10 Android Apps to Block Unwanted Spam Calls & Messages

Mobile phones are a blessing to keep in hold with friends and family, though some calls and content messages are unwelcomed and even annoying. For example, those from telemarketers, phone scammers, different numbers or text-sending machines invade remoteness and may forewarn during wrong times or places, like during meetings or your favorite sports match.

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Android app ecosystem, fortunately, provides countless apps to block neglected calls and messages, and rescue we in such situations. In this article, we’re going to plead a best of such apps that assistance we block irritating and neglected calls and messages and suffer a pacific time with your work or family.

Calls Blacklist – Call Blocker

A lightweight app in itself, Calls Blacklist allows to fast block calls and filter SMS messages from neglected and different numbers. This app is a strong resolution with countless facilities to block telemarketing, spam, and robocalls on your Android devices.

Calls Blacklist facilities

Some of a best facilities of Calls Blacklist are:

  • Enable and invalidate restraint with one click.
  • Block numbers manually or from a contacts list, call record and summary log.
  • Block a series range regulating a “begins with” option, like retard all calls starting with “9909” or retard all messages starting with “AD-“.
  • Set a specific schedule to block calls or messages, for instance during your work (daytime) or your sleeping hours (nighttime).
  • Create a whitelist, so a numbers or messages from this list are never blocked.
  • Get notifications about call or content blocks to know now about a block.
  • Check a log of all blocked calls and messages in box we wish to snippet a number.
Calls Blacklist - Call BlockerCalls Blacklist - Call Blocker

Call Blocker Free – Blacklist

A basic blacklist app by NQ Mobile Security, Call Blocker Free prevents neglected calls and content messages from unfortunate you. The app consumes small resources (especially battery juices) and also avails a paid chronicle with better, reward features.

Call Blocker Free features

Below are a several facilities of a Call Blocker Free:

  • Allows formulating a blacklist of neglected numbers manually or by adding them directly from phone’s contacts, call story or new content messages.
  • Allows formulating a whitelist of phone numbers that can strech you.
  • Offers multiple restraint modes to control a facilities as per your needs.
  • Sends a notification to refurbish we after restraint a call or message.
  • Prevents probable phone scams by detecting ‘one ring’ phone calls that are mostly compared with phone scams and telemarketers.
Call Blocker Free - BlacklistCall Blocker Free - Blacklist


A dialer app with a ability to identify different callers and retard them, Truecaller creates your mobile knowledge intelligent and pleasant with facilities like tourist ID and spam block. Do note that its tourist ID feature, if enabled, requires a operative Internet connection.

Truecaller features

A few engaging facilities of Truecaller are:

  • Blocks texts and spam calls that are reported as spam by others or entered manually or detected from a contacts list or call history.
  • Auto-searches for different numbers within a tellurian network and shows them with names and photos so helps in identifying them.
  • Allows creation calls from a app regulating name hunt within a database, even if a numbers are not benefaction in your phone’s hit list.
  • Shows an ‘Availability’ indicator to tell if chairman you’re about to call is giveaway to speak or not (requires other chairman to have Truecaller as well, and this underline activated for both persons).


Truemessenger is a text summary blocker from a team behind Truecaller. Just like a large brother, this app helps we suffer a mobile knowledge though irritating messages from anyone, including telemarketers, spammers, and other summary bots.

Truemessenger features

Truemessenger offers a following features:

  • Identifies a summary senders, even if he/she is not in your hit list.
  • Allows restraint specific numbers and contacts from texting you.
  • Identifies and blocks spams, scams, and other irritating messages according to a community’s feedback.
  • Lets we report particular numbers as spams to assistance behind a community.
  • Creates advanced filter rules regulating alpha-numeric inputs from you.

Phone (by Google)

Phone by Google is an upgraded chronicle of Android’s local dialer with a purify and candid interface. The app offers facilities like spam protection, tourist ID and call blocking to yield we a glorious knowledge while creation and receiving calls.

