10 Presentation Tools to Win Over Your Audience

PowerPoint is one of a many renouned arrangement tools. However, it lacks interactive features, nonetheless that your arrangement competence turn tedious adequate to lead people to boredom. Well, that’s a final thing we wish while formulating a presentation, right?

Don’t worry, let me deliver we to absolute nonetheless enchanting arrangement makers. Using these web tools, we can create and pattern interactive nonetheless pleasing presentations directly in a web browser that make your assembly go wow. Let’s check out a following list.

Best, giveaway arrangement makers


Prezi creates interactive presentations Prezi creates interactive presentations

In Prezi, we found a outrageous library of templates that can be customized to stir each audience. Amazingly, Prezi lets we lane your presentation’s opening by displaying an analytics of a viewers including what captivated them a most. Also, we can use your mobile as a remote and control a arrangement directly from mobile.

With Prezi, we can emanate unlimited presentations with full remoteness control. One can even share a presentations away or download them to perspective offline. Moreover, it lets we upload videos in your presentations, put presenter notes, trade your presentation to PDF, and relief modernized online training customized to your needs.

Prezi offers an easy modifying dashboardPrezi offers an easy modifying dashboard

Note: We’ve gathered a list of tips and tricks for Prezi that assistance we get a many out of it.

Pricing: Free for elementary devise else $5 – $59 per month | Sign up | More details


Visme offers several forms of templatesVisme offers several forms of templates

You can simply make visible stories regulating overwhelming presentations and infographics with Visme. Besides, it lets we demonstrate thoughts in an interactive approach and renovate tedious information into enchanting stories. You can also embed a presentation in a website or share on amicable networks. Using Visme, we get entrance to 100+ fonts and millions of giveaway images.

Creating an infographic regulating VismeCreating an infographic regulating Visme

Visme also lets we add media such as audio and video from your computer. Like Prezi, we can emanate sum projects and relief limitless storage along with glorious features. It gives we sum control to make your calm public, private, or password-protected. You can perspective a arrangement directly in a browser, or download or export it for offline viewing.

Pricing: Free for elementary devise else $10 – $60 per month | Sign up | More details


Editing dashboard of EmazeEditing dashboard of Emaze

Emaze is a overwhelming software, letting we redesign PowerPoint presentations into interactive, storytelling projects. we found lots of arrangement templates and video backgrounds in Emaze. Interestingly, we can supplement media content, GIFs, and live amicable feeds. You can even pan and zoom, and request transitions to them content, creation them rarely interactive.

Emaze offers several formatting optionsEmaze offers several formatting options

Being a cloud-based arrangement maker, we can entrance your projects from anywhere. Using a accumulation of 2D to 3D slides, we can perspective and revise your presentations on any device, and share it with anyone in any denunciation regulating its programmed interpretation tool. Also, we can download your presentation as PDF, and perspective it offline on any device.

Pricing: Free for elementary devise else $12.5 – $39 per month | Sign up | More details


Various blueprint options in CanvaVarious blueprint options in Canva

Canva is a drag-and-drop arrangement apparatus where we get hundreds of extraordinary layouts to emanate presentations on any subject. As we experienced, we can select a suitable images, fonts, colors, and lot some-more to fit your code requirements. Also, we get entrance to over a million of quality, batch photos, and can also upload tradition images.

Presentation mode of CanvaPresentation mode of Canva

Canva allows we to choose from some-more than 120 fonts to character your presentation. You can revise or cgange your arrangement anytime, use overwhelming filters and texts, or customize them to interest your audience. After you’re done, we can share your project on amicable networks, or use a ‘Presentation Mode’ to benefaction it right from your Canva account.

Pricing: Free for giveaway devise else $12.95/user per month | Sign up | More details


Piktochart lets we supplement chartsPiktochart lets we supplement charts

Piktochart lets we emanate infographics, that are respectable as slideshows. It offers 600+ professionally designed templates, and countless fonts and tone styles to make my devise unique. You can embody charts and maps to make it demeanour some-more impressive, and even use a set of industry-specific icons as deemed fit for your project’s purpose.

Embedding photos and videos in PiktochartEmbedding photos and videos in Piktochart

Surprisingly, Piktochart gives we entrance to a library of stock photos or lets we upload your possess images and videos to make things some-more engaging. Not usually this, we can also import data from Google Sheets and SurveyMonkey forms. And lastly, a arrangement can be common on a web and downloaded or printed as PDF, JPG, and PNG.

Pricing: Free for elementary devise else $15 – $29 per month | Sign up | More details


Genially offers countless templatesGenially offers countless templates

Genial.ly lets we put interactive effects and animations in your presentations. Surprisingly, we can embody calm from a series of external services in your presentations, such as Spotify, YouTube, Google Maps, Amazon, etc. Another enchanting thing is, we get entrance to several premium templates, regulating that we can emanate sum presentations.

