100 Free Useful Portable Applications You Should Know

Portable apps are a module requiring no designation distinct common executable apps nonetheless remember your story and pattern options distinct zipped apps. In this post, we’re showcasing a tip 100 useful unstable apps that we can lift in a coop drive or your phone’s storage or SD card.

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Portable apps for Windows height lets we lift your favorite apps along with we on a go – with all a information and settings, prepared to be launched during a click on any mechanism regulating Windows XP or above. Let’s check a best 100 unstable apps that infer useful for everyone, listed definitely next for easy access.

Development Apps

Geany Portable. Lets we work with vanilla text, HTML, Python, NSIS and many some-more files. It even lets we configure and use locally accessible compilers from your peep drive.

Notepad++ Portable. Lets users formula programs and emanate module in several languages. It supports syntax highlighting and folding for navigation, and plugins for some-more functionalities.

Notepad++ PortableNotepad++ Portable

Database Browser Portable. Helps we manage, perspective and revise any database on a go. You can even trade information to CSV or HTML files, and entrance a database in mixed formats.

Cppcheck Portable. An research apparatus that detects bugs in C/C++ languages. The apparatus doesn’t detect syntax errors yet does formula research and helps write some-more fit language.

NSIS Portable. Create executable installers and launchers for your module distributions.

Sqliteman Portable. Create SQLite3 databases with a feature-rich set of accessible tools. It supports critical platforms and is a finish entrance and tune-up apparatus for SQLite.

XAMPP. A cohesive server package of MySQL, Apache, PHP, etc. It pre-configures itself and lets we emanate exam environments for your growth works.


Education Apps

Artha Portable. An offline and accessible terminology that offers we discerning entrance and lookups with a hotkey. It runs in a credentials and shows adult as we prominence a word in any app.

Marble Portable. A practical atlas that lets we vessel and zoom, and perspective places and roads. Provides a Wikipedia couple for a clicked place.

Marble PortableMarble Portable

Stellarium Portable. An module that lets we investigate astronomy: space, solar complement and a planets, stars and constellations, galaxies and most more.

TIPP10 Portable. A touch-type mentor consisting of a special synthetic comprehension underline for beginners to make them use letters simply and efficiently.

Graphics and Pictures Apps

AniFX Portable. A accessible cursor editor that helps we create, mislay and revise cursors with mixed effects and animations.

Blender Portable. An open-source apparatus for rendering, shaping, animating and formulating 3D models that can be combined and used anywhere.

Blender PortableBlender Portable

Caesium Portable. Lets we cgange and optimize mixed picture formats. It also compresses images to save memory on your tough expostulate and upload images faster.

FotoSketcher Portable. A full-featured print government apparatus that also lets we emanate extraordinary artworks from your digital photos.

GIMP Portable. A absolute picture editor that allows modifying images on a run. It supports print composition, retouching, picture authoring, requesting filters and most more.

GIMP PortableGIMP Portable

IcoFX Portable. A accessible idol creator and editor only like AniFX, and is deliberate as an all-in-one idol government tool.

Inkscape Portable. An open source matrix picture editor, that is identical to Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw yet it’s not that powerful.

IrfanView Portable. A lightweight striking spectator for Windows that supports observation matrix graphics, pictures, animations, icons and some-more files.

IrfanView PortableIrfanView Portable

JPEGView Portable. A quick and accessible picture spectator and editor that supports JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG, TIFF and some-more picture formats.

JPEGView PortableJPEGView Portable

LibreCAD Portable. A 2D computer-aided pattern apparatus that supports some-more than 20 languages. Used by an endless village of designers.

PicPick Portable. A full-featured shade constraint tool, and also an picture editor that offers a operation of facilities and collection to raise images and cgange them.

XnView Portable. A user-friendly picture spectator and converter to assistance we perspective photos or slideshows, change and revise your images on a move.

XnView PortableXnView Portable

Internet Apps

DamnVid Portable. Easily download and cgange videos from a renouned video pity channels like YouTube, DailyMotion, Metacafe, etc.

FileZilla Portable. A remote record manager ancillary FTP, SFTP and many some-more customary record send protocols. You can simply download/upload files to/from servers.

Free Download Manager Portable. A download manager. Supports pausing and resuming of swell downloads, peep video downloads and other download files.

Free Download Manager PortableFree Download Manager Portable

Google Chrome Portable. A quick and fit web browser from Google that lets we crop web pages and applications with good speed.

gPodder Portable. A user-friendly podcast actor and subscriber that manages your podcast subscriptions and lets we download and listen podcasts.

LAN Messenger Portable. A peer-to-peer chatting apparatus that allows transferring files and chatting with a internal users though a need of a server.

