications, effortless group partnership tools, support for customized forms, and news generators.

As a giveaway subscriber, we get adult to 3 forms with 500 submissions per month, and we can use adult to 200 MB storage space and beget an total series of reports. As a paid subscriber, on a other hand, we get to emanate and horde unlimited forms. There is more, we also get remuneration formation and tradition templates in a paid plans.



SpiceForms’ drag-and-drop interface helps we emanate absolute and manageable web forms. As a free subscriber, we can hide adult to 3 forms with singular facilities and accept adult to 100 submissions per month. That is not all, of course.

It supports ten configurable margin types, email notifications, and acknowledgment responses as well. What we like it, we can supplement redeeming logic, customize a style, and do a lot some-more as simply as creation some clicks. Additionally, we can view, edit, and undo a form entries and trade them in CSV format – interjection to a acquiescence manager.

eCube Apps

eCube AppseCube Apps

HTML Form Builder by eCube Apps lets we emanate and customize forms per your needs. Its thesis engineer helps customize a forms and supplement corroboration and redeeming proof to forms. You can collect data, upload files, accept payments, and do some-more regulating a forms.

What tender me some-more is, we can share a forms on amicable media platforms regulating QR code, SMS, and email. Moreover, we can also hide a forms on your website. All giveaway subscribers get total forms with support for 100 submissions per month, and we can emanate total reports. However, we cannot accept payments in a giveaway plans.



EmailMeForm helps we pattern customizable, mobile-responsive forms with preset fonts, patterns, and logos, interjection to a seamless, drag-and-drop interface. Using a giveaway plan, we can pattern forms regulating 3 themes and 50 form fields. Moreover, we get 100 submissions per month along with 100MB storage, 3 reports, and some-more features.

Surprisingly, we can also route visitors to a tradition residence and supplement anti-spam insurance to a forms. Moreover, underneath a paid plans, there are some-more facilities like multi-lingual forms, tradition style, remuneration integrations, and tradition web integrations as well.



If we need an easy-to-use GUI form builder to emanate forms, Freedback works good as a giveaway form builder. When we pointer adult for a giveaway version, it allows creating one form carrying total form fields. You are authorised with an total series of submissions.

Moreover, it offers some-more facilities like spam filters, information backup options, and email notifications and page redirections. In a paid version, we get a few some-more facilities like managing submissions along with information validation options, exporting them as an Excel sheet, promulgation auto-responses and thank-you mails to a users, etc.



FormSmarts is a full-featured, cloud-based form generator that lets we emanate manageable forms. Its giveaway subscribers get gigantic forms with non-static fields and limitless submissions. Also, we can opt for email notifications for a form submissions.

Surprisingly, we can easily hide a form on your site and share a URL or QR code to foster or share a form on amicable networks and offline media. Moreover, FormSmarts supports formulating and showing forms in 20+ languages. If we are a paid subscriber, we get PayPal integration, SSL confidence for form submissions, lot some-more features.



If we are looking for a responsive form builder to strech worldwide business for free, afterwards FormForAll is a ideal tool. With a elementary subscription, we can design forms regulating 5 fields and have adult to 100 submissions per month. What we like is, it offers multilingual support in a giveaway plan, creation it a best choice if we have such an audience.

You can customize pre-defined form fields and a form’s style; and we can also confederate a form on amicable networks like Facebook and Google+. In a paid versions, it offers some-more facilities like SSL encryption, information trade utility, email notifications, and lots more.



Form2Pay offers giveaway nonetheless highly-professional and arguable form builder that is secure as good as easy to use for formulating forms. With a giveaway subscription, we get to emanate unlimited forms, make dual remuneration transactions, vast form fields, and 100 submissions per month along with anti-spam protection, 3 reports, and 100 MB space.

With a paid subscription, we can also conduct submissions, customize and accept email notifications, send auto-responses, and trade acquiescence information in several formats.



pForm is a ideal form builder if we wish to emanate elementary web forms for your blog or website. You can choose a tone template, name a submit information fields, and download a pre-built form, that we can after upload on your web horde to make it work.

Though pForm is not as absolute as some above form builders nonetheless for a giveaway tool, it is value giving it a shot. It packs in lots of form fields including file upload option, that is not openly accessible in many form builders. However, we need to horde this form yourself.

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