10 Free Photo Management Software You Should Know

Photo managers concede we to organize your life in imitation albums and take caring of your digital memories – smartly and efficiently. In this post, we’re showcasing a best 13 desktop imitation managers that assistance we perspective images, conduct metadata and do most more.

Image government collection are zero new, however these collection offer features that were usually a suspicion of fiction in a past. For example, “Smart Albums” auto-organizes your photos, “Remote Albums” marks photos on networks, “Search Photos” lets we find pictures.

Stock Photo Management Tools

Photos for OS X

Photos is an discerning existent imitation manager and gallery for all your Apple inclination including iPhones. The deputy for iPhotos, Photos is a cloud-synced application for organizing your flourishing library during a executive place easily. It also offers countless image strategy tools to supplement filters, customize excellent sum and do most some-more modifying right in a app.


  • Offers “Smart Sliders” underline to revise like a pro even if you’re a newbie
  • Lets we see photos in moments, collections, years more picture views
  • Allows pity photos around iCloud Photo Sharing AirDrop to several places

Con(s): Photos may not win over energy users who wishes for allege facilities for example, import trade tool, collage maker, “remote albums‘, picture insurance and support for third-party cloud storages like Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.

Photos for OS XPhotos for OS X

Photo Gallery for Windows

Photo Gallery, enclosed in Windows Essentials 2012, is an essential enclosure of imitation modifying government tools. This giveaway program brings some-more energy and allows importing photos from cameras and other devices, tagging and acid images, formulating observation slideshows and a lot more. Also, it offers several picture modifying and auto-adjusting facilities as well.


  • Enables collection modifying for estimate mixed images
  • Lets we create collages, panoramas and compound photos
  • Offers support for around 10 renouned picture video formats
  • Allows pity photos videos to Facebook, YouTube, blogs and more

Con(s): Photo Gallery is not adequate for modernized users. Some of the blank features are “smart albums‘, “remote albums‘, some-more absolute imitation modifying tools, third-party cloud storage support, etc.

Photo GalleryPhoto Gallery

Shotwell for Linux

Shotwell is a imitation manager and editor for GNOME desktops ancillary countless Linux distributions. The software, nonetheless open source, brings many picture government features like organisation and flagging photos, searching, tagging rating images, etc. That’s not all: there’s also modifying facilities like picture transformations, tone adjustments, etc.


  • Offers extended energetic functionality regulating plugins
  • Supports over 15 images, codecs and video enclosure files
  • Allows formulating slideshows and book photos on networks

Con(s): Shotwell, nonetheless charity few modernized facilities like posting images online, lacks few useful picture government capabilities as shown by a Windows alternatives. Also, it could have been improved with modernized modifying collection and support for some-more formats.


10 third-party imitation government tools

Adobe Bridge CC

Adobe Bridge CC is multi-lingual item government program that allows handling digital resources prepared for easy access. This apparatus allows previewing PSDs even nonetheless Photoshop. It lets we make metadata and thumbnails, import photos from mobiles or cameras, adjust tone settings, routine photos, search, filter arrange images and lot some-more things.


  • Support panoramic and HDR images
  • Allows modifying mixed cinema in stretchable collection mode
  • Lets we classify personal group resources during a singular place
  • Supports countless photo, video and request files (PDF, PSD and more)

Con(s): Adobe Bridge CC brings several prolific tools, however, it doesn’t review with imitation editors. With improved picture modifying features, involuntary images or albums government and pity options, it could have been a ideal package for everyone.

Adobe Bridge CCAdobe Bridge CC

JetPhoto Studio

JetPhoto Studio is a feature-rich imitation studio software. The dual-platform apparatus manages your photos in albums (and not in normal approach of folders) and even lets we tell a photos online on Flickr. The app also allows managing and modifying videos detached from a picture government and modifying capabilities like mutation tools, metadata editing, etc.


  • Lets we emanate peep and web galleries of your photos
  • Allows geo-tagging (using GPS) and pinning photos on Google Earth
  • Offers imitation map and imitation calendar for intriguing imitation management

Con(s): JetPhoto Studio is giveaway usually for personal use, so professionals would need a corporate license. This giveaway chronicle puts ads in a peep galleries and supports usually a singular series of formats features in comparison to a paid chronicle or other alternatives here.

JetPhoto StudioJetPhoto Studio


Phototheca is a glorious imitation government software, permitting we to view, search, structure and classify your digital photos. The app lets we group photos in albums, events, live albums and intelligent albums than usually elementary folders. It offers we engorgement of modifying collection to touch-up images, revise metadata, hunt photos, find duplicates and do most more.


  • Allows securing photos underneath a password
  • Offers several browsing options like calendar and timeline
  • Lets we import photos from countless places including network drives

Con(s): Phototheca offers lots of picture government facilities nonetheless lacks in picture modifying options.


