10 Cool Gboard Features and How to Use Them

Gboard, Google Keyboard with new name and engaging features, has usually recently made a approach to Andriod. Your Android phone would already be updated with this new default keyboard. If a aged Google Keyboard’s singular facilities forced we to switch to a third-party Android keyboard, afterwards Gboard competence change your mind.

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Gboard is usually as light and discerning as a aged Google Keyboard, though it comes with singular new features. Below are 10 new Gboard features that we will certainly love.

1. Built-in Google search

The many talked about feature, Gboard now has a built in G pitch to fast hunt your queries on Google Search. The hunt choice is specifically combined for Gboard and it’s totally opposite in functionality.

G pitch is not simply a by-pass to Google Search, clarification no additional apps will be non-stop when we will hunt by it. Instead, a hunt will uncover answer to your query regulating Google present answers. If there is no answer available, afterwards a couple to a tip outcome is shown.

This hunt is fundamentally combined to help we entrance critical information such as location, news, continue or a new event and fast share it with a chairman we are chatting with. For example, we can hunt for a plcae where we wish to rendezvous, and share it with your friends.

Sharing is also really easy as Gboard offers a special “Share” pitch that automatically pastes all a critical searched content in a calm margin we are typing in.

To use a Google Search inside Gboard:

  • Tap on a vast “G button” on a tip left dilemma of a keyboard and we will see a hunt field. Type your query and strike enter to see a results.
  • The search suggestions will also uncover adult on top for we to simply select from.
  • If we get mixed formula (like website articles), afterwards tapping on one will enter a couple in a calm field.
  • If there is a singular result, like a plcae or clarification of a word, press a “Share” pitch subsequent to enter it in a calm field.

Furthermore, we will also see 3 discerning entrance buttons when we will daub on a “G button”. These buttons allows we to quickly change themes, entrance keyboard settings and switch to “One Hand” mode (more on it later).

2. Spacebar as a Trackpad

We all know how formidable it is to place a little cursor in a right spot when we need to rectify a mistake while typing. Gboard solves this problem by permitting we to control a cursor regulating a spacebar key. Simply appropriate your finger left or right on a spacebar to pierce a cursor in a particular direction.

Unfortunately, we can't appropriate adult or down to pierce a cursor between lines, but we can still use a aged process of tapping to fast place a cursor anywhere we like.

3. Quickly undo mixed words

For fast deletion one minute during a time, a undo pitch in a keyboard does a good job. However, if we wish to undo a whole sentence, a undo pitch takes 1-2 seconds usually to undo a singular line. Gboard allows we to fast get absolved of mixed difference with a singular swipe.

When we wish to undo mixed words:

  • Swipe left from a undo pivotal (tap and swipe) and all a difference will start highlighting.
  • Once a compulsory difference are highlighted, raise your finger from a shade and they will be deleted.
  • In a mural mode, a singular appropriate customarily allows we to undo 5-8 words. You can fast appropriate mixed times to undo some-more words.

4. Search for Emojis and GIFs

Gboard has a new built-in hunt for emojis and GIFs that we can use to fast find a right one. Tap on a “Emojis” button during a bottom right dilemma to entrance emojis. Here we should see a hunt bar on top. Tap on it and enter a form of emoji we need.

For example, you can form “happy” to see emojis expressing happiness, or form “sad” to see emojis display sadness. You can use this hunt bar to enter a tension we are feeling and see discerning results. Same goes for GIFs, though the GIF underline will usually work in calm fields where GIFs are allowed.

You can also use names or essence inside a emoji or GIF to hunt for it. For example, we can form “water” to see emojis and GIF with H2O in them.

5. Multilingual typing

With Gboard, you can form in mixed languages though wanting to switch between them. You usually need to specify a languages we wish to use and Gboard will automatically detect and offer predictions according to a language.

For example, if we like typing in English and Spanish simultaneously, afterwards whenever we will enter a Spanish word while typing English, it will start presaging Spanish words. However, we will have to manually switch between keyboards if a delegate denunciation is really opposite from a primary, such as English and Arabic.

To mention a languages we wish to use:

  • Tap on a “G button” and afterwards daub on a “Gear” icon to entrance Gboard settings.
  • Here daub on “Languages” and we will see all a upheld languages (over 120).
  • Tap a button subsequent to a ones we wish to use to capacitate them.
  • The languages will be automatically downloaded and available in Gboard.

6. Glide Typing

This is not a new function, though a rather extended one. Swipe typing was always accessible in Google Keyboard, though with Gboard many improvements have been made. Now a animations are most smoother and their correctness has also been enhanced.

The slip typing underline is also most faster now and can hoop your hyper swipe-typing speed. If we are meddlesome in swipe-typing, afterwards give Gboard another try. You will really be pleased.

7. Add a permanent Number Row

Although this underline is already offering by other keyboard apps, though Google has now finally combined it in a batch Android keyboard. You can now add a permanent series quarrel during a tip of a keyboard to fast enter numbers.

In sequence to capacitate it:

  • Go to Settings from a “G button” and daub on “Preferences”.
  • Here capacitate a choice “Number Row” and we will see a series quarrel during a tip of a keyboard.

8. Use One Hand Mode

It can be a vast problem to type with one palm on a vast display Android phones, such as LG V20. If we have such a device or have smaller hands, afterwards we can use Gboard’s One Hand mode to simply form with one hand. One Hand mode will pin a keyboard during one dilemma of a screen (left or right) so we could simply form with all keys in reach.

For enabling One Hand mode:

  1. Tap on a “G button” and click on “One Hand” mode idol in a middle
  2. One Hand mode will be enabled, and we can tap on a enhance pitch on a side of it to switch behind to normal mode.

9. Capitalize difference easily

Usually we need to tap a “Shift” key and daub a minute to supplement a capitalized letter. However, with Gboard we can simply daub on a “Shift” pivotal and appropriate to a minute that we wish to gain and it will typed in a collateral form.

10. Quickly enter symbols

Similar to capitalization, we can also fast enter black by swiping from “?123” key.

  • Simply tap on a “?123” pitch and appropriate upward. The page will immediately change to a black page.
  • Now leave a appropriate over a pitch that we wish to use and it will be entered, and we will be automatically switched behind to a categorical keyboard.

This methods is really a whole lot faster.

Some final thoughts

Gboard is really a good alleviation on a Google Keyboard and it should tempt many people to switch behind to a default Android keyboard. we have privately changed to Gboard from Swiftkey, simply since it is lighter and a Google Search underline is really a keeper. Do let us know in a comments if you’ll be switching behind to Gboard or not, and that Gboard facilities we like.

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