12 Must-have Chrome Extensions for YouTube Creators

As a YouTube creator, we need to emanate glorious videos and tweak them for amicable platforms and hunt engines to make them viral. However, if your videos are not behaving well, afterwards many substantially you’re not regulating a right tools.

I did a investigate on a tools used by popular YouTube channels, and I’m going to share a best Chrome extensions for YouTube creators that infer useful in many ways.

With given extensions, we can create searchable videos, streamline your workflow, weigh a performance of your videos and channels. These assistance we to monetize a videos and grow your vlogging business by handling and optimizing amicable and video platforms.

Create and revise videos in browser

In this section, I’ll showcase some extensions that assistance to create your possess story and brew and revise song and videos efficiently. These extensions work directly inside your browser, and yield no reduction energy than any elementary video editor.


This is my favorite online video editor, generally due to a palliate of use. This apparatus creates it easy to emanate and edit videos professionally and creates them permitted from anywhere. And it offers a following facilities for video creators like you:

  • Features turn-by-turn collaborative modifying from any place on any device.
  • Allows to record and add a voice-over to a video shave regulating webcam and mic.
  • Avails opposite editing modes for beginners and professionals namely Storyboard and Advanced Timeline, charity palliate and energy respectively.
  • Supports joining to cloud services and holding media files directly from Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Google Drive, OneDrive, Dailymotion, Box, and Dropbox.
  • Lets we publish videos on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Dailymotion, etc., or share them on amicable media sites or hide them on your website out of a box.

Pro Mode for YouTube Video Editor

If we use a YouTube’s editor to do many of a modifying stuff, afterwards this apparatus will assistance we do some-more regulating shortcuts. This accessible apparatus enhances and improves on a YouTube’s built-in video editor with keyboard shortcuts and other capability facilities like:

  • Adds several buttons and notifications to make we get and know things faster.
  • Allows to arrange photos, navigate a timeline, name tabs and do several other tasks though losing a stream preference in a editor, regulating usually a shortcuts.
  • Playback control takes control of a preview player and is tranquil by a apart playback symbol and a slider, that allows modifying and scrolling in a sealed mode.
Pro Mode for YouTube VideosPro Mode for YouTube Videos

Record and modify videos directly

In this section, I’ll share a extensions that assistance to emanate videos regulating your webcam and convert them several video formats. These collection even support compressing those videos for faster upload knowledge though regulating any third-party tool.


As per my experience, this Chrome prolongation is a arguable video converter and compressor. It compresses videos though inspiring their peculiarity and works regulating a elementary drag and drop interface. Here are other distinct facilities of Clipchamp:

  • Allows we to emanate a brief couple to ask and collect videos from anyone, that can be queued and uploaded directly to your YouTube channel or Google Drive.
  • Its webcam recorder annals a video in 360p, 480p and 720p resolutions right from your browser, that helps vloggers emanate video blogs easily.

Nimbus Screenshot Screen Video Recorder

A elementary though powerful screenshot taker for everyone, this prolongation helps constraint web pages in a purify and user-friendly interface. That’s not all, it also annals videos from your shade and has other facilities like:

  • Add and revise objects like stickers and calm boxes in a screenshot.
  • Captures whole or partial of web page and records a video from a add-on or screen.
  • Lets we revise and manipulate a screenshot, and save it in JPG and PNG formats.
  • Allows saving to several third-party tools like Nimbus Note, Slack and Google Drive.
Nimbus Screenshot  Screen Video RecorderNimbus Screenshot  Screen Video Recorder


Screencastify packs in various facilities to record screenshots and screencasts. All features, however, are not enclosed in a lite chronicle like it usually annals 20 min. videos. It’s elementary to use like Nimbus, and offers a following features:

  • Records a specific add-on in your browser or a whole mechanism screen.
  • Creates WEBM and VP8 videos with audio and lets we save it locally.
  • Allows saving a files to Google Drive and publishing directly to YouTube.

Upload and tell videos

This territory talks about a tools that assistance in uploading, edition and pity videos with others easily, regulating usually a web browser. These extensions also assistance edition videos directly from online storage providers like Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.

YouTube Uploader for Dropbox, Drive

This one-of-its-kind prolongation needs no reason — a name tells we all. It allows we to upload and tell video files from Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive to YouTube directly. It works locally in your browser, and offers a following features:

  • Allows uploading video files in batch mode though regulating a YouTube’s web interface.
  • Supports numerous video formats like WebM, MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, MPEG4, MPEGPS, FLV and 3GPP.
YouTube Uploader for Dropbox, DriveYouTube Uploader for Dropbox, Drive

Manage channels and optimize videos

In this section, we will speak about a most critical tools in your tour from being a “YouTube creator” to a “popular YouTube creator”. These extensions will transform a approach we conduct your channels, and yield lot some-more assistance to optimize them simply than ever.

Moreover, these assistance perform time-consuming tasks like updating annotations and info cards, handling comments and formulating thumbnails and backups in usually a few clicks.


