10 WordPress Plugins To Create Landing Pages Easily

If we demeanour brazen to augmenting sales and conversions on your blog or website, alighting pages are one of a best collection to go for. They interact with a customers, move in leads, and marketplace your product all but wanting we to be around for a movement to happen.

Here are a few examples:

  • 20 Gorgeous Mobile App Landing Pages
  • Beautiful Landing Pages: Tips and Examples
  • “Coming Soon” Pages: Be Successful or Die Trying

But not all of us have a pattern skills, bill and/or a engineer to build one. However, if we know how to work a plugin, we can still get your possess alighting page or entrance shortly page.

Top 5 Plugins

Here are 5 WordPress plugins that let we emanate and conduct alighting pages, lane and respond to leads, build forms, emanate auto-responders and beget conversions.

1. Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder consists of a set of calm modules that assists in building layouts of a alighting pages. It also supports third-party widgets and shortcodes for formulating layouts easily. Moreover, a plugin supports roughly all WordPress themes.

Beaver Builder is optimized for mobiles and tablets, formulating responsive alighting pages, for a improved user believe on mobile. The plugin also allows developers to build tradition widgets regulating a plugin system. The “pro” chronicle gives we entrance to additional support and higher support for fluctuating a builder by tradition modules.

2. WordPress Landing Pages

WordPress Landing Pages lets we pattern a alighting page for your site with a visible editor that lets we perspective changes on a fly. You can counterpart a aged dash pages, run A/B tests on a acclimatisation pages and extend a plugin regulating third-party addons.

The plugin lets we opt from a series of custom alighting page designs or implement your blog’s theme on a alighting pages. It’s built with a best of inbound selling techniques that helps we benefit and modify high numbers of leads. You can also exercise WordPress Calls to Action and WordPress Leads to exercise and use a lead era system.

3. Ultimate Landing Page and Coming Soon Page

If we have 0 coding skills and are a new blogger or entrepreneur, this one competence be right adult your alley. You can build alighting pages with a customizable permalink for your email list and code a page with your trademark to supplement value to those pages. For some-more savvy users, a credentials image, title and outline are customizable, and we can use Google Fonts with this plugin.

It even lets we collect emails regulating FeedBurner and helps we stay connected to your leads actively. You possess finish control over a header and footer sections of a alighting pages and entrance shortly pages. The plugin also offers a reward version, with that we can emanate video alighting pages and collect emails regulating Aweber, MailChimp, etc.

4. Landing Page

Create poetic alighting pages and switch between themes to find a right pattern for your page. All a stairs embody auto-optimization and requires 0 coding knowledge. On tip of that, we can even run A/B tests. It also supports MailChimp subscription forms out of a box.

The plugin also offers integrated SEO features to assistance boost your sales. And we can also emanate email newsletters true from your WordPress dashboard for building eye-catching HTML emails for your leads or subscribers. Also in a mix, sales and entrance shortly pages.

5. Parallax Gravity

Parallax Gravity allows we to set a options with honour to sections rather than a whole page distinct other such plugins. With multiple sections support, we can customize several collection of a alighting pages with opposite backgrounds, mixed calm such as tradition CSS, shortcodes from third-party plugins, and more.

The plugin also allows deactivating and redirecting pages to tradition links and generating QR codes for offline campaigns. Lastly, it also offers “Page Analytics” underline to yield insights of a opening of your alighting pages.

5 More Plugins

In box we need some-more options, here are 5 some-more plugins that competence be your crater of tea.

Unbounce .WYSIWYG builder offers giveaway page modifying and present previews. 80 alighting page templates optimized for responsiveness. Run A/B tests, confederate a plugin with heading selling collection like MailChimp, HubSpot, SalesForce, etc.

Live Landing Page Composer. A frontend builder with 30 modules to work in. Watch a changes come in live. The full chronicle that is also free, has add-ons and giveaway and reward thesis choices.

Coming Soon by Supsystic. Build manageable entrance shortly alighting pages with processed professional-looking templates. Building can be finished with drag-and-drop and serve customization is probable with tradition CSS and HTML.

Aitasi Coming Soon. A entrance shortly alighting page builder that gives we responsive, professional-looking designs. Add association trademark and amicable icons, change credentials tone and customize a character of a page to fit your branding.

AIO WP Builder. Drag and dump apparatus with 0 stipulations on a blueprint for manageable designs. Support for images, videos and abounding content component ,as good as shortcodes and hit forms from third-party plugins.

Did we exercise any of a listed plugin to emanate and conduct alighting pages on your WordPress? Do we know any other alighting page plugin for WordPress? Kindly let us know around comments.

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