11 Free Extensions to Supercharge Microsoft Edge

Have we been watchful for some cold extensions for your Microsoft Edge browser? Well, a reason adult is finally over as Windows 10 Anniversary Update has brought with it a whole garland of Microsoft Edge browser extensions. With this latest update, we can now download extensions to power-up your Edge browser with a accumulation of new pluggable features.

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Microsoft Edge’s extensions, identical to Chrome’s extensions and Firefox’s add-ons, are tiny third-party collection that add new facilities and raise your web experience. Though a list of Microsoft extensions is tiny during a moment, though it’s approaching to grow soon.

In this post, we’ll beam we on how to enable and implement extensions in Edge, and also showcase a best nonetheless giveaway extensions handpicked from a Windows Store.

How to Install Extensions in Microsoft Edge

Windows 10 Anniversary Update has brought some flattering useful extensions to Edge. However, if we haven’t commissioned a refurbish nonetheless (surprisingly), afterwards follow a next procedure:

  1. Open Settings and conduct over to Update security.
  2. Windows Update will automatically start acid for accessible updates and if not, afterwards click on Search for updates to do a same.
  3. Once it finishes searching, click a Download symbol to download and implement a accessible update(s), and restart your system, if asked.
Download and Install a Available Update(s)Download and Install a Available Update(s)

After you’re finished installing a Windows 10 Anniversary Update, follow these stairs to implement extensions in Microsoft Edge:

  1. Open Microsoft Edge in your system.
  2. Click a More (…) symbol on top-right and select Extensions.
  3. Click a Get extensions from a Store couple in a manifest sidebar.
    Get extensions from a StoreGet extensions from a Store

  4. Windows Store will open display a Extensions for Microsoft Edge.
  5. Click on a preferred prolongation and afterwards click Free symbol to implement it.
    OneNote WebClipper ExtensionOneNote WebClipper Extension

  6. After a prolongation is downloaded and installed, switch behind to Edge.
  7. Upon opening, Edge will ask for your accede to capacitate a extension.
  8. Click on Turn it on if we wish to capacitate it, differently click Keep it off.

It’s finished — we have successfully installed an prolongation to your Microsoft Edge, and we can now use it to enhance your altogether knowledge with a browser.

Best giveaway extensions for Microsoft Edge

Amazon Assistant

The prolongation brings we special offers and facilities from Amazon right in your browser to simplify your online selling experience. It connects to your Amazon comment as good and gives we updates and notifications like new orders and product deliveries etc.

Amazon’s most-used functionalities are also offering by this extension, such as Deal of a Day (get a best deals though opening amazon.com), Price Comparison (keep an eye on your preferred products), Add to List (save products from any website) and Shortcuts (popular Amazon’s links).

Amazon AssistantAmazon Assistant

Evernote Web Clipper

It helps we save calm from websites into your Evernote account. The prolongation allows writing a full page, some of a tools (as an article), saving in a simplified version or only a bookmarking a page. While saving a page, we can also select a cover and add tags and remarks to a note.

The clipper lets we highlight text on a pages and even allows pity them around email or online links. It automatically syncs a notes with your cloud comment and exposes a possess keyboard shortcuts for discerning clipping. Evernote Clipper also offers special writing formats for web pages from LinkedIn, Amazon and YouTube.

Evernote Web ClipperEvernote Web Clipper

Office Online

It is an prolongation for users of Office 365 or Office Online that brings many useful Office facilities right in your browser. With this extension, we can access all your Office files (from internal storage as good as OneDrive) though installing any software.

The prolongation brings we facilities of several Office apps including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Sway. It allows we to view and emanate files, and cgange and save them directly from Edge. It’s a ideal choice to a commissioned Office if we perspective or open such files spasmodic and wish to avoid removing an additional software for them.

Office OnlineOffice Online


It is an easy cue manager for Edge that simplifies your online knowledge by saving your login certification in a cloud. The prolongation offers your login certification whenever we try to login to a famous website, and once we select one of a saved credentials, afterwards LastPass auto-fills those credentials in a page.

