12 Smartphone Camera Apps You Should Try

Does your smartphone camera offers DSLR primer controls, RAW constraint support, voice-activated command, or a ability to take overwhelming selfies? Probably not. However, we can get all of this and many some-more cold features by regulating third-party camera apps.

There are many third-party camera apps that’ll supercharge your smartphone camera. In this post, I’m going to deliver we 12 unequivocally good smartphone camera apps that are a ideal deputy for a default smartphone camera app.

Camera ZOOM FX

Platform: Android

Probably a many feature-filled camera app, Camera ZOOM FX has some unequivocally cold modernized options and customization capabilities. It has RAW constraint support, DSLR controls, extraordinary detonate mode (30 shots/sec), voice-activated mode, tilt-control, HDR mode and most more.

Apart from a serve of some new features, it has a unequivocally customizable interface, including a ability to mix opposite modes, built-in print stabilizer, selfie peep and most more.

camera zoomcamera zoom

BestMe Selfie Camera

Platform: Android | iOS

A must-have app for any selfie enthusiast, BestMe Selfie Camera has over a hundred filters and stickers that can be practical in real-time as we take a selfie.

You can create grid photos, real-time collages, supplement a intelligent fuzz effect, use a intelligent timer, vignette and more. The app also creates it unequivocally easy to share your selfie on renouned amicable networking sites.


Mega ZOOM Camera

Platform: Android

With Mega ZOOM Camera, we can access a limit probable wizz level of your phone’s hardware. And if a hardware allows, it can even offer adult to 80x zoom.

Of course, a maximum wizz doesn’t give we a best design quality, though it can be good for regulating as binoculars or even holding a design of something distant when peculiarity doesn’t matter.

mega zoommega zoom

Cymera: Photo Beauty Editor

Platform: Android | iOS

Cymera is a powerful beauty modifying app that offers hundreds of ways to bedeck your photos. You can use a camera to take photos and request filters and stickers in real-time. It has hundreds of filters, stickers, beauty enhancers and more. You can away retouch physique collection to make your photos perfect.


Camera FV-5

Platform: Android

Camera FV-5 is catered for advanced users who wish sum control over your snaps. It lets we take RAW photos, manually control ISO/focus/white balance/exposure, control shiver speed, select mixed concentration types and more.

I also unequivocally like a long bearing feature that lets we take pleasing photos during night or in areas with low-light problems.

camera fv fivecamera fv five


Platform: Android | iOS

Another app that focuses on photo modifying and beauty tools, though Camera360 has some accessible animation facilities and a large village that creates it value a visit. It lets you request charcterised effects to your photos and creates them cold brief videos. It has an engaging village communication underline that lets we share and learn photos/videos with like-minded people.

Like other identical apps, it has reliable beauty tools, including mixed involuntary beauty modes, filters, apart physique collection modifying collection and primer outcome manager tools.


Paper Camera

Platform: Android | iOS

Paper Camera offers we to request formidable effects to your camera so we can take extraordinary photos in real-time.

You will be means to see a universe in a cartoon, sketch, neon, comic book and many other effects regulating Paper Camera. It’s still a simple outcome adding app, though due to a real-time outcome implication; it opens adult a whole new universe of opportunities.

paper camerapaper camera

Footej Camera

Platform: Android

A camera app with some accessible features, Footej Camera lets we create charcterised GIFs, record delayed suit videos, manually adjust focus and exposure, control shiver speed, take RAW photos and see print histogram. Its interface is utterly easy and a customizable detonate intervals might attract we as well.

footej camerafootej camera

Cameringo+ Filters Camera

Platform: Android

Another good deputy for your phone’s default camera app, Cameringo+ has over 300 live filters to take clear photos and a garland of lenses for additional creativity.

It can create GIFs, take HDR photos, record delayed suit videos, let we pull while recording and more. It also has DSLR controls for best customization, and a practical selfie peep is a fun and accessible feature as well.


GIF Camera

Platform: Android

Love GIFS? Say no more. GIF Camera is your ultimate GIF creator that will let we emanate GIFs of all we record with your phone. The app breaks down available GIFs per support and lets we take full control over how we wish your GIF to look.

It also lets we create GIFs from your still photos with arguable customization options. As a GIF lover, we will certainly like a daily sip of fun GIFs from opposite sources.

gif cameragif camera

YouCam Perfect

Platform: Android | iOS

YouCam Perfect is another cool selfie camera that offers good facilities to take that ideal selfie. However, we unequivocally favourite a multi-face detection and ability to request a changes to all people in photos.

It has finish body beautifying tools, ability to supplement makeup, change expressions and emanate collages with a intelligent collage creator. Additionally, we can also mislay neglected objects from your design regulating a involuntary intent remover.

youcam perfectyoucam perfect


Platform: iOS

Probably a best default camera deputy app for iOS users, ProCamera gives we DSLR-like primer controls with extraordinary print and video quality. It can shoot HD and 4k videos with adult to 240fps support, and we can capture RAW photos. It also comes with dozens of filters and effects that can be serve customized for a best experience.

You might also like a vividHDR and LowLight Plus feature that comes as in-app squeeze and offer improved peculiarity than your device’s built-in camera app.


Let’s snap like a pro

Camera ZOOM FX is really a best all-in-one apparatus for Android users, and similarly, iOS users can try out ProCamera if they are looking for a improved camera app than a default one.

Although if we are a selfie enthusiast, afterwards we would suggest we try out BestMe Selfie Camera as it has extraordinary facilities but a Price tag. If we know any other cold smartphone camera apps, do share with us in a comments.

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