12 Free Windows Tools You Should Install [2018]

Whenever we get a new PC or reinstall Windows, we spend an hour or dual personalizing and optimizing it to my needs. An critical partial of this routine is installing third-party tools that assistance secure, clean, manage, and optimize my PC for a best experience.

So, if you’re looking to optimize your new Windows PC for a best experience, we know 12 giveaway Windows collection that we rarely suggest installing on a new Windows PC as shortly as we foot it.


Protecting your PC with an antivirus module is a good start for PC security. For past 9 years, we am guileless Avast for safeguarding my PC from malware and other confidence threats. Its giveaway resolution is some-more than adequate for an normal user as it comes with real-time protection.

avast avast

And honestly, Avast is recently adding extraordinary modernized facilities that make it a ideal malware solution. Low apparatus use while gaming, focus function control, Wi-Fi security, and online security are only a few of a cold facilities we can get with Avast for free.

[Download Avast]

IObit Uninstaller

Windows default module uninstaller leaves junk information behind after uninstalling a program. This information piles adult and wastes space, and if not taken caring in time; it will lead to slower PC and even module errors.

iobit uninstalleriobit uninstaller

Getting a good third-party uninstaller is a contingency on Windows, and we suggest IObit Uninstaller. The apparatus is unequivocally easy to use and deletes roughly all forms of junk information left my programs, including registry entries, complement integrated files, proxy files, and module data, etc.

It also allows we to bulk mislay programs, and it will automatically answer many of a uninstallation prompts during a process. It also has a built-in Windows updates manager and browser plugin manager.

[Download IObit Uninstaller]


Many programs come with bundled programs that are customarily unrequired and competence even enclose malware. And if we are one of those “click subsequent all a approach to a implement button” fellows, we competence mostly implement a lot of invalid stuff. This is where Unchecky comes in handy.


Unchecky automatically unchecks or declines offers of bundled module designation when we implement new programs.

Just implement a module and it will make certain we don’t implement anything neglected detached from a categorical program. Although we will still suggest we to delicately check programs while designation to safeguard we decrease an offer that Uncheck competence have missed (never happened to me yet, though).

[Download Unchecky]

PC Decrapifier

If we bought a new PC from a manufacturer, afterwards many substantially it will have pre-installed third-party apps (aka bloatware). In many cases, we don’t need these apps (at least, we never did). If we don’t wish these third-party apps and wish to get absolved of them in one go, afterwards PC Decrapifier is a apparatus we need.

pc decrapifierpc decrapifier

The module will search your PC for famous bloatware programs and give we a choice to undo them. You can simply name a ones we don’t wish and PC Decrapifier will uninstall them.

[Download Pc Decrapifier]


Your browser’s download manager is really singular in. It won’t give we full control over your downloads or even offer best speed. So a third-party download manager kinda becomes a necessity.


we used to regard Free Download Manager, though we have recently transposed it with EagleGet download manager. It has a elementary and neat interface and comes with a far-reaching support for download protocols.

Similar to other download managers, it offers limit download speed regulating multi-threaded record and gives full control over downloads, including pause/resume, downloading scheduling and reserve management, etc. On tip of all that, it checks downloads for viruses and has a ability to modernise lapsed download links.

[Download EagleGet]


A backup of your information is required right from a time we initial foot a PC. Any complement crime or earthy repairs could lead to detriment of your data. Although there are many online and offline information backup tools, though FBackup astounds me with a elementary functionality. This totally giveaway backup apparatus is passed simple to use and lets we emanate both online and offline backups.


For offline backups, we simply tell a source location, finish location, and report and a rest are rubbed by FBackup. Online backups can be finished to your Google Drive comment and a routine is same as offline backups. It also has plugins for renouned apps to entirely backup their information though errors.

[Download FBackup]


If many of your time is spent in front of a PC, generally during night time; afterwards we need to get f.lux. The apparatus is a screen tone adjuster that gets absolved of a monitor’s blue light during night that is famous for formulating nap problems and eye strains.


By default, it creates an orange(y) display that soothes your eyes and helps we work simply during night. And when we are done, we will have no problem sleeping as well.

Sleep is not an emanate for me, though f.lux does assistance make my PC shade easy on a eyes. It asks for your city plcae to pinpoint day/night times and automatically adjusts shade arrangement according to time. At first, a arrangement competence seem a bit weird, though after 2-3 days of use, we will see a benefits.

[Download f.lux]


I have recently depressed in adore with this extraordinary apparatus and this is going to be a initial apparatus we am going to implement on my each new PC. As distant as we can see. Listary is a record manager, record finder, app launcher, and a discerning entrance tool… thingy.

It simply does so many that we am not even certain in that difficulty this apparatus belongs. But as distant as a website says, it’s a hunt apparatus for Windows identical to Windows built-in search.


Listary lets we find roughly anything on your PC instantly by simply typing what we need (no need to open a apparatus first). Whether a files, settings, folders or apps, it can open everything. Its speed and palliate of entrance are what tender me so much, though it is really absolute altogether with extraordinary customization options (that we am still discovering).

For me, it is doing many improved pursuit than Cortana on Windows 10 as distant as acid is concerned, and it’s intensely light as well.

[Download Listary]

VLC media player

Doesn’t matter that chronicle of Windows we are using, a default media actor simply stinks. It has really singular format support. Instead, we use VLC media player, simply since it has a many extensive support for media formats (never unhappy me) and it’s astonishingly customizable.

vlc media playervlc media player

You get full control over audio, video, subtitles and synchronization options. Its interface is also rarely customizable and we get extraordinary themes to make it demeanour even better. Additionally, it has dozens of add-ons accessible to serve enhances a functionality.

[Download VLC media player]


Windows built-in application apparatus is really limited, and it gives we no other choice than compressing and decompressing. we need to restrict and decompress files on a daily basis, though even if we don’t need to do it often, removing a good application apparatus is still important.

7-Zip is a powerful apparatus that offers extraordinary control over compressions and decompressions of any form of file.


It lets we select from mixed forms of application methods and turn of compression. You can also encrypt your data with clever AES 256-bit encryption and emanate protecting repository of information and refurbish them as needed.

Furthermore, it also creates it easy to decompress files in bulk and supports all forms of application formats. All of these facilities are required if we are ever going to restrict or decompress files.

[Download 7-Zip]


One of a best PC cleaning collection and a contingency have a messenger for any PC user. CCleaner helps we delete all forms of junk from your PC, including proxy files, cache, browser junk files, and many more. This helps keep your PC purify and forestall PC delayed downs. we purify my PC with CCleaner during slightest once a month, and there is always some-more than 500mb of junk prepared to be deleted.


I will also suggest we to check out CCEnhancer. It is an appendage for CCleaner that adds tons of new cleaning options in CCleaner to assistance we get a many out of it.

[Download CCleaner]

Download a third-party browser

Internet Explorer is never endorsed for browsing a web, so installing a third-party browser is critical on a new machine. Although if we are on Windows 10, afterwards Microsoft Edge competence work only excellent for you.

There are 3 vital third-party browsers currently, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. Chrome is quick and deliberate to be a many secure browser. Similarly, Opera is light, quick and comes with tons of singular features. And Firefox is famous for respecting your privacy.

In a end, it depends on what your needs are while browsing a web. Make your choice, and don’t count on Internet Explorer.

Final thoughts

There are many other cold collection accessible as good that assistance keep a PC using smoothly, though these are some of a best and of course, my favorite ones. The above collection also have good alternatives if we don’t like a sold program. So do see if we can find something that fits your needs.

Which collection do we implement on your new PC? Do share with us in a comments.

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