10 Smart Trackers for Pet Owners

Having noisy pets that like to ramble around a lot can expostulate pet owners crazy. If we have a dog who likes to locate squirrels opposite a travel or a cat that likes to go out each night, these intelligent GPS collars will infer useful in gripping your worries divided as we monitor your pet’s whereabouts.

10 Gadgets For The Loving Pet Owner

10 Gadgets For The Loving Pet Owner

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From colorful and intense to neat and stylish designs, these intelligent pet trackers will assistance we establish your pooch’s plcae even when you’re distant from home. Here are some of a best high record pet trackers for your erratic tiny fur balls.

Paw Track

Paw Track is a tracking collar specifically designed for cats. It has a total of weight of 70 g and an simply tractable collar that will fit nicely around your cat’s neck. The GPS section of a device is fixed to rest on a behind of your cat’s neck, that creates it less unwieldy and some-more comfortable for your cat’s use.

paw trackpaw track

Pawtrack has an internal Wi-Fi that can let we know when your cat is home. To safety battery, it puts itself to nap when your cat is nearby you. If we select PawTrack’s lost cat mode, a tracker will automatically warning owners to where a cat is located. [$160]


Don’t skip out on your pet’s grand adventures. Tractive is a GPS pet tracker that is simply clipped to your pet’s collar. With Tractive, we can track your dog in genuine time and review a transformation history to see where it has been. It also allows pet owners to set adult a practical fence that alerts owners when their pets leave this zone.


Tractive is waterproof that creates it good for dogs who adore to swim. The GPS tracking device can also light adult during a dark that creates it easy to find your mislaid pet during night time. [$129]


Wish we could view on your pet’s tip life? Pod is a GPS pet tracker that can fit on all collars, permitting we to record your pet’s locations, guard his activities, and keep an eye on your pooch through your smartphone or computer. The battery can final adult to 5 days on standby modes, and Pod is waterproof.


Like a other pet trackers in this list, Pod has a underline that allows pet owners to set adult protected zones. Once your pet goes over this area, you’ll be alerted by a device. Pod uses Wi-Fi, GPS, and 2G mobile networks to lane pet locations. [$149]


Tabcat looks like a elementary tab that can be attached to your cat’s collar. It comes with a handset that flashes or beeps faster if we are tighten to your cat. Unlike other pet trackers mentioned here, Tabcat doesn’t use GPS complement though instead uses Radio Frequency Identification to locate your cat. For this reason, tabcat is most lighter and cheaper.


It can also locate your sly crony even by thick walls. Most trackers with GPS record aren’t means to locate pets accurately since of obstacles along a way. This one can lane your pets from adult to 400ft away. One container contains dual homing tags with splashproof cases and a directional handset to locate your cats. [£69.99]


If we don’t wish a tracker that could tumble off your pet’s collar, demeanour into Kyon instead. Kyon itself is in a form of a dog collar that comes in 3 opposite sizes from as tiny as 25 cm adult to 50 cm in length, and in a accumulation of colors. It helps we locate your pet, guard a mood, health and activity levels.


Kyon has embedded sensors that enclose a 9-axis accelerometer, GPS, GSM, and ultrasound buzzer that can assistance prevent dog fights and feverishness strokes. Using a collar we can “communicate” with your pet by meaningful how it feels by a activity and mood guard and on tip of that use it to schedule notifications for oldster visits, travel reminders, or feeding times. [$249]


Wuf is a GPS pet tracker in a form of a dog collar, ideal for complicated mobile dog owners and their bushy best friends. With Wuf, we can emanate virtual fences and practical leashes, guard your dog’s activity, use a two-way communicator, even gamify your dog’s training.


Available in 3 sizes and colors, Wuf sees to it that their designs will assistance compare your dog’s personality. The Wuf intelligent dog collar facilities an accelerometer and Bluetooth connectivity. It can be synced by an iPhone app that allows pet owners to use it as a fitness tracker for their pets. [$159]


Never remove your pet again with Gibi’s pet tracker. Gibi is a lightweight collar GPS tracker that monitors your dog’s plcae and sends we presentation once your pooch is outward your designated protected zone. Gibi’s pet tracker includes a durable and waterproof collar that secures a tracker around your dog.


The Gibi browser app can be accessed by any device with internet connection. It also gives real-time updates and accurate plcae information regulating a tracker’s one-click button. [$129.99]


Buddy is a high record LED pet collar / tracker that holds we and your pet like never before. Buddy helps owners guard their pet’s daily activity by tracking their plcae around GPS. Buddy has a arguable LED lighting technology that proves useful in preventing dangerous hazards from your pet like cars and pedestrians.


Buddy also facilities fitness tracking, heat sensors, and a entirely waterproof pattern perfect for dogs who adore to swim. It can also be customized to give pet owners amicable alerts along with a village where we can discuss make new friends with other friend users. [$250]


Petrek is a 35g GPS-enabled pet tracking device that will assistance we lane your dog’s activities. It’s lightweight and intensely sturdy, that creates it good for pets of all sizes. This sold tracker is best used for pets that are around 5 kg.


Unlike other pet trackers, Petrek now doesn’t have monthly or yearly subscriptions. Petrek has a great 3G compatibility that gives a best probable coverage. Tracking can be set for 30-second, 5-minute or 2-hour intervals. It’s also waterproof and has one of a best battery life, adult to 8 days [$199]


Nano is a live GPS tracker that provides real-time plcae of your pet’s whereabouts. It is designed for recording pet activity that allows pet owners to see where their pets have been all day. It also provides accurate geofences to keep your dog protected and can find it simply once it’s lost.


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