Editing dashboard of GeniallyEditing dashboard of Genially

Similar to others, we can upload your possess images and videos detached from regulating a media resources. Every calm we emanate around Genially is shareable regulating email and amicable media networks including WhatsApp, and can also be embedded directly on your website. Last nonetheless not a least, we can capacitate analytics to guard your content’s performance.

Pricing: Free for elementary devise else $11.52 – $115.82 per month | Sign up

Haiku Deck

Editing dashboard of Haiku DeckEditing dashboard of Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck is a elementary and useful tool, nonetheless a interface looks small outdated. You can select from a range of fonts, discriminating layouts, picture filters, and some-more to emanate professionally designed presentations. It gives we entrance to 40+ million batch images on sundry subjects that fit in roughly each project.

Your presentations are stored in a cloud, so are accessible on any device. Haiku Deck offers most some-more facilities including PDF downloads, PPTX exports, etc. Additionally, it also offers a ‘Haiku Deck Classroom‘ subscription that includes all a integrity of Haiku Deck along with access for a clergyman and mixed students in a singular package.

Pricing: Free for singular chronicle else $19.99 – $60 per month | Sign up | More details

More, giveaway and reward tools

PowerPoint Online

Editing dashboard of PowerPoint OnlineEditing dashboard of PowerPoint Online

PowerPoint Online provides we all a basic facilities like images, transitions, animations, etc. and several templates to emanate a presentation. You can download a arrangement as a PDF record for offline viewing, and also share with people or embed in your blog or website. Though it’s easy and informed to use nonetheless it’s not as good as Prezi or Emaze.

Pricing: Free | Sign up

Google Slides

Editing dashboard of Google SlidesEditing dashboard of Google Slides

Google Slides lets we create, edit, and collaborate on extraordinary presentations. You’ll find a accumulation of templates, fonts, embedded videos, animations, and lots some-more in this giveaway app. You can revise and save presentations directly in the cloud like above apps. However, it can’t assistance we emanate as enchanting presentations as Prezi and Visme.

Pricing: Free | Sign up


Share your arrangement on FlowvellaShare your arrangement on Flowvella

Flowvella lets we rivet your assembly by vouchsafing we add images, videos, texts, links, galleries, and PDFs to your arrangement and renovate it into an interactive project. It lets we perspective a presentations online or offline, or share it regulating a tradition URL. And a Kiosk Mode is used to set an interactive digital arrangement that’s stable with a PIN.

Pricing: Free for elementary devise else $5 – $20 per month | Sign up | More details

Zoho Show

Editing dashboard of ZohoEditing dashboard of Zoho

Zoho Show supports creating moving slides and collaborating on them. You can import mixed forms of presentations and revise them. You can also insert animations and transitions, embed videos, tweets and even YouTube videos in your presentations. The arrangement can be broadcasted from anywhere, and we can also publish it on your site.

Pricing: Free for elementary devise else $5 – $8 per month | Sign up | More details


Editing dashboard of SlidesEditing dashboard of Slides

Slides creates your arrangement work on any device. You can supplement media, import calm from YouTube, Google Maps, and Vimeo, and even hide SVG images. What creates it some-more enchanting is, we can use other people’s layouts, use Google fonts along with regulating templates. You can share presentations or embed them on your blog or site.

Pricing: Free for elementary devise else $5 – $20 per month | Sign up | More details


Editing dashboard of SlidebeanEditing dashboard of Slidebean

Slidebean lets we emanate presentations only in mins regulating their enchanting templates. You will find professional images, charts, and GIFs for each audience, and we can code them with your possess colors, fonts, and logos. After you’re finished creation it, we can remotely benefaction it from anywhere, and even track a activities on your presentation.

Pricing: $8 – $38 per month | Sign up | More details

Pitch Deck

Editing dashboard of Pitch DeckEditing dashboard of Pitch Deck

Pitch Deck offers pre-built, drag-and-drop templates to emanate constrained presentations. You can supplement graphs, images, videos, and polls in your projects, and after it’s done, we can share your projects with others. Moreover, we can perspective your presentations from anywhere, any device. And after we benefaction them, we can perspective real-time analytic metrics.

Pricing: Free hearing for 15 days and then $42 per month | Sign up | More details

Prezent 3D

Editing dashboard of Prezent 3DEditing dashboard of Prezent 3D

Prezent 3D lets we make considerable presentations with a drag-and-drop collection and veteran templates. Surprisingly, we can also record your voice, use transitions and wizz effects along with images and videos. You can access your presentations from anywhere and hide it in your website, and also share your projects with anyone.

Pricing: Free hearing for 14 days and $5 – $40 per month | Sign up | More details

Which should we choose?

It depends on your mandate nonetheless we found Prezi and Emaze simply works for everybody looking to emanate extraordinary presentations to jolt their audience. But if you’re not prepared to compensate for their reward facilities (which are superb, by a way), afterwards we can opt for Powerpoint Online. It’s a large package carrying all required facilities and comes for 0 price.

Which is your favorite arrangement maker? Do we know about some-more such tools? Please write to me regulating criticism territory next or during @aksinghnet on Twitter.

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