TubeBuddy is my many favorite YouTube apparatus that works as a channel manager and a toolkit for optimizing videos, creation it an comprehensive contingency for YouTube creators. This adds a covering of countless functionalities on tip of YouTube such as:

  • Provides find/replace and bulk update facilities to refurbish a descriptions, amicable profiles, hyperlinks and references on a videos.
  • Helps beget customized, professional-looking thumbnails with a assistance of screenshots and branding or calm layers for a videos.
  • Allows we to engage and collaborate with new subscribers and fans good as good as trade a list of your subscribers and their profiles to a CSV file.
  • Generates a detailed analysis of your competitors’ views, subscribers, uploads per day and rendezvous channels — all in nice, tabular form in CSV format.

vidIQ Vision

As per my experience, this prolongation delivers a comprehensive optimization report display pivotal insights of all a tip creators do to expostulate trade and growth. It helps we boost subscriber rendezvous and emanate viral videos for them. And it gives creators entrance to statistics some-more than usually sum views of a video, and some-more such facilities like:

  • vidIQ Score” ranks each video, that helps to weigh a luck of a video being permitted in compared hunt or endorsed videos.
  • Average watch time helps we know a peculiarity of your videos and how good they keep viewers engaged, and so expostulate success on your channel.
  • Velocity (views per hour) tells about a videos gaining viral traction and their acceleration in popularity, creation it transparent that are a rocking videos.
  • Social media statistics shows a series of likes, shares, comments, and tweets for your videos collected from several amicable channels including Reddit.
vidIQ VisionvidIQ Vision

VISO Catalyst

This territory isn’t finish though VISO Catalyst, a height that helps we to learn a renouned videos, their optimization strategies and analytics — all to guide we about formulating awesome, viral-worthy videos. This height is, unfortunately, usually accessible for partners of BBTV or an compared network, and includes following features:

  • Title optimizer ensures a videos possess concise, searchable titles.
  • Thumbnail editor creates pleasing thumbnails regulating backgrounds, graphics, and calm for videos, and allows downloading them for posting to amicable media.
  • Intelligent keyword recommendations assistance we urge titles, descriptions, and tags for your videos to make them as user-friendly and searchable as possible.
VISO CatalystVISO Catalyst

Manage and optimize amicable media

Here’s a outline about some collection that assistance to track and conduct amicable media integration, that seems roughly unfit to do manually, during slightest to me. With these tools, we and your group can work collaboratively to conduct several amicable networks.


It’s by distant a best and usually resolution that empowers your business and helps we constraint some-more value around amicable channels. The apparatus supports in handling brand reputation, regulating social media campaigns, enchanting with viewers and even collaborating internally with your artistic team. But it’s not all and here are some-more things it can do:

  • Saves time by permitting to conduct all amicable networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ from a single dashboard.
  • Measures a amicable ROI, spots developing trends and reports how your videos are behaving with competitors by real-time reports.
  • Helps connect with customers faster and smarter, and enables we to respond now by monitoring opinions and reviews about your brand.
  • Allows mouth-watering multiple collaborators to conduct amicable profiles and streamline team workflow regulating scheduling and assignment collection and most more.

Check video sum and statistics

This territory discusses about a Chrome extensions that concede entrance to in-depth video insights display videos’ sum and statistics. This discernment helps creators in bargain and improving code awareness, lead generation, and online user interaction.


Out of a collection we tried, Heartbeat is a best apparatus that allows creators to connect to a YouTube community as good as to lane and perspective subscriber growth. It also displays others sum like video age, count, channel as good as monetization owners and social media stats for your videos. And next are some of a critical features:

  • Offers YouTube real-time chat complement with a ability to emanate discuss bedrooms for people with identical interests to reason discussions and share videos.
  • Provides a creators with channel analytics carrying metrics like earnings, viewership and subscriber expansion of their channel and a competition.
  • Its tag finder allows creators to tab their videos with trending, SEO-friendly keywords, that assistance a people to find elite or compared calm faster.

Social Blade

This prolongation helps YouTube creators to track user statistics for YouTube as good as amicable media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and others. Social Blade creates user analytics, growth, and trends elementary to know for creators, and includes facilities like:

  • Provides social analytics for any content, creator, code or live streamer.
  • Provides user and trend statistics for any video or channel on YouTube.
  • Provides financial stats including estimated monthly and yearly gain along with destiny projections in numerical format as good as easy-to-read graphs.
Social BladeSocial Blade

Sum and substance

Among all these Chrome extensions, we find TubeBuddy, Hootsuite and Heartbeat are a must haves for each YouTube creator — amateur or advanced. And if we don’t use a powerhouse video editor, afterwards WeVideo and Clipchamp also infer useful for formulating videos.

How’s your knowledge of formulating videos and handling your channel regulating these tools? Do we know some-more such tools? I’ll adore to hear from we by email and comments.

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