XnView MP

XnView MP offers media browser, imitation spectator and picture converter in a singular package. Built on XnView Classic, it offers countless photo government and encouragement facilities like image mutation modifying tools, metadata editing, imitation module, transcribe finder and a batch estimate tool. Works with Windows, Mac OS and Linux.


  • Supports browsing 500+ picture formats
  • Offers mixed views like thumbnail, filmstrip, slideshow, etc.
  • Creates several exports such as web pages, picture strips, hit sheets, etc.

Con(s): XnView MP, nonetheless a reward package, doesn’t packs in few modernized features and collection like “Smart Albums” and others. Moreover, it’s usually giveaway for personal or educational uses and nonprofit organizations, nonetheless a reward permit is compulsory for veteran uses.

XnView MPXnView MP

StudioLine Photo Basic

StudioLine Photo Basic is a picture government package with energy features. The program packs a extended preference of picture modifying collection like mutation options, special effects, tone mixer, etc. along with multitude of picture government features such as quick search, sorting, metadata editing, import and trade tool, imitation tool and many more.


  • Allows collection estimate for creation changes easily
  • Offers creating calendars and nod cards from your photos
  • Lets we emanate web gallery or send photos around email for easy sharing

Con(s): StudioLine Photo Basic’s giveaway book requires we to pointer adult for a cost-free key, that might not fit everyone. Its premium chronicle offers some-more discriminating features or collection like watermark filter, Flickr upload tool, picture backup tool, etc.

StudioLine Photo BasicStudioLine Photo Basic


IrfanView is a compress nonetheless good-to-use imitation editor cum spectator that provides a far-reaching operation of tools and options to classify and enhance your images. It allows formulating thumbnails and slideshows, modifying metadata, acid images and most more. Moreover, we can supplement effects and finishing touches to your photos with usually a few clicks.


  • Allows collection estimate of mixed photos
  • Supports 120+ picture and audio/video formats
  • Offers support for plugins to supplement additional functionalities

Con(s): IrfanView doesn’t offer modernized filters or collection like “Remote Albums” for energy users. The app’s user interface is “too user-friendly” to a indicate that users are compulsory to go by trial-and-error regularly find a right apparatus or filter.



PicaJet is a digital imitation organizer with absolute facilities to fit your needs. Along with categorizing your photos automatically regulating folders or metadata, it also lets we view photos from network shares. Some of a estimable facilities embody image editing, programmed import tool, metadata viewing, picture searching, timeline view, skins and many more.


  • Supports 60+ image, audio and video files
  • Allows stealing personal photos for simple security
  • Lets we emanate slideshows and web galleries of images

Con(s): PicaJet has lots of eye-catchy facilities on a reward version such as improved picture editing, offline repository (on DVDs), absolute hunt tool, password-protected photos and lot more. Also, its giveaway chronicle lacks metadata editing that is accessible in others.


Zoner Photo Studio

Zoner Photo Studio is a photo-manager-cum-editor built for organizing your photos. It handles a altogether upsurge from importing photos from a camera, all a approach to publishing. The apparatus brings several government facilities like star rating, labeling and tagging (location tags), etc and mixed modifying facilities including picture mutation tools, trade utility, etc.


  • Supports 55+ picture (bitmap + RAW) and video formats
  • Comes in an interface informed to Windows File Explorer
  • Offers Zonerama (online imitation gallery) for holding your albums with you

Con(s): The giveaway book doesn’t offer many facilities compared to a reward counterpart. The program also lacks intelligent government features like “smart albums” or “live albums” like some of a alternatives listed here.

Zoner Photo StudioZoner Photo Studio


Daminion is a digital resources government resolution for storing images, videos and papers structurally. Though it doesn’t offer “smart albums” or such, nonetheless it allows organizing files in folders and cataloging them regulating multi-level tags, properties and more. The program also offers metadata editing, and importing of files from several other sources/managers, etc.


  • Lets we export images files with optimizations
  • Supports 85+ image, audio/video and request files
  • Allows searching for images and other files as good as their content

Con(s): It is free usually for home or personal use. Also, it lacks totally in picture modifying options distinct other imitation government tools. You will need an picture modifying apparatus to use with Daminion.


FastStone Image Viewer

FastStone is an picture browser, editor and converter accessible as a 3-in-1 package. It brings in several picture government features like classification images into albums (using folders), metadata editing, picture comparison, etc. The app also offers countless modifying facilities like mutation functions, tone effects, special effects, content shapes, etc.


  • Support for some-more than 20 imitation and RAW formats
  • Offers batch processing for vast series of picture files
  • Allows formulating slideshows, picture montages and hit sheets

Con(s): It doesn’t facilities several options and collection found in other such software. Moreover, it supports a fewer series of picture formats compared to Phototheca and other picture government tools.

FastStone Image ViewerFastStone Image Viewer

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