LAN Messenger PortableLAN Messenger Portable

Maxthon Portable. A absolute web browser that allows protected browsing

Mozilla Firefox Portable. A renouned web browser that carries your bookmarks, saved user sum and passwords and extensions, and lets we crop effectively.

Mozilla Thunderbird Portable. A obvious email customer that carries your emails, contacts and comment settings everywhere and lets we crop them on a go.

KompoZer Portable. A liquid web editor, identical to Dreamweaver and Microsoft FrontPage, that allows CSS editing, tone picking, spell checking, etc.

Opera Portable. A lightweight web browser, that is entirely customizable and designed for lightning speed web browsing.

Pidgin Portable. An effective present messaging customer that carries your IM settings and crony lists and supports AOL, Yahoo, Jabber, MSN and ICQ networks.

PuTTY Portable. A Telnet and SSH customer for Windows that lets we bond remote PC’s and servers with an ‘xterm‘ depot emulator.

QuiteRSS Portable. QuiteRSS Portable is a RSS reader that manages and monitors your RSS feed subscriptions and lets we review them anywhere.

QuiteRSS PortableQuiteRSS Portable

Skype Portable. A renouned VoIP that offers present messaging, audio and video conferencing and phone job around a world.

uTorrent Portable. A renouned BitTorrent customer that supports downloading on a go and facilities auto-downloading, scheduling and bandwidth prioritizing.

Music and Video Apps

AIMP Portable. A full-featured song actor and audio converter with mixed options and functionalities, and supports some-more than 20 formats.

AIMP PortableAIMP Portable

Audacity Portable. An audio recorder and editor where we can lift your audio files and brew them anywhere on a go.

CDEx Portable. Extract audio information true from audio CDs. The audio files can be saved in mixed formats and can be named automatically.

InfraRecorder Portable. A CD blazing apparatus that allows tradition information creation, audio and mixed-mode projects and recording them to images or strange discs.

SMPlayer Portable. A accessible video actor that supports switching audio tracks, video equalizing, configuring subalts and doing most more.

SMPlayer PortableSMPlayer Portable

VirtualDub Portable. A desktop video processor and constraint tool, that can routine vast series of files and can even be used with third-party video filters.

VLC Media Player Portable. Play audio and video files of mixed formats with high control options and customization features.

VLC Media Player PortableVLC Media Player Portable

Office Apps

AbiWord Portable. A lightweight word guess app that lets we revise papers like that of MS Word, Open Document, Office Open XML, Word Perfect, etc.

Apache OpenOffice Portable. Full-featured bureau apartment including word processor that supports all bureau facilities including modifying and formatting.

CintaNotes Portable. A note holding app that allows saving and tagging information for after use utterly like Windows’s gummy notes.

Evince Portable. A request spectator that supports mixed request formats like PDF, TIFF, DVI, PostScript and comic book formats.

Foxit Reader Portable. A giveaway PDF request creator and spectator that works really quick and fluid, and can be used for mixed purposes.

Foxit Reader PortableFoxit Reader Portable

Gnumeric Portable. A spreadsheet apparatus that supports mixed formats, and works really quick and accurately to yield we a finish Excel-like environment.

Gnumeric PortableGnumeric Portable

LibreOffice Portable. An bureau apartment that supports request observation and editing. It is concordant with MS Office, MS Excel, Word Perfect, Lotus, etc.

Money Manager Ex Portable. A financing apparatus that lets we classify your personal or business finances and lane them simply anywhere.

Scribus Portable. An open-source apparatus that delivers a veteran page blueprint to your desktop with press-ready output-able page designs.

Sumatra PDF Portable. A lightweight and minimalistic PDF and comic reader for Windows that allows reading a files only like Foxit Reader.

Security Apps

ClamWin Portable. Lets we lift your antivirus with we so that we can indicate files on a go and detect malware and viruses easily.

Eraser Portable. A information dismissal apparatus for Windows that supports secure information deletion and wiping even on a go.

GPG Plugin Portable. Lets we encrypt and pointer your information and communications, and can also be used as an appendage by Thunderbird Portable.

HijackThis Portable. Scan systems and detect a changes done by malware and other tools. You can also find and reset a altered settings.

KeePass Portable. Stores passwords of your online accounts so that we can entrance them anywhere though a need to remember them.

KeePass PortableKeePass Portable

PeerBlock Portable. An IP firewall that can blacklist and whitelist websites and IP addresses of advertisements, monitoring module and spyware.

Spybot Portable. A malware and spyware remover that can purify adult perspective marks from your system, mislay adware programs and repair registry issues.

Spybot PortableSpybot Portable

Utility Apps

7-Zip Portable. Lets we repository files and work on a dense files from mixed ZIP formats like ZIP, 7Z, TAR, RAR, etc.

