10 Common Technology Myths, Debunked

As a tech enthusiast, we am customarily the initial chairman my friends and family review to for their tech-related questions and problems. And mostly a lot, they tell me incorrect contribution about technology that literally creates me feel contemptible for them.

Technology should be simplified, and a few misconceptions should not bushel anyone from holding full advantage of their devices. To assistance everybody make a improved use of technology, we am going to debunk 10 of a most common tech myths and infer they are wrong.

1. Refresh symbol speeds adult Windows

Clicking on a Refresh button in Windows makes a PC modernise and smoothes everything. Therefore, a PC becomes faster (or fresh, in elementary words).

Debunking a myth

Refresh symbol has a completely opposite job. It is ostensible to repair errors and glitches, not to speed adult a PC. Let’s try in detail:

What does a Refresh symbol do?

The Refresh button simply re-paints all a icons on your desktop or path-finder window and updates them to a latest changes. In normal usage, this underline does zero useful.

However, a underline still is there even in Windows 10 since infrequently due to glitches some changes might not refurbish in your perspective even yet a changes are applied. So, a Refresh symbol simply updates icons to a new changes.

Refresh buttonRefresh button

For example, we might rename a folder yet a name isn’t applied, or we might resize an picture yet a picture sum still uncover a aged size. In such cases, a Refresh symbol will repair it.

Why your PC seems to speed adult when we refresh?

Now we will disagree that “I do indeed notice things well-spoken out when we modernise my PC, because is that?“. Yes, after lovely we might notice that your bogged down PC might seem to work smoother. However, it’s a time it took to modernise a PC that fixes a delayed PC, not a modernise symbol itself.

Whenever we pierce from one window to another, Windows (or any other OS) needs to exchange information between RAM and a pagefile that causes 1-2 second delayed down (not loyal for SSD users). Instead of refreshing, even if we wait 1-2 seconds your PC will still well-spoken out. You can review my essay about how RAM cleaning collection work to learn some-more about how RAM and pagefile works.

The bad side of regulating a Refresh button

Instead of speeding up, refreshing a PC indeed slows down processes and army your PC to do some-more work. Re-painting all a icons require a good volume of CPU resources. When you’ll refresh, your PC will have to allot PC resources to a routine for no reason, that might lead to slowing down your other processes instead.

In a screenshot below, we have pulpy a Refresh button (F5 shortcut) mixed times and we can see that my CPU use went adult to 76% (it went adult to 100% as well). Now, do we unequivocally wish such large volume of CPU resources being used for nothing?

CPU UsageCPU Usage

2. Never use a phone while charging

Using your phone while charging has a possibility of it exploding in your palm heading to critical repairs or even death.

Debunking a myth

Phones have a really small bent of exploding and it customarily happens when we use a inadequate horse or there is a problem with a phone from a manufacturer’s end, like a problem with Samsung Note 7. The routine of charging while regulating a phone has no tie with it exploding if a horse and a phone are fine.

Exploding phoneExploding phone

The misfortune that could start while charging is your phone warming adult some-more than usual, and in a prolonged run, a phone components might wear out faster. If your phone is heating adult to a indicate of concern, afterwards we should worry about inadequate horse or a ragged out battery. Never use a phone that is heating to a indicate it creates we worried to reason it in your hand. Heat is a categorical means of phone exploding.

3. Only use phone manufacturer’s charger

You should customarily use manufacturer’s phone horse or a third-party horse certified by a phone manufacturer. Otherwise, your battery might get shop-worn or a phone might explode.

Debunking a myth

Using your phone manufacturer’s horse is a best approach to safeguard we are not regulating a bad charger that could repairs your phone. However, this doesn’t meant we can’t use any other upheld charger.

The indicate is not to use a inexpensive tawdry charger, that might have low-quality circuits and wires. Due to improper stream flow, these chargers can diminution a lifespan of a battery or might even lead to bursting it.

counterfeit chargercounterfeit charger

You can buy a horse from any renouned formula like Belkin, RAVPower and Anker, etc. and we won’t have to worry about quality. If a charger energy and connecter compare your phone and it comes from a arguable brand, afterwards there should be no problem.

