10 Free Mobile Apps to Help You Learn English Faster

Learning a denunciation is one of a many rewarding things we can do. There are a lot of ways we can learn or improve your skills in a sold language, from attending classes to self-learning. But have we satisfied that we can also put that smartphone of yours to unequivocally good use for training languages?

Whether you’re starting from blemish or usually wish to improve your English, here are 10 giveaway mobile apps for both Android and iOS that will assistance we do usually that.

1. Hello English

This is my first recommendation for anyone looking to urge their English. Hello English covers all a aspects of denunciation learning, including vocabulary, translation, grammar, spellings, spoken, and reading skills.

However, we should already be means to know elementary English structure and alphabets, a app can’t assistance we learn English from scratch.

When you’ll initial launch a app, you’ll have to select your local denunciation to continue. There are 22 languages supported, and make certain we select a right one as a app will work in your local denunciation from here.

select your local languageselect your local language

Afterwards, you’ll be given a 20 questions exam that a app will use to consider your stream English level. According to a exam results, you’ll be endorsed lessons that will work best for you.

For example, when we did a ideal measure on a test, a app endorsed me to start from a doctrine 351. Although, when we did really bad on a test, a app endorsed me to start from a doctrine 1.

20 questions exam 20 questions exam

Hello English uses interactive games to teach opposite English lessons, and you’ll earn coins to clear some-more formidable lessons. we can endorse that even experts can find some good lessons to whet their English. When we took some modernized tests, we was usually means to keep 85% normal score.

For practice, a app also offers new audiobooks, latest news, and books to keep enhancing your English language. Hello English is giveaway and ad-supported, though there is also a premium chronicle to mislay ads and clear special courses for a sold purpose.

Hello English interfaceHello English interface

Download: Android | iOS

2. Duolingo

If we wish to learn English from scratch, afterwards this is a app we are looking for. Duolingo uses interactive games to assistance we learn adult to 23 opposite languages, including English.

For beginners, a app focuses on assisting we learn verbs, phrases, and sentences. Although advanced users can also urge their denunciation by completing writing, speaking, and wording lessons.

You’ll have to choose a denunciation we wish to learn and your local language to start a training process. Afterwards, we can endorse either we wish to learn a denunciation from blemish or we usually wish to improve.

choose a denunciation we wish to learnchoose a denunciation we wish to learn

Depending on your selection, a app will make we go by a elementary test. This exam will assistance know your inclination in a language and Duolingo will yield learning element accordingly. we was agreeably astounded during a training plan of a app.

If you’ll make a mistake, a app will immediately use a opposite diversion to assistance you learn and scold it. If you’ll still make a mistake, it will use a opposite diversion to serve assistance we understand.

duolingon testsduolingon tests

I usually took dual tests for Spanish language and it took me hardly 10 mins to complete them. Amazingly, now we am assured that we can simply deliver myself in Spanish and ask elementary questions.

Duolingo is ad upheld and has a reward chronicle to mislay ads and capacitate we to download courses for offline use. Overall, we can fully learn a denunciation for free if we don’t mind ads and staying online.

Download: Android | iOS

3. Lingbe

Both Duolingo and Hello English can assistance we learn English and urge it. However, when we are prepared to use your oral skills in a real-world, you’ll need Lingbe. It’s a community-based app where people assistance any other and share their local language. It connects we with genuine people on call that are local in a denunciation we are looking to learn.

Lingbe has a language sell system. To get articulate mins to learn a unfamiliar language, you’ll have to initial pronounce with someone in your local denunciation and assistance them learn it. So it’s fundamentally a give and take app where we are both a clergyman and a learner. Overall, it’s a fun proceed to make friends, learn cultures, and learn a new language.

Although there are many apps like Lingbe that bond with local speakers, though we have comparison it for a extremely elementary user interface and rules. You usually need to select your local language and a denunciation we wish to learn and afterwards tell a small about your interests. This information will not be manifest to other users, it will usually be used to bond you with a right user on call.

Lingbe intial setupLingbe intial setup

The categorical interface usually consists of a button to start a call, and a symbol to endorse we are available or taken to accept calls. After your call, we can Like a chairman in a app to bond with them later. If they like we back, afterwards they will seem in your Chats territory as a friend.

Lingbe InterfaceLingbe Interface

With a denunciation sell indication we have explained above, we can use Lingbe for free. However, we can also purchase Lingbe coins to buy mins to talk to local speakers of a denunciation we wish to practice.

Download: Android | iOS

4. Memrise

Memrise offers a large accumulation of courses for a lot of opposite languages, including English. These courses are indeed assembled by other members of a Memrise community, creation Memrise a crowd-sourced learning platform. Most of a lessons are gamified, and Memrise offers all a tools to let unchanging users emanate courses.


Download: Android | iOS

5. busuu

busuu is utterly identical to Memrise as a courses here are also created by local speakers in a community. You’ll have to start from a tradition problem turn and a courses will be supposing accordingly. busuu additionally works as a amicable media platform where people with opposite languages can discuss and share their experience.


Download: Android | iOS

6. Awabe

A totally free app that helps we learn over 4000 common phrases and vocabularies. The app works totally offline and there is tons of information to urge your English. The app offers translations, audio and video lessons, and a garland of denunciation training games. You’ll also get daily speaking, listening, and memorizing tests that safeguard your skills stay fluent.


Download: Android

7. Learn English Daily

This app follows a elementary proceed to learning English by listening and speaking. The app consists of thousands of difference and phrases narrated by local speakers.

You can listen to those phrases to urge your pronunciation and memorize them. It also notifies we to speak sentences each day to keep your English fluent.

Learn English DailyLearn English Daily

Download: Android

8. Beelinguapp

Beelinguapp uses audiobooks to assistance we learn opposite languages. You usually have to listen to stories and novels in a denunciation we wish to learn and side by side review a text in your local language.

Audiobooks lovers will certainly adore this app as they can listen to audiobooks of their interest and during a same time learn a new language. There are many free audio books to hone your English skills, though some are paid.


Download: Android | iOS

9. HelloTalk

HelloTalk is identical to Lingbe as it connects we with local speakers to assistance urge your denunciation skills. However, it adds a few additional facilities that competence seductiveness you. You can view a profiles of users manually to find a review that interests you.

Additionally, we can also send content and audio messages, and even do video calls with other people.


Download: Android | iOS

10. English Speaking Practice

It’s a practicing apparatus to assistance we urge your diction and emanate certainty to have a review in English. The app has hundreds of available conversations where we can listen to local speakers and afterwards pronounce and record yourself.

You can listen to yourself and a local speaker to review and urge your pronunciation.

English Speaking PracticeEnglish Speaking Practice

Download: Android


You can also give Google Translate for Android and iOS a chance. It competence not be an app to learn English, though it gives we full control over what we wish to learn. Instead of following a bound program, we can simply interpret any sentence we like and learn it in English.

It also comes with tons of facilities to let we interpret on a match 103 languages.


If we are an English beginner, afterwards I’ll suggest we to start from Duolingo and afterwards use Hello English to take full authority over a language. For smooth oral English, we can try out Lingbe or HelloTalk. Do let us know in a comments that one of these apps we are formulation to use to urge your English.

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