Ant Renamer Portable. Allows renaming mixed files and folders by regulating specific settings, and it also supports Unicode names.

Autoruns Portable. A focus apparatus for handling auto-starts and lets we conduct a auto-start programs and toolbars on your computer.

BleachBit Portable. Clears adult hoop space and junk files from your mechanism and guards your privacy. It also erases cache, clears browser story and do most more.

BleachBit PortableBleachBit Portable

CamStudio Portable. Records a whole shade along with audio on your computer, and stores it into a video or streaming peep file.

Clicky Gone Portable. Lets we censor browser windows and taskbar buttons from a desktop and allows observation them behind with a click of a mouse.

Command Prompt Portable. Lets we supplement a customizable authority prompt on any Windows mechanism and govern commands to do things quickly.

ConvertAll Portable. A accessible territory converter that also supports converting some-more than 400 units into any other.

ConvertAll PortableConvertAll Portable

CPU-Z Portable. Displays information on a system’s CPU, memory, graphics label and motherboard.

Diffpdf Portable. A PDF comparison module that displays a disproportion in PDF files visually or textually by comparing a page appearances.

Ditto Portable. Saves any object on a clipboard like images, texts, HTML, etc. and lets we entrance them during a after time.

DTaskManager Portable. Provides additional facilities to a integrated Windows charge manager, that does not comes enclosed with a default tool.

DTaskManager PortableDTaskManager Portable

DSynchronize Portable. Periodically synchronizes one or mixed folders on your mechanism tough expostulate or FTP server.

Explorer++ Portable. A multi-tab record manager, that is identical to Windows Explorer yet includes some-more allege functionalities.

FastCopy Portable. A record duplicating and relocating focus that chooses opposite approaches to check and urge a send speeds.

FreeCommander XE Portable. An choice module to Windows record manager with some-more modernized facilities and functions like Explorer++.

GPU-Z Portable. Offers critical information about your graphics label and video label processor.

GPU-Z PortableGPU-Z Portable

grepWin Portable. An easy to use hunt and reinstate apparatus that works strenuously and even allows regulating unchanging expressions to perform queries.

IObit Uninstaller Portable. Remove a neglected programs from your computer; a good choice to Windows’s Add/Remove Programs.

IObit Uninstaller PortableIObit Uninstaller Portable

IObit Unlocker Portable. Lets we learn that module has sealed a record to forestall deletion and unlocks that record for your task.

jPortable. Runs a full-featured Java Runtime Environment in a programs where Java is infirm or not commissioned in a remote PC.

PeaZip Portable. Unzips or compresses zip files on a way; supports mixed zip formats like ZIP, TAR, RAR, 7Z, BZ2, PEA, etc.

Process Explorer Portable. A routine analyzer and charge manager that can practice into DLLs and handles a regulating or installed processes.

Process Explorer PortableProcess Explorer Portable

Rapid CRC Unicode Portable. A hashing apparatus that lets we investigate and determine and guess hashes in mixed crush formats.

RegAlyzer Portable. An fit apparatus that browses and changes a registry, and is some-more modernized than a ‘regedit’ module of Windows.

SIW Portable. Collects minute information about your complement properties and settings, and displays them in an distinct way.

Smart Defrag Portable. A hoop defragmenter that works during lightning speed and proves most well-developed than Windows built-in hoop defragmentation tool.

Smart Defrag PortableSmart Defrag Portable

TeamViewer Portable. A remote PC controller and shade pity focus that lets we control your partner’s mechanism to yield online assistance.

TinyTask Portable. Records and plays behind rodent movements and keystrokes on your unstable device with easy automation.

UNetbootin Portable. Lets we beget bootable live USB drives for Ubuntu and other Linux systems though blazing visual disks.

VirtuaWin Portable. A desktop manager that can capacitate adult to 9 practical desktops with eccentric focus windows.

WinCDEmu Portable. A CD/DVD emulator that can mountain ISO and other picture files, and displays them with expostulate letters in a computer.

WinDirStat Portable. A hoop use analyzer and cleanup module that can investigate a essence of your tough hoop device and even cleans adult space.

WinDirStat PortableWinDirStat Portable

Wise Data Recovery Portable. A information liberation module that recovers files and folders that are deleted by mistake.

World Clock Portable. Displays mixed time zones from around a world, permitting we to name and perspective 8 opposite time zones.

On-Screen Keyboard Portable. Lets we lift your system’s built-in keyboard settings with flexibility, and lets we use an on-screen keyboard.

Virtual Magnifying Glass Portable. A accessible shade magnifier that works on PC

What’s your favorite unstable app? What unstable apps are we formulation to take in your coop drive? Let us know around comments territory below.

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