4. Killing apps saves resources

When we tighten an app, some of its processes still keep running. You should use a charge torpedo app to totally kill a app and save resources.

Debunking a myth

Yes, when we tighten an app there is a possibility it will have some background processes running. For example, Both Facebook and WhatsApp have a credentials process that keeps regulating to keep we updated with latest messages and notifications. For correct operative of a apps, these processes are necessary.

However, if we will force kill those processes, a respective app will immediately start it again. In a end, there is no indicate of murdering an app routine as it’s going to start behind again anyway. All we do is force your phone to work some-more to restart a process.

If we do wish to get absolved of credentials processes, afterwards it’s improved to use your phone’s built-in battery saver mode. The battery saver mode disables all form of app syncing and kills many of these credentials processes while preventing them from restarting.

battery saver modebattery saver mode

5. Full mobile signals meant best network service

If we see full signals on your mobile phone, afterwards we are removing a best network use and optimal information send speed.

Debunking a myth

Many times we see full signals on a phone, yet we still get slower internet speed and notice interruptions in calls. Full signals don’t indispensably meant we are removing a best network service.

Full signalsFull signals

The signals on your phone uncover a strength of signals we are receiving from a circuitously dungeon tower. It doesn’t paint a strength of network and information send speed. If too many people are connected to a dungeon tower, afterwards you’ll substantially face network issues even yet your mobile vigilance strength is full.

If we face network issues with full signals, afterwards we can use an app like Open Signal to name a reduction undiluted tower.

6. More RAM means some-more PC speed

The aloft a RAM is, a faster your PC will run.

Debunking a myth

I have spent my whole teen life in a bureau to get my hands on a PC with a tip RAM, yet it finished with a facepalm when we found out a truth. RAM is fundamentally nothing some-more than a super discerning proxy storage space where your now active programs reside.

Increasing sum RAMIncreasing sum RAM

Increasing sum RAM will customarily assistance we open adult some-more programs simultaneously. Increasing a RAM is customarily useful when your stream volume of RAM is incompetent to hoop your PC usage. For example, we have 2GB of RAM yet we customarily open mixed programs that take over 3GB RAM. In that case, your PC will be really delayed as it will have to pierce processes to a slower HDD/SSD to forestall a shutdown.

To speed adult your PC, we can boost a RAM to 4GB and all will work smooth. However, even if we increase a RAM to 8GB, a speed boost will still be a same as 4GB.

If we are meddlesome in speed, afterwards it’s improved to upgrade RAM to a faster RAM type, such as DDR3 or DDR4. A faster RAM offers faster-processing speed, so programs regulating in a RAM will routine things faster as well. Here is a discerning beam to differentiate between opposite forms of RAMS.

7. It’s mandatory to mislay a USB safely

It’s mandatory to initial click a “Safely mislay USB” symbol in a taskbar and afterwards physically mislay a USB. Otherwise, your information will get depraved or changes won’t be saved.

Debunking a myth

As prolonged as we are not reading or essay data to a USB drive, there is no problem in mercilessly pulling it out. When we click a “Safely mislay hardware” button, a OS customarily creates certain there is no active data being eliminated and all a changes are applied.

Safely mislay hardwareSafely mislay hardware

This acknowledgment isn’t required as 0.5 seconds is a limit delay that could start before any changes in a USB is scrupulously applied. So if we wait customarily 0.5 seconds after creation any changes, we can openly mislay a USB expostulate though any repairs to your data.

freely mislay a USBfreely mislay a USB

Even this 0.5 second check customarily occurs when we have configured your USB for best opening in Windows. By default, Windows allows we to immediately mislay a USB when a information is eliminated or a changes are made. Here’s how to configure these options in Windows:

  1. Press Windows + R keys and form devmgmt.msc in a Run dialog to open a Device Manager.
  2. Here enhance Disk drive. From a list, right-click on your USB expostulate and name Properties.
  3. PropertiesProperties

  4. Now underneath a Policies add-on you’ll see dual options, Quick removal and Better performance. Choose a one we find better.
  5. Quick dismissal and Better performanceQuick dismissal and Better performance

8. An antivirus protects from all viruses

Antivirus programs can take caring of all forms of viruses and will strengthen we even from a latest threats. Just implement a antivirus and we are safe.