The prolongation even has a password generator for formulating secure passkeys. It follows secure procedures for doing your data. LastPass encrypts your passwords and forms information before saving to a servers and a prolongation decrypts them locally whenever we use them to login on a website.


Save to Pocket

Save to Pocket is an prolongation for Pocket — a popular read-it-later service. It lets we save articles, stories, videos and some-more from a web pages to view them later. It speeds adult a whole routine as we only click a symbol and bingo, a page gets saved. You can, of course, add tags to a saved page and even delete saved pages.

The prolongation helps we read saved pages after in a clean and easy-to-view layout that’s customizable and giveaway of distractions. It automatically syncs with a cloud (and your other devices) to yield we entrance to your read-it-later pages.

Save to PocketSave to Pocket

OneNote Web Clipper

OneNote Web Clipper, like Evernote Web Clipper, helps we save a finish web page or only an essay or recipe from it, into your digital notebook. Whenever we shave something, a prolongation auto-removes a clutter permitting we to clip during only one click.

The combined advantage of regulating OneNote Web Clipper over few others is that we can highlight calm and change rise and size. Also, we can even share a saved pages with others as it syncs all information to a cloud reflection and makes a clipped calm searchable.

OneNote Web ClipperOneNote Web Clipper

Reddit Enhancement Suite

RES is a organisation of page enhancements for browsing Reddit. It’s a highly customizable tool with tons of facilities for enjoying Reddit a approach we want. This apartment allows switching between accounts and engaging facilities username hider, highlighter and tagger.

It brings an AJAX-powered Reddit that gives we a everlasting tide of reddits. The prolongation can filter out content formed on keywords, domain or subreddit and adds a Spam symbol for easy reporting. It also facilities interface themes, keyboard shortcuts, night mode, subreddit manager and comment-related enhancements.

Reddit Enhancement SuiteReddit Enhancement Suite

Microsoft Translator

Microsoft Translator is a simple though useful translator prolongation that helps translate calm and pages. This prolongation makes your life easy while browsing by foreign-language websites and is generally useful for students, bloggers, reporters and researchers.

With Microsoft Translator, we can translate a whole page into your preferred denunciation or select a partial of a page to translate inline into any of a upheld 50+ languages.

Microsoft TranslatorMicrosoft Translator

Mouse Gestures

Mouse Gestures helps speed adult your browsing knowledge by permitting we to do common browsing tasks regulating elementary rodent gestures. After installing a extension, we can click and hold a right rodent symbol followed by a gesture to do a configured task.

The prolongation brings gestures for 17 actions, out of that there are 4 simple gestures (back, forward, up, down), 12 modernized gestures (like corkscrew adult or down) and 1 no-action gesture. If we wish to know all a probable gestures, simply reason down right rodent symbol and do a pointless rodent transformation to see a preview of all a gestures available.

Mouse GesturesMouse Gestures

Page Analyzer

Aimed towards web developers to helps them make their websites prepared for Microsoft Edge, this prolongation helps improve a site’s compatibility, opening as good as accessibility by examining errors and probable optimizations.

After installing a extension, open a website that we wish to investigate and click on a button. Page Analyzer will indicate for bugs and common errors in a non-stop web page and yield minute information about the issues or improvable coding practices with a page.

Page AnalyzerPage Analyzer

Adblock Plus

It is a popular ad blocker that blocks infancy of neglected ads on visited websites. It also blocks amicable pity buttons, online trackers and malware attacks to assistance we suffer personal online browsing with no one tracking your online footsteps. Moreover, it also allows adding tradition manners to retard ads and whitelisting domains to see ads.

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This prolongation allows display some unobstructive ads to support websites. Please note that infancy of websites like ours, count on shown ads for continued service, hence we’d ask we to whitelist “hongkiat.com” or concede unobstructive ads to support us.

Adblock PlusAdblock Plus

Wrap up

That’s all about a best accessible browser extensions for Microsoft Edge to make your browsing knowledge as easy as possible. Which one is your favorite among a above? Are we building an overwhelming prolongation for Edge? Kindly reach to us regulating a comments territory below.

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