Phone app features

Some of a extraordinary facilities of a Phone app are:

  • Blocks and reports spam calls from fraudsters and telemarketers and also blocks a ones we don’t wish to attend.
  • Shows business names and their locations for incoming calls on a screen.
  • Offers to view, playback and undo voice mail directly from a app (works usually for Project Fi, T-Mobile USA, and Orange France customers).
  • Displays circuitously places if we hunt from a app’s hunt bar, creation it easy to find circuitously restaurants, food joints, hotels and more.
Phone by GooglePhone by Google

Mr. Number – Block Calls Spam

Mr. Number is a absolute app with a ability to brand and block numbers giving you spam, rascal or rascal calls, and content messages. This is openly permitted and easy to set up; however, some feedbacks advise some of a facilities doesn’t work on Android 5+.

Mr. Number features

Below is a array of a surprising facilities of Mr. Number:

  • Blocks neglected calls and SMS messages from private numbers and area codes, and also blocks suspected spammers (unfortunately, content blocks don’t work on Android 4.4+).
  • Enables we to supplement and retard a calls from ‘suspected spam’ list.
  • Automatically performs a remote ‘reverse lookup’ to get information about incoming calls, numbers in a call record and content summary log.
  • Its tourist ID underline provides info about business callers with name and location.
Mr. NumberMr. Number

Call Blocker

A accessible app to avoid all a unattractive calls, Call Blocker offers arguable insurance opposite spam or neglected calls. The app lets we import and trade blacklist numbers from/to a file, proof useful during times when we bureau reset or we root your phone.

Call Blocker features

Some of a many cold facilities of Call Blocker are:

  • Enables or disables blocking with usually a singular click.
  • Allows we to create a blacklist from phone contacts, by call record or usually manually.
  • Blocks calls regulating initial digits including nation or area code.
  • Helps emanate a whitelist manually or from a phone’s hit list or call log, so as to equivocate restraint all numbers in that list.
  • Enables or disables retard notifications to view or censor info about a latest blocks.
Call BlockerCall Blocker

Whoscall – Caller ID Block

Whoscall is an another feature-filled app to brand and retard spam calls with accurate controls. The app has a purify pattern and shows a hit information card on a call shade (just like Truecaller) to give info about a incoming calls.

Whoscall features

Whoscall is openly accessible with a following features:

  • Shows real-time tourist ID to assistance brand different calls and content messages.
  • Blocks calls and SMS messages from unwanted, spam, rascal or robo numbers.
  • Number and keyword block to retard numbers with graphic digits or words.
  • ShowCard lets we emanate your personalized professional card.
  • A database to hunt for numbers online and offline (in singular countries only).

Blacklistcall – Block numbers

Blacklistcall is a lightweight, easy-to-use write firewall-like app that offers insurance opposite neglected and spam calls and messages. It is a elementary focus that provides all a restraint facilities in a centralized location.

Blacklistcall features

Some extraordinary facilities that come with Blacklistcall are:

  • Filters and blocks spam numbers as identified by we or a users.
  • Blocks content messages and calls from limited numbers (doesn’t work for Android chronicle 4.4 Kitkat and above).
  • Can be scheduled to overpower or block calls and SMS messages during specific times, for example, during meetings or work, while examination cinema or sleeping.
  • Allows formulating a whitelist of numbers that shouldn’t get blocked during any time.
  • Sends an automated respond message after rejecting a call (as per configuration).

Kaspersky Antivirus Security

A mobile confidence app, Kaspersky Antivirus Security does a lot some-more than usually blocking calls and messages for you. It offers protection opposite viruses, spyware, trojans and other threats, and provides many facilities for an all-around confidence of your phone.

Kaspersky features

Kaspersky Antivirus Security app is a contingency have app that:

  • Blocks calls and messages and protects remoteness of your contacts.
  • Detects non-numeric series spams, and filters them as configured.
  • Scans, detects and quarantines digital threats in real-time.
  • Protects personal and financial data while surfing or selling online.
  • Helps in anticipating your lost Android phone or inscription remotely.
  • Consumes battery economically while providing high-end protection.
Kaspersky Antivirus  SecurityKaspersky Antivirus  Security

Did we find this list helpful?

Among a above apps, Truecaller rocks a recognition scores and comes with countless features, though Calls Blacklist is your best choice if you’re meddlesome in gaining full control over incoming calls and content messages. Do note, however, that these apps might or might not work as approaching on Android 4.4+ since of height restrictions.

Do let us know that of these apps do we use for restraint calls and messages, and feel giveaway to bond with us regulating comments.

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