Debunking a myth

Antivirus programs do assistance strengthen opposite viruses and malware. However, antivirus programs can’t make your PC bulletproof. You can’t usually implement a good antivirus module and start downloading different files meditative antivirus will save we from any form of virus.

There are two categorical threats that antivirus can’t quarrel alone, any new virus online and a pathogen to that you supposing full control of a PC. You’ll have to take precautions yourself in these cases.

New viruses threat

Usually, an antivirus module has trust on a fixed database of famous antagonistic formula and activities. If any record or app is found malicious, a antivirus halts it. However, for many new viruses, a antivirus must need to know it first and afterwards stop it from inspiring all of a users.

So once a virus has caused adequate havoc to come underneath antivirus programs’ radar, only afterwards they can do something about it.

new virusesnew viruses

Now a doubt remains, “what if we were one of a victims of a pathogen before it got identified?”. Throughout story viruses have strike millions of computers. However, following simple internet confidence measures should keep we protected in a many cases, yet there is no bulletproof protection opposite a new virus.

A pathogen we frankly commissioned in a base of a system

If we like to illegally download paid things for free (torrenting), afterwards antivirus substantially won’t save you. Usually, programs and files from such dangerous sources are commissioned with malware and viruses and get implement alongside a strange program.

Although antivirus will be means to save we from many of them, yet a stronger ones that we concede to be installed in a base of a OS would be formidable to get absolved of.

On tip of that, even if your antivirus warns we about a antagonistic program, we might still take a risk if we are unfortunate for a program. Getting absolved of such pathogen will need we to possibly revive a complement or undo it from a Safe mode. Some might force we to undo all your saved information in a process.

antivirus warningantivirus warning

Your best gamble is to stay divided from dangerous sources and legally download calm from creditable sources.

9. Emptying Recycle Bin henceforth deletes files

To delete an object permanently, simply undo it from a expostulate and afterwards undo it from a Recycle Bin.

Debunking a myth

Many people trust that once they have emptied a Recycle Bin, all of their information is deleted forever. This is incorrect. When we undo information from a Recycle Bin, Windows (or any other OS) simply marks it as deleted and frees adult space.

Empty Recycle BinEmpty Recycle Bin

In actual, the information is still there and watchful to be overwritten by some-more data. The routine of henceforth deletion information and stuffing a deleted segments is utterly extensive.

So it’s theoretical for any OS to make users wait so most for usually deletion a record permanently. This information (unless overwritten) can be simply recovered again regulating a file liberation tool like Recuva. You can learn some-more about a routine from this SuperUser QA.


It’s a good thing as we can redeem an incidentally deleted critical file. But remember, someone else can also redeem your supportive data that we might consider is henceforth deleted.

To henceforth undo data, we can use a giveaway record shredder apparatus like Eraser. It both deletes and overwrites a segments.


10. Private browsing mode keeps information private

If we don’t wish to be tracked or leave any traces of your browsing anywhere, usually use a private/incognito browser window.

Debunking a myth

Whenever we speak about VPNs and a remoteness they offer, there always seems to be someone who argues that using a private browser window is an easier choice for stealing your tracks. we am not endangered that people consider private mode can make them invisible, we am endangered that people don’t even stop for a second to review on a private window itself that it won’t make we invisible.

Chrome Incognito windowChrome Incognito window

I meant it’s literally written on a private window of each browser that it will customarily erase locally saved data. Any outmost source can still lane your activity, usually review this support page for Chrome’s Incognito window.

These external sources embody your internet provider, network controller (in propagandize or office), websites we visit, online services we use (like Facebook), and even an outmost monitoring apparatus commissioned in your PC.

VPNs are still your best choice for internet confidence and privacy. Only trust a private window for deletion locally set data, such as history, cookies, form entries, and cache, etc.

To conclude

These are some of a record misconceptions that we mostly hear and they do make things a bit complicating for an normal user. we contingency acknowledge that detached from a parable #2, we indeed believed in all of those misconceptions during some partial of my life. And training a law about them really did done my tech life easier.

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